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I loved this, it was a wonderful little experience :3 

I liked the fact that different choices of suitor led to different endings. My favorites were going it alone and with Clare. Honestly I really liked the fact that Zella could go it alone, and could become a great queen!!! the second I read the fact that Zella had to marry or else, I really wanted her to be able to go it alone!! 

Looks good so far 👀

ahhhh this looks super cool!!! I'll be following this one for sure owo

Don't worry, take your time owo

no worries owo

take as much time as u need!!

-Whose route would you choose first? And why?

probably nitori's! I like him the most of the three. he seems to know something about the MC's situation, which makes him mysterious, and he's so adorable! i can relate to his quest to have friends but not really going about it well.

I hope the MC becomes a little nicer over the course of the game! that being said I love how serious and hardworking she is. It's nice to see an otome game protagonist who's so businesslike--I personally don't like protagonists who are extremely lazy. still though, being serious doesn't mean she has to be a jerk. of course, there's plenty of room for her character development, so I'm looking forward to it owo

-Which version did you play? PC and Android uwu

-What's your favorite scene/event? my fav scene was when hakumei first learns of her curse. 

-Are you interested in playing the full release? hell yeah

I had a lot of fun! The art and palette is so cool owo

ahhh this is the kind of game that makes me wish that i had a man like that :p

you have such a way with words!! your prose is well written and a joy to read.  otmund and rein were so precious...even if i have a soft spot for otmund, eheh. i blushed a lot on his route. u_u

i had a lot of fun playing your game uwu

good job!!!

Short and atmospheric. 

I got the end where (SPOILER) we walk through the bear door. A very fitting end--I felt it closed the game very nicely. I wonder what will happen to the protag, but I believe that they can change uwu

The art was beautiful. I've always loved winter and mountain scenes.

This was really, really cute. The art was really charming--and the different tea names and ingredients were adorable.

Short and sweet, good job!

Super cool owo

I like my death games and this one was pretty cool so far. There wasn't enough for me to draw any proper conclusions, but here is what I have so far eheh

The art's pretty cool! I loved all the diversity and their vivid clothes. Made everyone pretty interesting to look at. Everyone had the same crescent nose and almond eyes, but their clothes made everyone unique. I could easily tell everyone apart.

The story is cool so far. I had to chuckle at the opening bit, of a cop going to an event they weren't invited to. It's such a bad idea lmao but I understand the story has got to start! Perhaps if there was supposed to be 14 people, 2 of them didn't show up? hmmm...

otherwise a very promising start! i'm looking forward to what's coming next uwu

I really love your game so far!! But I just can't get past the Chiraktis Queen. Anything I do ends up in her killing me, and I just don't know if I'm making a wrong decision earlier or something....any tips ovo

I liked the model! it was pretty good and serviceable as models go. The zoom feature on the opening screen was a nice touch. The feature to open the stories was snazzy. For some reason I couldn't advance the story with "enter", so that would have been nice! Otherwise great job owo

1. Thoughts on the characters so far?

Phebe struck me as being pliable in an unnatural sense, like someone made her that way. Very literal and to the point she was, needing a command to do anything. I don't think she had a "good" relationship with her father ahaha almost like he robbed her of her will to do anything or her independence. some of what she said gave me deja vu--i used to stare at towels and carpets and find animals in them, eheh.

I'm looking forward to her character development owo

The other characters seemed cool. Peyton struck me as little mr revenge hiding in the barn like an assassin :p and Hugh I had a less favorable impression of but I'm willing to give him a chance, as long as he's not abusive.

all in all i liked the characters. i got tastes of deeper mysteries to them. 

3. Which of the two LIs are you most interested in? 

i don't know. going off of looks Hugh fits my taste more but he's not winning in the personality race. Peyton seems nice...but it's the nice ones you have to be wary of O.O

4. Would you be interested in being a beta tester for the finished game?

yasss I would be interested! this game seems really cool and i'd love to help >w< i've also beta tested a few games before this too 

Awww this was such a good game!!! I confess I wanted to win Strawberry's heart, I got the good ending first. I felt so sorry for Strawberry. Whoever put her there is truly awful. I hope that the Main Character and Strawberry live together happily and maybe escape hehe

I wasn't able to get all the endings...I just couldn't bring myself to eat the cutie strawberry bunny! they were sooo adorable <3

my body is ready

That was an interesting game!!


First--the art. it's very lovely and I am always partial to non anime styles. The fits went hard. I see the Inspector favors the black suit and tie, which looked good on him. Linda has a more flapper-like outfit (I don't know that much about 1920s fashion). I love her hat. Nina on the other hand wears blue. She is the only one who looks away from the Inspector in the opening scene, almost like her dogs are protecting her. It's cool. 

