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Dev Progress - Let's share

A topic by kenez created Nov 06, 2018 Views: 1,025 Replies: 24
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Hey, what about making a topic so that we can share our progress!

I know there is the tag, but would be cool to have a place here too. For some strange reason I still dont have a twitter account.

I can start, working alone right now, just some tweaking on the engine for these first days.

This is my current state.

The textures are just placeholders ;D


What is it?

Still planning. I have an idea but it is hard to define the hybrid thing. Also too little time time to work in the project.

My progress so far consists in what I've ruled out.

So far I've ruled out using Comipo to do the heavy lifting as far as portrait/face assets go.

I'm on the fence about RPGMaker MV and perhaps RPGMaker 2003.

What I need to do is take some sort of quick pixel art class so I can make my own assets and do something in Clickteam Fusion.

I'm just trying to get an idea going. The theme is great but my mind is flying with all sorts of weird mashups. I think my goal is to get a platformer going and as I go along, hope for an idea to pop up. I post this because this will give me motivation to actually put some progress in and not give up. :) 


I have the game idea I want now! Spent the last day researching how to do what I want to do and writing quick proofs of concept. My next goals is to finalize the scope to complete a vertical slice and get some code inked down starting this weekend on my day off.

This what I have so far. Lets see if anyone can guess my idea.


Looks like a funky card game. Am I close to the mark?

misterjimson, I'm not going to guess what you're making, but I will say I love the aesthetics.

I'm taking the theme to heart, and making a game called (tentatively) "Dinosaur Vampires -versus- Elven Space Pirates". It's going to be a memory card game combined with a card battle game combined with a car racing game combined with a text adventure. The card game will be the focus, and I'm currently developing a card game engine on top of MonoGame.

This is my first attempt at making a game. I might need to get rid of the text adventure aspect.

Still deciding on concept, but I want to include the Wild West somehow. In the meantime, I’ve started working on some code I’ll need. (Controls and UI)


Progress: Decided on using Godot.  All the engines except rpgmaker are a steep climb anyway, might as well get the benefit of actual programming experience out of it.  Leaning towards space shooter with photorealistic space backgrounds.  Might use comipo for facesets and the like after all.

Submitted (1 edit)


  • map generating and loading existing maps(yeah, that UK is actually loaded),
  • basic card system, drafting and resources
  • some graphics effect

To do:

  • AI players
  • menu
  • content!

Working on the paper design. I'm not sure if I'm going to choose Greenfoot or libgdx for development. The game though, is a hybrid between a text adventure and 2D and multiple genres.

Doing a PS1 game. Started yesterday, got the camera working today. Haven't moved to using DMA for graphics yet, and I should probably get some quads in at some stage, and did I mention I'm not using the GTE (math coprocessor) yet?

I've got some game design stuff in mind and have been brainstorming it on my laptop on the train and it's got the potential to be a lot of fun. The concept is that of a parkour platformer where whenever you go through a window, gravity inverts and you end up in a dual of the level - if you've ever played a Flash game called Shift, it's a similar idea to that.

Decided on Clickteam after all.  However, now I have a better handle on the game's content and progression, at least in the demo.  Also gotta figure out how to properly fit hybridization in.

My compadres and I started this challenge on friday this weekend. We began with a few beers and brainstorming at the local pub and eventually came up with a decent concept; a first-person roguelike horror game in a low poly artstyle. The rest of the weekend we spent modelling, coding, composing and such. Our goal was to get a rough prototype of the core gameplay in place, as well as just pumping out assets. I think we managed to achieve that goal, even though there's a lot of tweaking left to do.


I'm working on a hybrid card game - solitaire (patience for us brits) and rock, paper, scissors. Got most of the logic working now to add all the polish.

OK, got basic world rendering working. Using translucency to test basic occlusion culling but it will end up opaque eventually. Rendering's quite bad right now, and I honestly blame the sheer amount of divisions I'm doing in the CPU, so I should probably offload those to the GTE. That and I'm still not using DMA, and I should use it, but that can wait until tomorrow.

Also, adjusting the delays used for port I/O to the GPU makes me get back to 50fps for the most part, so actually, it's probably not the divisions.

Here's the basic idea of the renderer. I've got a 3D voxel world, and I do a breadth-first floodfill from the camera, taking care to ensure that I don't double-count a cell. I build an ordered list of cell positions and then I walk them back to front. The PS1 has no Z buffer so you basically have to do painter's algorithm to do things, and while it *does* provide surprisingly good facilities for handling this (it's basically got hardware radix sort support), I'm not using them here.

The floodfill is somewhat expensive right now so I only calculate it whenever the cell the camera's in changes, which happens a lot so I'm going to have to find a good solution for that.

Oh, as far as RAM usage goes, I'm using about 10% of 2MB right now, and that includes the music I've got in there as a placeholder. For VRAM I've got no textures so I'm only using two 320x200 video buffers in the 1024x512 space I've got. For sound RAM there should be plenty of space and the samples for the music fit just fine so I'm not concerned about that.

Anyway, we should be getting close to gameplay going in. I think tomorrow's going to be DMA and world collisions.


I'm working on a side-scroller shooter/puzzle game. The prototype was done and now it's time to polish.


Finally got something worth sharing!

Everything is still of course WIP, including artwork, but the general ideas are in place, I think. Have been experimenting with a blend of action-platformer, endless jumper, and card game mechanics for this game. Been really fun trying out the prototype so far, even though it's currently pretty dang difficult.


My initial post for reference:

When I started out , my goal was to create a fun 2d platformer. I had no idea what it would require or what it would look like. I'm please to say that I am enjoying the process so far and the platforming so far does feel satisfying and theres enough room in the framwork to add movement options and improve the feel of the gameplay.

I started off with the basic Phaser 3 tutorial and improved my knowledge base so much. Things that I learned and things I didn't consider at first:

- I have exclusively been using open source graphics for everything in our game. Enemies, characters, particle sprite animations and I'm happy to share that there is no shortage of character sprite sheets to use for my game. I had no trouble finding a stand in for all my character sprites and animations. If I'm nitpicking. It is lacking in a certain aesthetic but that's always subjective.

- I have learned about using to publish my game

Some features I am proud of. 

- I am please with the story we are slowly generating and creating. 

- I added a skidding mechanic similar to nes mario games were your character skids to a stop if the player builds up enough momentum. If the player holds back against a skid and presses jump they do a cool backflip jump like in ario vs donkey kong on gameboy and mario 64. Does seem like much but took a lot of tinkering to get just right. 

- Our sound and music artist is putting together awesome sounds for the game which I'm really excited to incorporate. 

Have a look and keep in mind its a playtest level and it's still a lil buggy but you can get a sense of the movement and speed.

Having Gameoff everyone.

I've hit a wall with my understanding of Godot, so I'm probably done with the Game Off unless I figure it out. Kind of frustrating, really.


What is the current wall you've hit? And is it related to collision detection? :D

More seriously, have you tried posting on one of the Godot-related forums/boards listed on

Learning new things/engines can definitely be frustrating--so that feeling is completely normal. :)

Alternatively, could you work on a different part of the game and return to the current roadblock later? Maybe focus on something different related to one of the five specific judging criteria to get re-invigorated?

Good luck!


Been experimenting with low poly + voxel, third person shooter + management mechanics with power-up drops.

Nowhere close to complete and very unbalanced at the moment.