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Battle junkyard bots with whatever tools you can find
Submitted by Radlas, LeoMcA, BorisTheBrave (@boris_brave), j-w — 54 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 43 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
It's a game about assembling your robot with junk parts to fight other junkbots

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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Cool core mechanic with the different modules! Felt a bit weird pressing down to jump up for some reason but yeah I can definitely see where you could expand on this. Art and sound effects are nice too! Cool submission!


Interesting. I like how you can boost upwards more or less infinitely. It's kind of difficult to tell when I'll be doing damage, but other than that it's missing some juice (levels feel static and attacks uninteresting).

Good idea but it should be expanded on more, the weapons were too samey

Really good concept with some nice art. Controls were a little bit confusing sometimes and I got stuck on some of the enemies. Overall pretty fun.


Cool idea, i loved it.


One of the better games of jam


This was one of the best games I played in this jam. Really cool idea and great implementation! I loved this game from start to finish, and also liked the fact that in the beginning I was scared of the enemy robots, but when I got a grasp of the controls, I started wrecking everything. 

A little feedback: I got stuck in the (third?) level, because I did't get the fact that I had to collect all the parts to make the game start spawning enemies, but then eventually got it.

Great job!


Great game! I enjoyed flying around using the boot module. The variation in modules was pretty fun, some more visual feedback on actions would be great. The art is cool, and with more polish it could be really awesome!


Pretty good concept, fun gameplay, also loved the music! But some sound effects were too loud


Great concept! The gameplay is fun and the enemy variety is great. The art is really nice too. This could use a bit more polish, but I still had a great time. Good job!


Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback! 
This was a first jam for most of the team, so seeing people take time out of their days to play our game and leave a comment feels amazing. 
Man, I love this community.


Wow, even a themesong for junkbot. Love this concept, and the game looks solid as well, great assets and gameplay <33


Very cool concept, I could see this being worked on to make a full release!

is there a sandbox mode

Super fun concept - the controls got a little clumsy to keep track of, and I didn't understand how to use the weapons/tools at first. There was also some visual/mechanic confusion as to whether I survived a level or died (since it seemed like I died, but then I spawned on the other side of the wall and progressed to the next area?); also, when I died in the 3rd area or so (right after the Boot jumping platforms, when you hit the double sawblades), immediately after I died/right as I died/right after I destroyed one of the two sawblades, two random other enemies spawned before I got reset to the menu? Seemed like a bug, but could have just been a weird timing thing. 


one of the funner games I've played so far,  I loved the backgrounds and boot power but the combat could have done with more feedback.


This is a cool concept, and was reasonably fun. I did enjoy attaching a chainsaw to my feet and jumping on enemies. Unfortunately it is a bit too janky and needs more polish, there isn't enough feedback and the movement in general is very floaty and doesn't feel great. Nice sound effects.


Really cool idea,  being able to customize your robot with different functions. Great music art too, esp the  junkyard setting. would just like  bit more visual feedback such as when you hit enemies or beat a level.


This is really cool. I definitely think it could use more polish though. I would like to see a health bar for enemies and a way to remove weapons. I also wish there was a more clear end of level screen of some sort as it is kind of jarring to just instantly end up in the next level. Lastly, it always seemed like there was one planned way to use the weapons that was better than any other. It would have been cool if there were multiple viable weapon choices for each level and you could decide to use what you want and experiment. Regardless of any criticism, this is really impressive and fun to play. Great job!


What a silly concept! Love it.

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