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Take ur time y'all! Your flock of dedicated ducklings will wait 🦆❤️

I love it, thank you so much!!! I give this soundtrack 100 Yellow Signs out of 100 Yellow Signs

This was a really lovely game. I enjoyed the whole vibe of it--the art style + backgrounds + GUI really did it for me, and gave me a nice cozy winter vibe. I loved Claus so much, he really is the best boi. I was so happy there was an option to pet him lol it must have been like petting a Samoyed or an Angora rabbit--super soft and fluffy. The heroine was a pip too. 

I was impressed by how hateable Wulfgang was! Every time I didn't think he could say something more nasty or cringeworthy, he immediately did. The "feminine aversion to bloodshed" was the icing on the cringe cake. I could feel my insides crumpling from the undiluted ick

Good job, y'all!!

A very neat game. The constantly ticking clock and background graphics were effective in creating an uneasy atmosphere. The very presence of the clock noise made me anxious lol The way in which the animals were described was slightly unsettling as well. All of this made the payoff very effective in the end. Good job!

Oooh, looks cool!

Oh my goodness, congrats!!take all the time u need, and bond with ur bby

Thank you for the update >u< you've been workin hard and I'm lookin forward to y'all's game!

I'm enjoying the experience so far...but I've been getting the following bug: It happens every time I try to examine some papers in Submachine 6, especially the papers that detail the order of how the red balls go in the pillar in world 3.




action number 1

of Draw Event

for object o_god:

unable to convert string "_zoom" to float

at gml_Script_scr_god_zoom_detail


gml_Script_scr_god_zoom_detail (line -1)



*squeals* I'm excited!!

I'm enjoying the ride so far, even though I got killed due to 


my own inability to commit lol. My MC was a poor second class citizen, who didn't drink at all (I found it amusing how MC could refuse and still have to drink, gave me a chuckle every time) I leaned more towards Harald, but in the end I was too non-aligned, so I was killed lol And even when I threw my lot in with Harald, killed Chorsa, and tried to overthrow the government, I still died oof To be honest I don't know how this ends well for the MC--even if he manages to survive, he'll be shredded mentally, and maybe even physically if the Dengizichens get their hands on him :p

The game was pretty enjoyable to play!! I like the writing, and the level of suspense. I brought my younger daughter Yamie to the ball, and almost had a heart attack when she spoke up. I'm loving the characters so far; Harald the drunk, Jor the weasel and Valen the slimeball, but especially Artur Madrisky! He and the MC ended up being friends, and I never threw him under the bus once. I would love to see some Artur-specific endings!!

The colored names provided a nice pop of color. I always love some color-coding, but in the case of this art style, I don't know how it would work, cause everything has that yellowed out filter over it, like the radiation settling into the land.

But at any rate, I look forward to the full version and to not dying by the big boss man's hands XDDD

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Well, I've played through the game, and I must say, that escalated real quickly! Overall, I liked your game, short though it was. I don't typically read neo-noir or crime fiction, so it was a lot different than I was expecting, but in a good way? I guess? I liked the colored text. It was a nice touch! If you ever decided to redo the game (or make another sequel) and keep the colored text, it would be really cool if the art matched the color. I also enjoyed the colorful metaphors :>

I suppose it will be explained in the sequel, but I'm guessing G and the boys were ****SPOILER**** set up by the Warden? In a get rid of two bad elements with one stone kind of way? Because god damn the villains were a real piece of work. The world will not miss them at all, because god damn. I can't wait to see Evelyn take revenge in the sequel heh.

But otherwise good job!

so uh, what happened to the game? The page is gone :o

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This was a neat game! I enjoyed the procedure of searching for names, bits of history, pictures etc, etc. Every time I found another person or the pieces clicked into place I got a rush of adrenaline haha I'm glad you included the intuition mechanic. There was a moment where I was completely stumped and it came in clutch.

