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Hi again!

Can I ask what you used in addition to Ink in order to have the side text, the images, and the boxes for in-game options?

It says "made in Unity", but were there some specific Unity tools you chose?

Hi again!

I'm now playing Citizen Sleeper and LOVING IT! Thanks for the recommendation.
Can I ask, what tools / engines / programs did you use for your interactive map?

Thank you!

Reading very limited text descriptions of paintings and not seeing any paintings is not my idea of a good time in an art gallery. Sorry. If it had been a library, I'd have been much more engaged, I just didn't feel like I was getting an art gallery experience. 

Super gripping story! I loved everything in the village.
I love the image to the side of the text (and would love MORE images, that change as the story advances), I love that there's kind of an enforced limit by art style on how much text you get at once to read. 
I love the limited colour, and faint but persistent background music.


When I found the elk, I wasn't clear how human I was, and thought maybe it was a trap meant for ME - either clever wolves, or the humans, trying to lure me in an catch me. 
So when I chose an option close to "look for the beast", what I was expecting was to really check my surroundings before moving closer to the dying elk. Instead I felt like I was going back completely the other way, to the choice I didn't choose at the start?
Does that make sense?

As I said, once I was heading to the village, I loved every second of it.

Considering how much of your 3 days were taken up with emergencies and work, I think you've made something to be proud of! 
I love the details on the kids demanding more story.

I loved it. Initially I found the dialogue a little confusing, and then it all became super clear and beautifully written. I also loved the music.
I guess if there had been like 5 seconds of "this one is you" as you enter the room before everyone started talking, then I wouldn't have been confused at all? Because the first one to speak is the Captain. 
Other than that...
Great character work,
Interesting choices,
Fun world!

Play the new one and rate it, or no more unicorns for you!

Hi Clare! Would you like to play our new game this year?

Hi Mike! Would you like to play our new game this year?

2 other people have recommended it to me, and now you, it seems like I must!

Pretty! I felt like I valued every choice I made, I enjoyed my decisions, I liked the chapters and the font and images.

I needed to calculate 62 x 63 (didn't really need to) and I got a big number, and then I got out another calculator to check and it was the SAME BIG NUMBER!
A+, would calculate again. 

This was a lot of fun! 
I love the concept, the era, the map, the moral dilemmas, the money management - it felt like Chapter 1 of a game that I'd want to play through multiple times - THIS time I'll be nice to my wife, and THIS time I'll cheat the Englishman out of more money and THIS time I'll be honest and loyal but give less to my wife...
Exploring was fun, using limited resources was fun, would happily play more!

I enjoyed this! I felt like there was a lot of joy the whole way through. The writing was joyful, the people were passionate and other people didn't squash their passions and it was all such a friendly loving world where people are free to love the very specific things they love, and that made me happy.

We are all linked.

pushed to the brink

I had a lot of fun playing this! I enjoyed getting to know the characters and figuring out how to speak to them! Well done!

There's farting??? I don't even remember writing the farting. Must have been done in a state of sleep deprivation. Or written by one of the other two.

Thanks! I've always loved games with silly mistakes. Anything where you get a little joke when you do something WRONG or RIGHT - I'm down for that.

All three game creators are huge fan of Terry Pratchett, and I myself just re-read "Hogfather" about 2 weeks ago. 
I promise it was all in three days! 2 of us met up the day before and made a big master list of "themes we'd love to do if they happen to match", but we ended up doing none of them! It was a pretty manic 3 days, that's for sure. I'm unemployed and made this a 3-day full-time job, but 1 other writer was working part-time, and another was working full-time on Monday and taking care of his son over the weekend!

Hahahaha yeah, god, I DID play Starship Titanic, I couldn't even remember it's name but it's bouncing around somewhere in the back of my brain. Definitely an inspiration.

Cheers! The drawings were kind of a last-minute addition, and I'm so glad we had them - I didn't even know "nicotupe" could draw! 

Thanks! Yep, we were aiming for a point-and-click experience, and "absurdist English humour" is our bread and butter!
Especially glad to hear it had a "clear comedic voice" - writing comedy is hard, I'm glad it came across!

Thankyou HamishtheCat, you have basically hit our inspirations! Two of our team of three are British, and all three of us love LucasArts, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett! I'm overjoyed that you could detect what we were going for with our style. 

Thank you!
We agree on the walls of text. With 6 hours to go, we had a friend playtest with the same feedback, but there wasn't much time to fix it, then. 

I grew up watching Red Dwarf! It wasn't a conscious inspiration, but it was fits under our plan of Silly Space Comedy.

Thank you! This is pretty much exactly what we were going for!

The art is incredible! Some of the best art in the whole competition. It was hard to decide what to do at each turn, I ended up becoming not very good at anything, quite toxic, and then I was eaten. 

I enjoyed it, but it was a lot of guesswork. I loved the opening scenes, and I enjoyed the music and art... on the mushroom test, I didn't realise it had to be 3 and 3 for ages, and couldn't figure out how to move on. 
The concept is great, but I struggled a bit to solve things.

I loved it! It was beautiful, interesting, I liked gaining (and losing) skills! I like the personalities, too. I didn't do well, but I will play again and try to do better next time!

I loved it! Really enjoyed the progression, I could never tell what was coming next, couldn't stop reading! I enjoyed feeling like I was playing 2 games, and then those games... well, I don't want to spoil things for anyone else! Well done.

I made a game!