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Couldn't not think of Disco Elysium. Definitely not a bad thing!

I liked how this was less about AI and more about computing - that is, using resources to perform calculations more efficiently than a human. More machine-like, which is a fresher POV.

Great build, although in this context I wish I didn't know about the horror before going in. Really gets the imagination running.

"She also played the dead body of the murder victim in our movie, and she didn't look entirely alive now." Nice. This was way more in-depth and complete than I expected, and the VCR-meets-haunted house vibe worked really well. Impressive.

Wow, that's a lot of work. Very fleshed out environments. I know I did a lot wrong (ending 9), but I kind of wish I had a few more hints at the end as to what led to my demise. I would have accepted karmic retribution for framing the poor sleeping woman... yikes.

Excellent. I recoil sometimes with the Unity splash for fear of odd font rendering, but you nailed it. I'd also like to call out the music for being the perfect companion and not tempting the mute button. The transition with the climax was an important touch as well. Also also, the added colour made a huge difference.

At first I was worried that the narrator was going to take over and dominate the story, but you managed to rein it in for most of it. I found Part 1 the strongest, where the humour really came out in the dialogue between the Intern and the bigwig. IMO the best details of the world were shown through dialogue as well, which isn't easy to do. Liked the scene with the one-way mirror accusation. Pretty impressive work given the time limit!

Interesting, I hadn't seen that before. What browser were you using, if you don't mind? Thanks for playing and the feedback, really appreciated.

Thank you! I figured it was the quickest way to get some images in there. And there are 14 valid words, but they take a bit of luck with the prefix/suffix rerolling. I would say one of them is relatively common.

Nice, that could definitely be a word. Some kind of chemical coating process, imo.

Definitely a tease, but a good blend of themes. Not enough games about volcanoes, imo.

Wow, that ending and still not knowing the gift! What punishment! Lovely, unique presentation - especially the edited images.

Ending B. Great story with excellent pacing and just enough restraint. Each break felt properly timed, and the endgame summary matched what I thought I was doing, as well as hinting at other branches. Well done!

Really good build from suspicion > confrontation > resolution, with each stage lasting just the right amount of time. I really appreciated the final choice of what to do once the truth is revealed - gave some closure, or even let me double down on my approach. Great stuff!

A couple compelling choices that made me want to go back and try again, especially the "higher power" spectrum one. Very cool.

Excellent! Beautiful art, well polished presentation, and actually complete. Impressive for such a short jam.

I can relate to losing one's phone being something you would do anything to get back, even when nothing else makes sense. I also think I caught a FotC reference at the start...

Great presentation, and I especially appreciated the abbreviated restarts upon failure. Not that I ever failed...

You know what, sometimes you just need everything to go right and have a nice time. Thank you.

Interesting world, and I'm always fascinated with time dilation scenarios. I did find it funny that after 35 years someone finally comes from Earth to rescue a backpack. :) Maybe I missed something, but I wasn't sure if there was any reason to not help out at each location, which made the choices feel a bit obvious.

The new options felt like they came just as I started to question the game logic, which is hard to do! Well paced entry!

I feel like I'm not cut out to be a human or a robot after this... The game ran very well, apart from me finding centre justified text a bit hard to read. Struggled greatly with the puzzles, but that's no surprise. And I agree the equation gag was a lovely touch!

Thank you. I've tracked 14 real words that are possible, although you may need some luck with the dice to get the right prefixes/suffixes.

Thanks! And yeah the shuffle doesn't shuffle when you hit "More" for some reason. Rolling the dice should always give new options though.

The recipe story thing is a great framing for a narrative, and once this got going I was very into it. Part of me wishes the intent of the call wasn't revealed until the end, but that would probably make the opening too slow. Great work!

Thanks for playing and the kind words! Just in case you do revisit, I've updated the game with a few fixes & tweaks, mostly around the replay experience (you can now skip to any previously seen scene after failure).

Thanks for giving it a shot! Even in testing I found the slowness of retrying extremely frustrating. I've updated the game with a few fixes & tweaks, mostly around the replay experience (you can now skip to any previously seen scene after failure).

Yes, I just realized I enabled mobile support but it definitely does not work. I've updated the game but didn't have time to fix the mobile bugs, so I've disabled that checkbox. Thanks for the heads up and for giving it a go!

Hi, thanks for this feedback (especially your specific frustrations)! I've updated the game with a few fixes & tweaks to hopefully improve the experience, mostly around replaying (you can now skip to any previously seen scene after failure), but also by showing the player which code they've selected, which you mention. Plot is still very vague, though. 🙃

Hi, thanks for this very helpful (and accurate) feedback! I've updated the game with a few fixes & tweaks, mostly around the replay experience (you can now skip to any previously seen scene after failure).

Hi, I've updated the game based on your and others' feedback. Mostly to improve the replay experience, but there are a few story updates and tweaks. Thanks again for your input!

Clever is the right word but the wrong tone. This is smart in a friendly way. Well done!

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Clear My Cache. Very cool!

A lovely change of pace and tone even during... what ended up happening. I skipped reading the description and am glad I did, to be honest. Really good.

Excellent. Great presentation and so many crucial touches to streamline and make interesting the necessary repetitions.

I felt like an inter-generational courier. Very cool.

Now that's a bold first choice. Also, the participant path was fun.

Got the feeling that there was a lot going on with the choices that I wasn't able to grasp, which imo is a good start. I don't think it was so much the mystery of the setting that confused me, but the structure of the story. Voices were a lovely touch, even if I couldn't help but read ahead.

So many of the things in this game that I though were fake/placeholders turned out to be real features, which was cool. Got stuck a couple times, and I felt like it took me way too long to find the garden, but impressive overall.

Wow. Only one orb, but I did manage to get 60000001 wounds. I mean an impressive package with a lot of interesting components. Takes a bit to get going, but the art/music/writing just gets better if you power through. Also, although the tone was... a lot I like the idea of characterizing the protagonist using an AI designed to reflect their (unknown to the player) personality. I ended up playing into it which made the back-and-forth much more fitting. Finally, I love the line about the air being so humid you could stare into the wind without blinking. Still thinking about it, and now I want a car to go driving in and humid air to stare at.

I think I got it, and then promptly called the police because I didn't have a blanket.