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heya! I sent you an email :>

I can see you've found my one weakness, sexy Brits. God Artur's hot. I confess that my first thought upon seeing him was "He is good looking" and when he spoke he slew me. His stupid sexy self distracted me all through the game. >u< Artur was surprisingly "nice" for a murderous mage, which I found interesting...

The point and click segment threw me for a loop the first time I played it, but soon I figured out what I had to do. I actually really liked that! (and would request more of the same :p) It reminded me of y;n a visual novel I played so long ago, that was a point and click visual novel hybrid. It brought a whole new way to interact with the world of WYSAPOOMP (I'm assuming these games share a world)

I felt sorry for miss perfect. It's a shame she had to (spoiler: die). I hoped she could grow, maybe reverse what she'd done and have a happy life. Guess not :p Patrick was a jackass.I was tempted to let him DIE, but I figgered it would be more in character for Emma to spare his dishrag life but turn him in.

All in all I enjoyed your game!! Good work owo I look forward to your next works~~~~

of course you dont need to pay me! :p in all of the beta testing I've done it's been for free, because I was passionate about the project/creator. I'll pop you an email about how I usually beta test and we can exchange expectations. :>

Yup feel free to tell me whenever you need help--no rush ovo

I know this is suuuuper late, but if you ever need a beta tester, I'd be happy to help!

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They were so precious! I got the Good and the True ending, and couldn't bear to get anything harsher! I just couldn't be mean to them, the precious bby ;;

You did a great job on the art and animations! 'specially the shading. 

Spoiler: I'm so happy they get to have a true friend, after being abandoned by their old ones...

Awww, this was surprisingly cute. When I read the blurb for the novel, my mind immediately jumped to a darker plot, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised :p Owen was a better ML than I thought he'd be--I really liked him by the end of the game, and the Leave ending was super satisfying! His eyes were super pretty, for some reason. I think it's the color and shape that does it for me.

Good job >o<

Hi there! I can help, if you still need readers. I've beta tested before, if that helps.

this is just too cute ;;

it was nice! I liked it owo

The puzzles were pretty tough! I guess the answers have to do with the meaning of flowers and colors? Two things i suck at lol. I always thought red = happiness so i got waylaid seversl times. In the end, i only solved 2 puzzles :p 


I love time loop games, and this one delivered. 

The sound effects were a nice touch!

I loved it! A great sequel to "The Ingredient"! The good endings were very good and sweet, especially the one where we befriend the alchimera. I felt sad for the alchimera. At least they have a friend now tho <3

cute! Playing with Maya  was fun--it was nice to see the protag and her niece have such a cute relationship. >u<

short but very have excellent writing skills! You delivered all the information i needed to understand the scenario and make decisions as the mc in a very short amount of words! And it was all a pleasure to read too. 

The premise of the story is really intriguing...if u ever decide to expand upon it, id totally read that owo

this was a really cute game! I played the eng version--i think the hasty translation adds to the charm of the game! Also the art is very cute. Reminds me of the Hansel amd Gretel flash game.

Good job!!!

nice! I got the martyr ending. I really liked the way u delivered the story--kept up the suspense all the way till the end. I imagined the protag as an unwitting revolutionary, almost. Like we went out to get a donut for brekkie and became the leader of a revolution hehe

This was very sweet. The part with the cupcake being as good as a cake really hit me. Reminded me of how I planned my own birthdays lol

"Don't Bother" was supposed to lead to a wholly different route but I ran out of time ;;

I agree with ur suggestion--I'll try to make it so next time!

Thank you for ur comment owo

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I enjoyed it! The world and story was interesting to me, and I liked how ur story felt like I was peeking at a complete world. In a way, it reminded me of the Soviet dude who refused to hit the missile button when it seemed like missiles were flying in to hit the USSR.

I really loved how every different person had a different color. All the colors stood out nicely against the black background. 

I'm glad you liked the Mindscape! I intend to finish the game and polish it (add in multiple endings :p and explain more about the Mindscape). so please look forward to it owo

thank u for ur review!! Im glad to hear my narration and writing skills are ok, as i was a but anxious about it :p

My main issue was a lack of time and I bit off more than I could chew, which led to cutting off bits of the story. I do intend to finish it and make it more cohesive, and wrap up all the story threads!

As for why the protag wasnt shocked about magic...


Magic is considered an ancient art that no one does anymore, since "science" (basically nonmagic, or rationality) and magic are like matter and antimatter. They tend to cancel each other out. The people who preferred magic retreated to the magical realms, leaving everyone else behind.

Or something like that!

I found it interesting, the twitter thread you linked! It made me think about the assumptions that I drew when I first played the game. I tried to go into the Inverted Spire as spoiler and context free as possible, so I could enjoy the experience as much as possible. But after the introduction, where I met the protag, my first assumption was that the New Order was terrible, and that the protag was very unhappy and backed into a corner.

