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Each letter was interesting on its own, which kept me going to the end. Kind of puzzled as to how everything ended up ending, though, given my choices. Well done!

Wow this was heady. Although if only that upcoming Watch Dogs game were more like it.

She sounds like a thot indeed. Something about this presentation was really compelling, probably the mix of cinematic 3D and silence. Very cool!

Pretty interesting, and I love the name O'Lynn for some reason.

Yep, like rebeccamwrites also pointed out the state carrying over was an oversight on my part. No metaphorical excuse for that. 😔 Thanks for playing!

Impressively complete and great worldbuilding. Somehow, as well, the perfect shade of green.

Font was a bit hard to read, but I read it anyways because the fable was compelling. And I was in it.

On-theme and well-paced!

Descriptive but not overwrought. The RPG elements worked well to get investment and they felt meaningful.

The last 'choice' made me feel responsible for the previous ones, which was neat.

Great art, reminds me of Minit! I kept filling my inventory and E/Tab didn't seem to do anything. :( Playing on a Mac.

Thanks for playing! There are technically four different endings, or at least outcomes, of which I should have been more clear. The most meaningful one is getting Eun to talk, although they are all very mechanically simple.

Yeah, I wasn't able to debug the pathfinding issues in time. :( Refreshing is the only way around this at the moment. Thanks for trying regardless!

Or... maybe it's a metaphor for feeling trapped at a social event and completely intentional???

Thanks for the feedback! I think you may be right: finding the balance between showing and hiding what's present in the game is something I've never figured out. You should try it in Twine, it's a fun experiment.

Thanks! I've seen that bug and have been unable to trace its source so far (it seems like an endless loop of some kind). I'll take another look!