The ending surprised me a bit. For the locked people, I knew both their names, but I could not figure out their relationship. So when it came time to enter the names, I got confused as to their relationship and their relationship to you-know-who. But once I saw the ending, it made sense! I found the ending to be very satisfying, and it wrapped up all the pieces together well. A wonderful game!

edit: removed spoilers, sorry!


It's done I'm so excited uwu

This was a very lovely game :3 I love the story and the art, especially how dynamic the characters movement and posing are. Taken into consideration with the backgrounds, it's almost like watching a "choppy" animation, like way of the househusband! Everything was very dynamic, and the characters themselves were just darling, especially Baz. I liked Viriam more than I thought I would--he earns points in my book for being suspicious of the duck lol--anything that cute must have a dastardly side. 

I look forward to the full release!!! Great job y'all <3

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eeee I'm excited!! This looks so good, with sooo much potential!! I luv luv luv sci fi stories, and I love romantic visual novels, so both of my itches are being scratched at once. I love the art--especially the backgrounds. they're so picturesque to look at. I love the characters so far. each of them is interesting in their own right (although i must admit I am especially interested in dr lee lol). I am eagerly awaiting the final product >u<

...although I do have to wonder


how many times the MC has been through this scenario. mayhaps it's not the first time, judging by dr jasper's exasperated reactions 👀

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I love scrolling through pages and pages of itchio's visual novel search results, because sometimes I find little gems of indie visual novels that really click with me. Your game is one of them!! I really loved y'alls game. The characters were charming, the art was refreshingly different (I love anime art, but I am partial to styles that aren't the norm) and the story was fun to read. I especially loved the backgrounds--their mixed-media collage-esque look really did it for me. Faery was such a sweetie, and I loved each of the LIs in their own way. I liked the way each route revealed a little more of the story, and the world in which these characters inhibit. If I had any constructive criticism, it would be that I would have loved to have a longer game, and more time with your lovely characters. I also noticed Astrifer didn't get a kiss cg 👀

Overall though, y'all did such a lovely job, and I had lots of fun with your game!!! I look forward to whatever future creations y'all make :3

I've fallen in love...

I wish I could have my own Lucas lol. This was a wonderful, short little pick-me-up of a game >w< Tbh when I first started playing, I expected a horror game because of the name lol but I was pleasantly surprised. The romance was real between Heroine and Lucas lemme just say. The writing was chef's kiss. If you decide to make this into a series, you've got a loyal follower!!

This is a really lovely demo! The art is *chef's kiss* and I love the worldbuilding y'all have done so far. Can't wait to see more of it!

Also...Ornell is so cute, so babie. He must be protected. I just couldn't kill him or have him kill me lol I hope we get to see how he's doin later.

Oooooh....looks very interesting! I'd be happy to test u-u

This looks really cool!!!

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nicesu nicesu 

I'll definitely play this and post a review afterwards 👀

I'm excited *squee*

Hey this looks really neat! I'll be awaiting y'alls release owo

I did see in a few comments that the lack of romance off-put them--tbh I play mostly romance novels, but I do enjoy those ones that aren't. It's not a big turn off for me, but if there is "bonding" where you get to know the characters well, like "trust" levels or something, that'd be cool!

Wonderful job~~

I enjoyed this game very much. The art is very pretty to look at, and is on the more realistic side for visual novels (which I absolutely adore--I love anime style art, but more unique art styles hold my heart). I love when Tell smiles, she's such a dear. The story was fun to read and the writing engaging. I got a good feel of the world, even without playing your other games. The romance was well written, and flustered me (a good thing!!).