An unfair and cruel "society" and "status quo" is the enemy in dystopias, and I was primed to be suspicious of the New Order--I certainly thought that being thrown into a pit to die is not a just punishment for nonconformance to society! I feel kind of sad, knowing at least one of the seven goblins is going to die a probably really awful death :( 

I was primed by my past experiences to be suspicious of the New Order, and to kind of be on the protagonist's "side" and the other six goblins' "sides". I never thought any of them were "bad" people, just people who crossed the New Order. 

It didn't cross my mind till I read your thread that other folks may think the New Order has a point :p

I liked it! The point and click could get a little frustrating when I didn't see what needed to happen next, but personally for me it only happened when I didn't see the corner of the rug :p 

But besides that, everything was intuitive or could quickly be fixed by a little brute force clicking :p

I felt sorry for the poor golem, having come to life with no one to talk to :( I hope they have a good life! I wonder if the old dude will come back to life...after all, there was that passage about being deconstructed and reconstructed owo

I played this game a long, long time ago. But I loved it, enough to remember it years later, and replay it!! And it holds up wonderfully well :D

The art is very expressive and bold. I love the monochrome look with splashes of color, and each character gets their own color! I had great fun reading the writing, and you got across the characters' personalities real well owo

I especially liked Jacqueline's mind room. The golden wallpaper was gorgeous. I want it :v

But anyways, I just had to swing by and tell you how much I loved the game!!!

What a lovely game <3 

As a character, I just loved Vallendester the best! He's the greatest friend, ever. He's so supportive of the MC, whatever she does or whoever she loves and I just love these kinds of friendships *o* I can't decide whether I liked him better as a friend or a lover heh. 

I loved Sekheo's romantic route the best! So juicy with drama (especially the end) and feelings, and so wonderfully written too ehehe. Aesthetically, Sekheo's starry night cape is so pleasing. I might hafta swipe it from him real quick....

The MC was such a sweetheart. I played a humble or a playful MC, and she had some top notch banter. 

I liked Solis too, just he was a bit too mean to be my favorite. He did repent later on though, that was good. 

The CGs were super cute, and the sprite work was lovely! I liked the art styles sort of matched each other. 

Overall a wonderful game! 

(note: I SQUEALED when the MC lost her clothes on Sekheo's route. XD)

Nice! the stickers are soooo cute!

Congratulations!!! I played the original TPG such a long time ago, but it's just been gettin better and better owo

their ears are so goddamn fluffy.  especially the mc's. i know it's perhaps a strange thing to focus on, but my eyes were immediately drawn to it. the characters are so much more adorable in your current style eeee 

I've played and loved both kinds of VN that y'all're talking about. I've played so many excellent ones of both kinds, I'm not sure if I have a preference for either style...

I usually prefer it when a romance-centered vn also has a "good end" friendship arc for the characters too. a few vn's I've played treat friendship as if it's a bad end which i really don't like. 

but the style of relationship building y'all have chosen makes sense for this game. It sounds kind of complicated to code tho :o

this might be more than y'all wanna say at the moment, but do the characters you gain as allies directly affect what ending you get? Like one character trusting you opens up an alternate path to get to the bottom of the Spire?  

oooo such a sweet story I can't even <3

The romance between Yrsa and Uribel was well developed, and lovely to read owo I'm glad that Yrsa finally found someone to live with, she seemed sort of lonely before. The art was really well done and so was the writing!! Uribel was a softie but not irritating at all--Yrsa was gruff, but not a jerk! 

I especially liked the Major Daimon. Its design was so cool to look at, and made me wonder about how it could have made, and what kinds of animals went into it....👀

An excellent game! I love your writing style! Very engaging and colorful, and the descriptions of the signs truly felt majestic. 

I'm eagerly looking forward to the next part owo

Very intriguing story and the art is beautiful too 👀👀👀

If you ever decide to make a longer game out of this, to explore it, I'd love to play it 👀

The new art looks very fancy! A totally different vibe from the older art 👀👀

Ill be looking forward to the next post owo

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oooh those were some tantalizing details

I'm looking forward to ur devlog and revamped game!!

I'm glad my comments were helpful! I like to leave long comments when I like something so the folks who make yummy content will know how much I like it :3 I had more thoughts, but my comment was already too long :p If you ever want to hear all my feedback just let me know uou


I enjoyed this game!

My thoughts:

I felt sadness for the protag. Poor gob, it seems they didn't have a very fulfilling life. They sounded like they needed therapy. Which is not something the New Order folks do, I guess. :( Regardless of whether they have a good or bad ending, I hope there is an end where they feel better about themselves u_u The part where the protag was describing what they did to their guardians made my skin crawl a bit--sounds like they have mind-altering powers 👀 (But the guardians to me didn't sound very nurturing or "parental" I guess) I know that y'all said the protag was "not very exceptional" but altering the mind of another person sounds like a big feat to me o-o I guess it's not a big deal for the goblins?

