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Ah, yes quite similar. Confused me for a bit playing yours because the top activates instead of the bottom.

Thanks! I'm guessing the randomizer never gave you a coin powerup, which can happen. Once you have that, activating it gives you coins you can then spend on those one-ups on the floor. I probably should have made sure you get at least one of each powerup by a certain point but ran out of time.

Really great idea and execution. Gave up on the 4th level, is that even possible?! I want to know how you did the ghost effect, it adds such character. Definitely up to the standard JUSTCAMH quality, nice one!

I love the presentation. Art and colours are great, as are the sound effects, and the 'game over' dice at the end are a nice touch! I understood the character rolls himself whenever you jump but that didn't seem to have any impact on gameplay, so I think adherence to the theme is a bit lacking. Otherwise it is just fairly standard platforming. Would have liked to see a little more creativity. Overall great work though and well done for finishing to a high quality!

Awesome thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi, made a 32-bit version, let me know if that works for you!

Thank you, I will consider it!

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Well, I guess you won the game! Thanks for the report, I have heard of it from some others too. Will see if I can reproduce it myself.

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Oh no! I realised I wasn't adjusting the ceiling's fall speed by the frame time, which is why it was going slow for you (and somebody else told me they survived for 40 seconds which confused me). Thanks so much for pointing that out. I feel stupid  now haha.

Sorry, I didn't add an option for that. Strange that you don't see it on the web version though, it should be there. Though that's good for you! I might add an option if I do an update at some point, thanks for letting me know.

Yeah that's a bug for sure, thanks for pointing that out! That's for sure not part of the solution :)

Hmm, I just tried it and it doesn't appear to be broken to me. What moves are you making?

This was fun! If a little simplistic. But it looked great and everything worked and it was smooth and did was it was trying to do. I got bored pretty quickly though and no new mechanics seemed to be introduced so I stopped playing.

It is a little unclear that you have to drag the astronauts to move them around.

This is a great idea that's executed really well and looks fantastic. Unfortunately I think the controls let it down to the point where I had a hard time enjoying it.  Mapping arrow keys onto an isometric grid is never going to work paricularly well,  and cycling through 4 plugs to get the right one was a pain. I think mouse controls would have made this more enjoyable.

I liked this a lot! Presentation is really really good, the colours and the sprites look great and are aesthetically consistent. Physics simulation worked well.  I would play more if there was more!

Ah, ok. The movement + hearts mechanic was shown pretty clearly in level 4 (moving right increases hearts so you can cross the lava). It's not super intuitive though I agree.

Glad you solved it :) How far did you get in the end?

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Nothing wrong with saying it, it was definitely inspired by Baba Is You. I think the mechanics are unique enough to stand alone though. Thanks!

Thank you! I agree on both points. I think I implemented move on button up for ease-of-implementation at the time (on button down I lock in player input, then button up steps the sokoban simulation) but I should have refactored it.

Yeah there is certainly some trial and error to figure out what blocks do. Though I feel as long as you know that right and down are +, left and up are -, it's fairly consistent. I.e. move right and hearts/move/time increases, move left and they decrease. The only unintuitive connection is the level which connects hearts to moves. The puzzle wouldn't work if hearts decreasing caused moves to decrease and vice-versa, so I swapped them such that hearts increase when you move, and moves increase when you take damage.

Really great idea and execution. Love and aesthetic and music. Presentation overall very good. I liked the different blocks which affected your 'ship' in different ways, and how the enemies served a dual purpose to remove misplaced blocks.

My only critique is I think the movement was a bit too floaty/slippy for a game built around such precise movement.

I don't know how you keep coming up with such unique gameplay mechanics for all your jam games. This is a really great one, and has all the standard Kultisti charm in terms of aesthetic, mood, audio. All the little extra things like the intro story, the enemy dialogue after you defeat them, is so good. Gameplay was really fun, though I felt it could have been slowed down a bit to make it more strategic and less twitchy. Icons on the enemy row should have disappeared once the marker passed them too, to avoid confusion (I kept placing new blocks to combat old icons). Overall really great.

This is a cool concept, and was reasonably fun. I did enjoy attaching a chainsaw to my feet and jumping on enemies. Unfortunately it is a bit too janky and needs more polish, there isn't enough feedback and the movement in general is very floaty and doesn't feel great. Nice sound effects.

