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Thanks for playing and the kind words! Just in case you do revisit, I've updated the game with a few fixes & tweaks, mostly around the replay experience (you can now skip to any previously seen scene after failure).

Thanks for giving it a shot! Even in testing I found the slowness of retrying extremely frustrating. I've updated the game with a few fixes & tweaks, mostly around the replay experience (you can now skip to any previously seen scene after failure).

Yes, I just realized I enabled mobile support but it definitely does not work. I've updated the game but didn't have time to fix the mobile bugs, so I've disabled that checkbox. Thanks for the heads up and for giving it a go!

Hi, thanks for this feedback (especially your specific frustrations)! I've updated the game with a few fixes & tweaks to hopefully improve the experience, mostly around replaying (you can now skip to any previously seen scene after failure), but also by showing the player which code they've selected, which you mention. Plot is still very vague, though. 🙃

Hi, thanks for this very helpful (and accurate) feedback! I've updated the game with a few fixes & tweaks, mostly around the replay experience (you can now skip to any previously seen scene after failure).

Hi, I've updated the game based on your and others' feedback. Mostly to improve the replay experience, but there are a few story updates and tweaks. Thanks again for your input!

Clever is the right word but the wrong tone. This is smart in a friendly way. Well done!

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Clear My Cache. Very cool!

A lovely change of pace and tone even during... what ended up happening. I skipped reading the description and am glad I did, to be honest. Really good.

Excellent. Great presentation and so many crucial touches to streamline and make interesting the necessary repetitions.

I felt like an inter-generational courier. Very cool.

Now that's a bold first choice. Also, the participant path was fun.

Got the feeling that there was a lot going on with the choices that I wasn't able to grasp, which imo is a good start. I don't think it was so much the mystery of the setting that confused me, but the structure of the story. Voices were a lovely touch, even if I couldn't help but read ahead.

So many of the things in this game that I though were fake/placeholders turned out to be real features, which was cool. Got stuck a couple times, and I felt like it took me way too long to find the garden, but impressive overall.

Wow. Only one orb, but I did manage to get 60000001 wounds. I mean an impressive package with a lot of interesting components. Takes a bit to get going, but the art/music/writing just gets better if you power through. Also, although the tone was... a lot I like the idea of characterizing the protagonist using an AI designed to reflect their (unknown to the player) personality. I ended up playing into it which made the back-and-forth much more fitting. Finally, I love the line about the air being so humid you could stare into the wind without blinking. Still thinking about it, and now I want a car to go driving in and humid air to stare at.

I think I got it, and then promptly called the police because I didn't have a blanket.

I got stuck in Pri's bedroom unfortunately, but was very engaged. Kept thinking about: "The voice on the other end of the line is young then again, all mortals sound young to you."

Like others have said, excellent presentation. Very usable and legible UI, which for Unity always impresses me.

Eventually the option to pick more troubles disappeared for me, forcing me to quit. And then I'm forced to think if that's good or bad. Either way, I took it seriously. Great!

"Imagine not only being able to leave this town but doing it in the loudest, most expensive way possible?"  💯

Agreed on all three points. 1 is a typo from a previous revision. 2 is something I started to do but ran out of time, but definitely a good idea. For 3, I was frustrated because I knew the labels were bad but didn't have time to code the reveal (and didn't want to spoil anything beforehand). Needless to say I underestimated the complexity of what I wanted to do with time I had. Thanks again for the input!

Compelling start! I was a bit lost as to why the swarms are empathetic, but only because I actually cared myself.

Effective art and interesting, breezy writing. And I agree, a bit scary.

Couldn't get this method to work on Catalina for some reason, but thanks for the help.

Strong sense of place. Sleepy yet sleepless. The stone and the phone are one and the same, imo!

You got me to play through twice after I tried surrendering and got a much longer resolution than anticipated (I figured I would just restart). The second time with the more conventional choice was more what I expected, but still complete in a much different way. Pretty cool!

I appreciate the confident, consistent prose. Part of me wishes I could have written the meddlesome letters to the Manticore, though!

Face ID is an amazing mechanic, especially with decapitation. Loved the attenuated ringing. In fact the mechanics kept me playing moreso than the plot, which never fully connected. UI was highly legible and art well-suited. Only complaint would be small phone hitboxes. Great work!

My affinity for AnNo doomed our relationship, leading to gross inefficiencies. Life is hard! Very nice.

Ooh, awesome writeup. You have no idea how helpful this is! Highly appreciated. And agreed, the reset experience is really rough at the moment.


For Pleasance, I don't have a foolproof answer but I love speculation. It could be that he allows the "meaningless" code because it doesn't definitively prove that time is being travelled, as is his suspicion. Since he's the party that's colluding but not cheating outright, he doesn't feel he has the backing to cancel it. It could also be that he thinks he can win your favour by sparing your extinction and make you useful without outright betraying his ethics (or those he represents). He also gets certain valuable information based on which codes you choose and send through in the final run.

For the codes, I didn't have enough time to tweak them properly, but here's the high-level intent:

  • I wanted code 1 to have a special meaning in the later phases, but you're right in that code 3 supersedes it as it stands. I think your idea is pretty elegant, as I didn't want to introduce a fourth party but didn't get very far down that line of thinking.
  • There may be a bug in the finale, as it should only accept "Both are same" for code 3. There are (or should be) two possible outcomes at this point:
    • If the two codes you decided to use are the same (last word), you side with Pigeon (because you're telling the truth).
    • If the two codes are different, you side with Pleasance because you lied to Pigeon.


Thank you, excellent feedback! My next fix would be to improve the retry experience, as it is quite punishing.

Each letter was interesting on its own, which kept me going to the end. Kind of puzzled as to how everything ended up ending, though, given my choices. Well done!

Wow this was heady. Although if only that upcoming Watch Dogs game were more like it.

She sounds like a thot indeed. Something about this presentation was really compelling, probably the mix of cinematic 3D and silence. Very cool!

Pretty interesting, and I love the name O'Lynn for some reason.

Yep, like rebeccamwrites also pointed out the state carrying over was an oversight on my part. No metaphorical excuse for that. 😔 Thanks for playing!

Impressively complete and great worldbuilding. Somehow, as well, the perfect shade of green.

Font was a bit hard to read, but I read it anyways because the fable was compelling. And I was in it.

On-theme and well-paced!

Descriptive but not overwrought. The RPG elements worked well to get investment and they felt meaningful.