For the music--I really loved it! The soundtrack and SFX are always very important to me. I loved the steel drums when the officers were seating the goblins. I really appreciated the little audio player in the gallery, where you can change the music. Although when I clicked on "Next", I think it broke. :p

The color in the VN was very interesting--when I saw all the shades of grey my mind instantly thought "Cold" but it was actually really hot :p I wonder though--does color exist in the goblins' world? Or does the protag just see in grey as a representative of their state of mind? :o

The character designs were exellent. I could tell who was who easily. I feel a Roman-Greek vibe with the togas or robes the goblins have, which is cool!

Anyway, I don't want to make this any longer than it already is, so let me say great job to the devs!!! I look forward to what's coming next hehe >u<

OOOooh I loved this game more than I thought I would! I don't typically consume magical girl media, but this I really loved.

My thoughts:

I was initially confused as to which was the princess and which was the knight, but that was clarified later on! Diana and Rosalia's relationship was so adorable, I hope they get together T_T 

Dog valerie is insanely adorable. :p I loved the relationship she had with her friends. All the little inset pictures to show what they were talking about (like when Sophie and Valerie were comparing their Miracle Links) really added flavor to the story.

It was great to see all the diversity of body shapes in the game! Sometimes in VNs all of the girls look super thin. It was nice to see a girl with abs (Amber) and friend shaped girls as well!!!! It really added realism to the story, odd as it may seem <3

I look forward to seeing the finished product, great job!!

Okay, so I finished playing thru ur demo, and I liked it!!

First the art is really nice. It's very detailed, which I like, and all the character designs are discrete. Best of all was even though the dominant colors are shades of grey, there are muted, pops of color, one color for each character--Pink for Alix, Green for Max, Purple for Cari, Red for Raxx, Yellow-Orange for Stainra, and Orange for Lorr!!! I really liked that. Greyness can get a bit boring after a while, but the little color really stands out and makes it that much better.

I enjoyed the writing--it was fun to read and engaging. I felt it was more noir-y in the beginning, and I could pick out the writer's "voice" better as the story went on! I enjoyed the characters X3 

Will there be like a debating section or an investigation section? Or like more novelesque but with a lot of choices? :o I was just a bit confused, since it seems to me the story is progressing quickly!

Anyways, I enjoyed it and look forward to the full thing! Good job on ur demo hehe :3

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I liked this game!

SPOILERS, lots of SPOILERS, below....

Fernweh's debate confused the hecc out of me. I got confused after a bit--although I knew the two were talking about reality and what is real, but the nuances flew right over my head and I glazed over :p but it was extremely entertaining to see Fernweh pitch a fit when I failed to convince him, and he chased me out. For some reason, it was so funny hehe 

I liked Fernweh's design! His mistiness was super neat and pretty. I also just love misty purple stuff. Although I screwed up the first time I played vs Fernweh, I found it easy to grasp how to play, and overall I enjoyed the debate unu

For the second debate, with Cor Meum, I enjoyed this one more! I could follow the conversation and digest it on a more deeper level. I also just liked it better, especially when Cor and Meum split apart. I could kind of sense that things would be heading in the Splitting direction, and I eagerly awaited the car crash I knew would happen when Cor and Meum had their lovers' spat. For my first playthrough, Cor blew up Meum, and I didn't feel sorry in the slightest :p Especially after seeing that Cor and Meum turned their hive buddies into meat puppets! I also thought the little bit of lore about Cerebrum was super neat! Cerebrum=brain, and Cor=heart; additionally, one may say the brain "rules over" the heart; and Cerebrum was the better hivemind than CM! I don't know if it was intentional but, I thought the association was cool.

Finally was Deulithoteq. I struggled a lot with this, as I kept on dying over and over, and it was frustrating to try and figure out what I was doing wrong. Exacerbated by this was the fact I had saved over my pre-debate save, so I could only try from the middle ;; eventually, I had to restart the game, and I used a walkthrough. I loved Deulithoteq's debate too!! I thought all the lore was super neat, and the Sun End that I got was satisfying. But I wanted to see MORE! still i understand that u had limited time hehe

The art was top notch! I loved the shading, and the palettes for each debate stage. I liked the misty purples for Fernweh, and the reds and oranges for Cor. For Deu the pinks and greens and browns were very matchy, and pleasing to look at! I loved the pink orb

The music was cool, as well! the sfx especially. the saving noise made me giggle-it sounds just like the doorstoppers on my house that I used to twang and laugh at. 

