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That's very high on my priority list right now, I'm having some issues with it but I'll let you know as soon as I get it running. Thanks for checking the game out!


Also just noticed you can press the enter key to go to the next level, that's a nice touch.

Chain jumping on enemies feels great, you could consider adding a combo system that keeps track of the number of enemies destroyed without touching the ground and gives the player some reward for maximising their combo. that could add a lot of depth and replayability as players try to maximise their score. 

Enemy design wise, maybe something like a bullet bill turret that shoots projectiles you can bounce on, this would open up new level design possibilities. 

I'd definitely say the jump feels floaty, that might be what you're going for, but I'd suggest experimenting with a cancellable jump.
My game uses a gravity handler system that changes the player's gravity based on their Y velocity, that plus a jump cancel that reduces the player's Y velocity when they release the space bar after jumping gives you a lot of customisation options for tweaking the jump.

Nice! art style is great, both in terms of visuals and audio. Music especially is a standout, I really like the mix. 
gameplay wise, I have a bit of feedback:
Firstly, the platforms are quite frustrating. Most of a playthrough is spent just waiting for the platforms to move. I'd definitely start by reducing the time that they wait in between cycles.
I'd love to see more enemy variety, I reckon if you designed an enemy that was radically different from the enemy you have already that compliments them in some way you could add a lot more depth to your challenges.



Almost two seconds better than I was when I uploaded the game. 

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New PB! (This doesn't affect the cameo competition. The in-game Developer time will remain 11.7 seconds).May be an image of text that says "Developer: 11.7s Gold: 18s Silver: 21s Bronze: 25s Personal Best: 10.62861 Press Esc to progress"

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Feedback after a first 30 minute session, Devlog 1 build.

(Updated now)

Keep up the great work!

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I'm sure this is fun, but I'm not gonna find out because I keep closing, opening the shortcut window or switching tabs because control is also the command button. It's really infuriating actually lmao. I recommend switching it to shift.

Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback! 
This was a first jam for most of the team, so seeing people take time out of their days to play our game and leave a comment feels amazing. 
Man, I love this community.

Obligatory amazing visuals comment
But also this gameplay concept is brilliant, I love how you satisfied the theme using only the mechanics.

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This game absolutely earns its title! I was in a nice flow state basically five seconds into the game that lasted through the majority of it, and a roguelike structure fits the mechanics perfectly.
Refine the level generation to create more complex gameplay as you progress, add a mechanic that encourages players to take risks and modulate their own difficulty and you've got yourself a 10/10 game, really great stuff!

Instantly fun and satisfying. The shield mechanic rewards you for not just training enemies and there's a lot of depth in just this jam version. Polish and release, baby!

Instantly fun and satisfying, kept me engaged for a really good chunk of time. "Just one more round"
This is awesome. Polish and release please!!