The only "issue" I encountered was when I didn't clear a "check"--like when Tell says "Tell me something about you that no one else knows." In my last playthrough, I passed the affection check and our handsome lord tells Tell he falls in love too easily. But in my first playthrough, I failed this check, and the writing didn't quite make sense--I thought maybe I chose some other choice accidentally? Like there was nothing signifying I failed the check, and it confused me a little. Maybe it's a bug? This was a minor issue for me though, and I'm not sure if I'm making sense u-u

I look forward to your other work :3

*chef's kiss*

a fitting tribute to our King in Yellow


I loved this, it was a wonderful little experience :3 

I liked the fact that different choices of suitor led to different endings. My favorites were going it alone and with Clare. Honestly I really liked the fact that Zella could go it alone, and could become a great queen!!! the second I read the fact that Zella had to marry or else, I really wanted her to be able to go it alone!! 

Looks good so far 👀

ahhhh this looks super cool!!! I'll be following this one for sure owo

Don't worry, take your time owo

no worries owo

take as much time as u need!!

-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

probably nitori's! I like him the most of the three. he seems to know something about the MC's situation, which makes him mysterious, and he's so adorable! i can relate to his quest to have friends but not really going about it well.

I hope the MC becomes a little nicer over the course of the game! that being said I love how serious and hardworking she is. It's nice to see an otome game protagonist who's so businesslike--I personally don't like protagonists who are extremely lazy. still though, being serious doesn't mean she has to be a jerk. of course, there's plenty of room for her character development, so I'm looking forward to it owo

-Which version did you play? PC and Android uwu

-What's your favorite scene/event? my fav scene was when hakumei first learns of her curse. 

-Are you interested in playing the full release? hell yeah

I had a lot of fun! The art and palette is so cool owo

ahhh this is the kind of game that makes me wish that i had a man like that :p

you have such a way with words!! your prose is well written and a joy to read.  otmund and rein were so precious...even if i have a soft spot for otmund, eheh. i blushed a lot on his route. u_u

i had a lot of fun playing your game uwu

good job!!!

Short and atmospheric. 

I got the end where (SPOILER) we walk through the bear door. A very fitting end--I felt it closed the game very nicely. I wonder what will happen to the protag, but I believe that they can change uwu

The art was beautiful. I've always loved winter and mountain scenes.

This was really, really cute. The art was really charming--and the different tea names and ingredients were adorable.

Short and sweet, good job!

I really love your game so far!! But I just can't get past the Chiraktis Queen. Anything I do ends up in her killing me, and I just don't know if I'm making a wrong decision earlier or something....any tips ovo

I liked the model! it was pretty good and serviceable as models go. The zoom feature on the opening screen was a nice touch. The feature to open the stories was snazzy. For some reason I couldn't advance the story with "enter", so that would have been nice! Otherwise great job owo

1. Thoughts on the characters so far?

Phebe struck me as being pliable in an unnatural sense, like someone made her that way. Very literal and to the point she was, needing a command to do anything. I don't think she had a "good" relationship with her father ahaha almost like he robbed her of her will to do anything or her independence. some of what she said gave me deja vu--i used to stare at towels and carpets and find animals in them, eheh.

I'm looking forward to her character development owo

The other characters seemed cool. Peyton struck me as little mr revenge hiding in the barn like an assassin :p and Hugh I had a less favorable impression of but I'm willing to give him a chance, as long as he's not abusive.

all in all i liked the characters. i got tastes of deeper mysteries to them. 

3. Which of the two LIs are you most interested in? 

i don't know. going off of looks Hugh fits my taste more but he's not winning in the personality race. Peyton seems nice...but it's the nice ones you have to be wary of O.O

4. Would you be interested in being a beta tester for the finished game?

yasss I would be interested! this game seems really cool and i'd love to help >w< i've also beta tested a few games before this too 

Awww this was such a good game!!! I confess I wanted to win Strawberry's heart, I got the good ending first. I felt so sorry for Strawberry. Whoever put her there is truly awful. I hope that the Main Character and Strawberry live together happily and maybe escape hehe

I wasn't able to get all the endings...I just couldn't bring myself to eat the cutie strawberry bunny! they were sooo adorable <3