I also enjoyed the writing! I did have an issue with the first debate, but I feel that would be more of an issue with my ignorance of philosophy than an issue on your part. otherwise, i loved the writing, very engaging and fun to read. i enjoyed the silver-tongue's characterization. they were snarky and their reactions were golden--especially to Fernweh's delusion. the mc's exasperation at FW made me giggle. the parasite Keychee was soo cute and adorable. I wanted to squeeze their cutie cheeks <3 

Overall, this game was very enjoyable, and I loved it! Good job to all the devs, and I hope to see more in this universe, perhaps!!!

edit: also thx for posting the ost!!!! i will listen to it now uwu

The music is *chef's kiss* ashhabdsjgbkabgf

This was the first thing to hit me, was how much I completely vibed with the music. I loved the instruments (synthesizers maybe?)  that were used to create them--the flute thingy or hurdy gurdy thing (idk) that was used for Grayson's theme was wonderful, I loved listening to it. Felix's theme struck me as being different from all the rest, with like more orchestral instruments or something. My real point is that I really loved the music, and the beginning instrumentals started the VN off very strongly!! Does the composer have like a youtube channel or a spotify where I can listen to the music again? I just liked it that much u_u

I liked the design of all three characters! Their fits were all sweet, and their expressions were vivid and yanked at my heartstrings. even felix's lmao Felix threw up so many creeper flags lol When I read Felix's hands were cold, I instantly thought "vampire". Interestingly, I was somewhat misled by this--I focused so much on Felix and figuring out how he would have killed Mr and Mrs Nash I didn't realize there was a bear. I thought that was just Felix :p I really disliked Felix through all the bad endings, but I guess I warmed up to him (slightly) after I saw the good ending (SPOILER the one where all the cast get together in the city in Nick's head) 

the monster designs were sick. Grayson was a great buff werewolf, but felix's design was on point. He reminded me an aye-aye with his huuuge claws heh

Grayson was just so kyuuute. I was really sad that (SPOILER she had to die in the end) but I had a sinking feeling once it was revealed that she'd munched her parents. I really wanted her to live happily ever after, but I didn't see a way to make that happen :( it was immensely satisfying to see felix getting his ass kicked tho. 

As for Nick, I really liked him!! with all his flashbacks and all the awful things that happened to him, I really hope he gets more therapy and maybe some meds if he needs them uwu I really want him to make some more friends :( at least his parents seem nice!

Trying to get the good ending was really fun! It was just the right amount of challenge. I did get a little confused as to which ending was which tho, so maybe numbering the endings would be cool! 

the writing was awesome! i never felt the urge to JUST SKIP like I sometimes do with not so well written VNs. The flashbacks poor nicky had really made my skin crawl. I kind of skimmed over them, they were so difficult to read--but in a good way! i think the writer did a good job in portraying the awful situation respectfully.

anyways, ill round off this comment by saying that I really really loved ur VN! It was very engaging, I vibed with the characters and the music was just *vibrates excitedly* Great job to all the devs!!!!

This was a wonderful demo. It teased just the right amount of story and gameplay, and showcased the lovely art and character designs uwu

I really enjoyed the puzzle! It was fun to explore the impact different choices I did or did not make had on the outcome.

Ok! So I managed to get the game up and running uwu here are my thoughts:

I LOVE LOVE the art!! Especially Seren's design. I love her armor--with its gold and blue, I feel those colors go so well together. and the design of the armor is so nice to look at as well <3 It gave me images of grandeur. I like Aerona's ruffles too. The backgrounds are beautiful as well. They set the mood well! I like Ikemma's powder blue garb. I bet it's really shimmery.  Aerona's armor--it looked like oxidized copper with how it's so green. I also love that particular shade of green--very evocative of a watery world.

On the story--

Holy fuck are Seren's fans RABID. I didn't expect their intensity lol I might pick up more on a replay, but I wasn't sure why the villagers were so nuts over Seren. Like I know she saved them from evil (or something) but I didn't feel their craziness was warranted on their part, which is kinda sus. Like something more is going on to make her fans so crazy. 👀 👀 Of all the moments in the demo, this hit me hard and fast, and it really stuck with me!

The story was well written and held my interest very well! I never felt the urge to skip ahead, like I sometimes feel when paragraphs wear out their welcome. I am hooked!

I liked the main cast--I felt bad for Aerona. Poor lady, she felt so happy and it was snatched from her :( All the main cast need therapy tho.

Of the main cast, I'm most curious for Wooly--I wonder what his deal is. I tried to make us friends during the chapter--i feel that his and Seren's history is rocky. I jumped at every opportunity to defend him hehe I loved the fact that he used ASL (or whatever sign language the goatmen use). I am confused tho--is Ikemma romanceable? Or is Wooly? I know that Rhain and Aerona are but I was a bit confused about the third :3

anyways, great job!!! i'm looking forward to whatever u have planned :>

I played this game such a long time ago, but I'm just dropping by to say this was a wonderful game uwu