In the beginning I suspected Linda because her father said even he gives her what she wants, the  Baron didn't want her to marry Lofthouse, and the two argued before he died. But I was wrong hahaha and so I decided to play out the events in my head. Nina was the last to touch the drinks, and she had a martini--so she was my next suspect. I reasoned it would not be hard to slip a little strychnine (or whatever) into the martini bottle right after she'd poured her drink. And I believe someone mentioned the bottle was smashed afterwards--disposing of the evidence.

I wonder if the case will come to trial...It is a motive hard to believe. But I feel if Nina's not persecuted via the law, the family might do their own justice. 

Overall this was a pretty cool detective game! I liked that I could follow along and try to figure out the killer myself. The art was gorgeous. UwU 

yes sir let's gooooooo

I don't mind the later release date! good luck owo

Cheese and rice! The coming of the rain was surprisingly violent and spooked the devil outta me. I got the bad ending the first time, and I felt so sad when I saw their sad face...then I felt really guilty when they got split open. But on the second try, I didn't let the cutie down >u<

I wonder what Three's pipe looks like 👀

*throws confetti*


This looks very cool owo

I tried the demo and I have Thoughts, but I'll hold off till the full release 

I can't wait!


heya! I sent you an email :>

I can see you've found my one weakness, sexy Brits. God Artur's hot. I confess that my first thought upon seeing him was "He is good looking" and when he spoke he slew me. His stupid sexy self distracted me all through the game. >u< Artur was surprisingly "nice" for a murderous mage, which I found interesting...

The point and click segment threw me for a loop the first time I played it, but soon I figured out what I had to do. I actually really liked that! (and would request more of the same :p) It reminded me of y;n a visual novel I played so long ago, that was a point and click visual novel hybrid. It brought a whole new way to interact with the world of WYSAPOOMP (I'm assuming these games share a world)

I felt sorry for miss perfect. It's a shame she had to (spoiler: die). I hoped she could grow, maybe reverse what she'd done and have a happy life. Guess not :p Patrick was a jackass.I was tempted to let him DIE, but I figgered it would be more in character for Emma to spare his dishrag life but turn him in.

All in all I enjoyed your game!! Good work owo I look forward to your next works~~~~

of course you dont need to pay me! :p in all of the beta testing I've done it's been for free, because I was passionate about the project/creator. I'll pop you an email about how I usually beta test and we can exchange expectations. :>

Yup feel free to tell me whenever you need help--no rush ovo

I know this is suuuuper late, but if you ever need a beta tester, I'd be happy to help!

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They were so precious! I got the Good and the True ending, and couldn't bear to get anything harsher! I just couldn't be mean to them, the precious bby ;;

You did a great job on the art and animations! 'specially the shading. 

Spoiler: I'm so happy they get to have a true friend, after being abandoned by their old ones...

Awww, this was surprisingly cute. When I read the blurb for the novel, my mind immediately jumped to a darker plot, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised :p Owen was a better ML than I thought he'd be--I really liked him by the end of the game, and the Leave ending was super satisfying! His eyes were super pretty, for some reason. I think it's the color and shape that does it for me.

Good job >o<

Hi there! I can help, if you still need readers. I've beta tested before, if that helps.

this is just too cute ;;

it was nice! I liked it owo

The puzzles were pretty tough! I guess the answers have to do with the meaning of flowers and colors? Two things i suck at lol. I always thought red = happiness so i got waylaid seversl times. In the end, i only solved 2 puzzles :p 


I love time loop games, and this one delivered. 

The sound effects were a nice touch!

I loved it! A great sequel to "The Ingredient"! The good endings were very good and sweet, especially the one where we befriend the alchimera. I felt sad for the alchimera. At least they have a friend now tho <3

cute! Playing with Maya  was fun--it was nice to see the protag and her niece have such a cute relationship. >u<

short but very have excellent writing skills! You delivered all the information i needed to understand the scenario and make decisions as the mc in a very short amount of words! And it was all a pleasure to read too. 

The premise of the story is really intriguing...if u ever decide to expand upon it, id totally read that owo

this was a really cute game! I played the eng version--i think the hasty translation adds to the charm of the game! Also the art is very cute. Reminds me of the Hansel amd Gretel flash game.

Good job!!!

nice! I got the martyr ending. I really liked the way u delivered the story--kept up the suspense all the way till the end. I imagined the protag as an unwitting revolutionary, almost. Like we went out to get a donut for brekkie and became the leader of a revolution hehe

This was very sweet. The part with the cupcake being as good as a cake really hit me. Reminded me of how I planned my own birthdays lol

"Don't Bother" was supposed to lead to a wholly different route but I ran out of time ;;

I agree with ur suggestion--I'll try to make it so next time!

Thank you for ur comment owo