Thanks so much for the in depth feedback! Yeah, I agree with the drones as health, I was really pleased with how that mechanic works. You described it perfectly, you want more drones for more damage, but the more you have the easier it is to lose them. It's a nice self-correcting cycle.

I spent a lot of time on game feel, so it's lovely to hear it worked out :D thanks so much!

Hey, yeah there's lots of optimisations to make if I had time. It's actually most likely the cost of the steering behaviours that causes the lag, rather than instancing stuff. Each boid has to iterate over each other boid (to determine avoidance steering) so there's O(n^2) scaling, and GDScript is not particularly fast to begin with.

Thanks for the nice comments!

Thanks for the great feedback! Yeah you are correct on all points, I might continue developing a post-jam version to resolve those issues.

You get upgrades quite frequently, so while a single upgrade might not make a big difference, once you get 2-3 upgrades of the same type it definitely makes a big difference.

The big guy's hull is immune, yeah, so you have to go around and target the 'wheels'. I did that to try and avoid every enemy being killed just by bullet spam :P.

Thanks for the feedback!

You could say I....

( •_•)>⌐■-■

Broke the rules.

Cheers for playing :D

Thanks! Yeah, there is some exponential difficulty increase but not enough to outscale the power from endless upgrades.

Really novel concept and very satisfying gameplay! I enjoyed playing through the whole thing, the difficulty seemed just right. I love the idea of creating a continuous storyline throughout your jam games, I look forward to the next one.

This is really really fantastic. So original, the art style and colour palette fit well, I love the details like the rain outside the window. The AI breaks the rules in really interesting ways, and the actual gameplay is really fun and satisfying too. Great sound effects. You hinted that something happens when you're 30 points ahead of the AI but it was taking too long to get there so I might have missed the 'end game', I guess that would be my only complaint. Amazing work!

Thanks for the feedback! I couldn't really decide what to do with the player's avatar. On the one hand I didn't want it to get in the way because the fleet should be the focus, but on the other it would be good to have had a focal point like you say. Perhaps simply making the player a different colour would have been enough. Cheers for playing!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it is hard but I think once you get the knack of the controls you can make!

Make sure you're playing the HTML5 or the most recent Win64 version because I did make that part easier (though it is still not a cakewalk).

Very fun, love the bosses and enemy variety. Rooms felt quite claustophobic and the kick-back on the weapon often pushed me into enemies/projectiles.

PS. Link your LD page so I can rate it :)

Very fun, makes me want to check out your other games!

Thanks for the kind words! I was initially planning to have an invisible monster you could only detect using the geiger counter, with the goal of leading it into a trap or something. But it was clear I wouldn't have enough time to pull that off, so reduced the scope and made this.

I think there is a bug where you can turn and move at the same time with the right timing, might have been that which caused you to slip through the collision. 

Anyway glad you enjoyed it!

Awesome idea and great presentation! I managed to get quite far without running into a dead-end. Unfortunately it was off-screen so felt somewhat unfair. Very satisfying movement and nice take on the classic snake formula, nice one!

I like the art style! Unfortunately I didn't really understand how the game worked, apart from it being a standard platformer. I don't know how to avoid the radiation so whether I died to radiation or not seemed random. I got to the second level and then died and had to restart from the start of the first level, that's when I gave up. Well done for making a game though!

Aaaah I feel silly now. I saw the controls on the main menu and assumed it was available from the start and that something was broken. Cheers!

There seems to be an issue - shooting doesn't work. Spacebar does nothing :( Everything else is fine, not sure what the problem could be.

Thanks! I agree with you on all your points I think. The physics of the rope I was never happy with, it felt too elastic which made it too hard to control. That was mainly because of the limitations of the joint system in Godot, and I didn't have time to investigate way to improve it. Basically the rope is always the same length and just raised/lowered off the top of the screen. Ideally I would remove/add sections to the rope which would mean when the rope was short it would feel more responsive (since each segment has an elasticity value, the more segments there are the more that elasticity adds up).

I also think the core gameplay loop could be improved, like you said it is quite unforgiving especially when you have limtied control over Steve. The coins were meant to be a buffer against damage but adding them as a component of the scoring mechanic suggested that it was optimal to completely avoid damage which is impractical. I certainly learned lessons about game design from making this game!

Thanks again for playing and for you feedback, it means a lot!