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Weightless requires an Oculus Rift DK2 with a Leap Motion controller mounted onto the front of the headset. Are you getting mirrored hands when using that set up?

@Austin Mayer

Sorry it's not working for you. I was going to upload a non-DirectX11 Mac build after seeing your comment but I just looked up the 650M and it supports DX11 so that's not the issue.

Hopefully someone else who's got it working on Mac can chime in...

For the submission release Grav Tech is the only thing you can add to your suit. The plan for continuing development is to add more kinds of tech and give you more to play with.

Updated to version 1.1! If you got a crash before, please try it again!

Love the aesthetic and being able to control the environment, very cool.

Thanks for the nice comments!


I'm using Open Broadcasting Software with settings as described here:

This looks really fun, love the red and blue details on the fingertips!

Already so much fun to play. Can't wait to see where it goes.