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You are a human in a robot magic school - yup, you read that right.
Submitted by Lady_C (@LOfTheInternet), ChrisVifzack (@chrisvifzack) — 2 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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Overall feeling#203.9523.952

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I enjoyed it, but it was a lot of guesswork. I loved the opening scenes, and I enjoyed the music and art... on the mushroom test, I didn't realise it had to be 3 and 3 for ages, and couldn't figure out how to move on. 
The concept is great, but I struggled a bit to solve things.


it was nice! I liked it owo

The puzzles were pretty tough! I guess the answers have to do with the meaning of flowers and colors? Two things i suck at lol. I always thought red = happiness so i got waylaid seversl times. In the end, i only solved 2 puzzles :p 


robots, magic, vials
that was fun! i love it! 


I loved the world, very fun and interesting premise, but I absolutely didn't get the puzzles (I'm bad with puzzles in general, though)


The setting was super original! I'm afraid I got all the puzzles wrong, but that 4th answer to the moral dilemma had me gagging LOL


I enjoyed this even if I kept failing at the puzzles. (That's deffo on me, lol!) And I really liked that you can go to school in roller blades.


I have said before that the art already hooked me~ And finally getting to play this has only made it more so!! This whole experiment is so nice, and I am surprised you managed to pull this off in three days, bravo!!!

Turns out I am terrible with mushrooms but, still, these puzzles were so clever! I had fun : 3 and now my best friend is a cat that eats my food and sleeps in my bed. What a nice fella (?)


The ampunt of work you did in three days is amazing, xith art and very  good puzzles :D


I really liked it! It turns out I'm really bad at potions, though. I feel like I would've liked to have had some hints about what colors meant what, what flower and so on... so I could really concentrate on the actual riddles. But the story is cute and the ending's real funny. Also, you wrote a TON in only 3 days! Congrats!


Very strange premise executed with cleverness and cuteness.  I'm a sucker for robot stories so that got me hooked right away.  But I'm either too darn tired or too darn stupid for the puzzles.  But that's on me.  Great job!


I feel like I'm not cut out to be a human or a robot after this... The game ran very well, apart from me finding centre justified text a bit hard to read. Struggled greatly with the puzzles, but that's no surprise. And I agree the equation gag was a lovely touch!


The fourth option to the ethics problem was so galaxy-brained it blew my mind in real life.

A  pretty good entry! I liked the gag with the equation. It was neat playing with the IF form there. But the biggest strength in my opinion is a lot of the fun writing. I laughed a number of times!


A really nice, chill, sweet game with a bizarre premise that works well as it's taken in a very sincere way. I was unable to solve any of the puzzles, but who cares, I'm 10 years old and I'm here to learn!