Submissions open from 2021-08-27 19:00:00 to 2021-08-30 19:00:00
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Welcome to the fourth edition of inkJam!

This is a community organised 3 days jam focused on storytelling and narrative games written in ink.
This year's edition runs from August 27th, at 9PM CEST to August 30th, at 9PM CEST.

What is ink?
It's an open source narrative scripting language you can use in a variety of environments and game engines to create games with highly branching stories, interactive fiction, and... basically anything with text in it.

Can I enter?
Of course! Everyone is more than welcome. You can participate alone or team up with others.

Is there a theme?
Yep, I'll announce it on August 27th, at 9PM CEST.

What can I use to make my game?
As long as you're using ink in a way or another, you can use absolutely anything!
You can find a (probably incomplete) list of engines and integrations here.
Your options include (but aren't limited to): Unity, Godot Engine, MonoGame, web exports, and so on.

Should I only write in English?
Absolutely not, you can write in any language you like.
Though you should keep in mind that fewer people will probably be able to vote on a game only available in French or Czech than on one playable in English.

Where can I find help?
You can join the community on inkle's Discord, where a dedicated channel has been created.
You can also hit me up on Twitter for any organisational issue.

Is there a vote afterwards?
Once the jam has ended, an eleven days voting period starts.
The votes are totally open (meaning, you don't have to submit a game to be able to cast a vote).

Is anything forbidden?
It should go without saying but: inkJam is an event where everybody should feel safe, no matter who they are.
As a mater of fact, hateful comments, language or visuals won't be tolerated both in the games submitted and the communication platforms used during the event.

Some legal shenanigans.

inkJam is not associated with inkle.

Anything you produce during inkJam is your property and yours alone.

The inkJam logo was graciously provided by my good friend Flatmalek.