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I'm sure this is fun, but I'm not gonna find out because I keep closing, opening the shortcut window or switching tabs because control is also the command button. It's really infuriating actually lmao. I recommend switching it to shift.

Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback! 
This was a first jam for most of the team, so seeing people take time out of their days to play our game and leave a comment feels amazing. 
Man, I love this community.

Obligatory amazing visuals comment
But also this gameplay concept is brilliant, I love how you satisfied the theme using only the mechanics.

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This game absolutely earns its title! I was in a nice flow state basically five seconds into the game that lasted through the majority of it, and a roguelike structure fits the mechanics perfectly.
Refine the level generation to create more complex gameplay as you progress, add a mechanic that encourages players to take risks and modulate their own difficulty and you've got yourself a 10/10 game, really great stuff!

Instantly fun and satisfying. The shield mechanic rewards you for not just training enemies and there's a lot of depth in just this jam version. Polish and release, baby!

Instantly fun and satisfying, kept me engaged for a really good chunk of time. "Just one more round"
This is awesome. Polish and release please!!