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I got stuck there too

The aliens won't attack unless you attack first. Of course, an alien can be a symbol so fun times! I did think about having some sort of time limit when ALL the aliens would attack but never implemented that.

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It's one 1028x1028 bitmap that repeats endlessly using one parallax layer (hence the infinite starfield). If I added another layer with transparency and a lower factor, that would probably show it up more. EDIT: take a look at this video:

Do you mean layers of stars or cloud like effects? It's already using a parallax background to get the infinite star space.

Thank you!

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I've not tested the Mac version.

Here we go again!

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Thanks for the comment. I ended up hating the game, and at the last minute came up with the idea of the diamonds being a goal of sorts. The idea of the eggs would have been to penalise the player in some way but I lost interest towards the end.

It has led to another idea of a huge dungeon in which you wander around descovering stuf, I'll have to post details of that.

Thanks for the run through. I only descovered after I released the game how to stop the jerkiness - a setting in Godot to switch on smoothing. Ho hum.

As for the point of the game, I lost interest towards the end - plus I hated what I'd created. I wanted something where you wander around a mine... but got lost in what should happen next.

It begins...

Since I'm not American it's always strange to see college life in another country. I'm in the UK and the system was different; maybe it's changed now?

Heh, I remember how bad the food was, though there was one place I remember liking the milkshakes and toasted cheese sandwiches.


When my character came out to his parents... wow, that was upsetting for me... I guess because mine took it so badly and our relationship changed afterwards.

I've been trying to do a visual novel based on my own experience and even got as far as an artist doing my main character. Easier said than done!

Seems to need GLIBC V2.27 on Linux

I get a message: "Error: could not load game path '.'

It was inspired by other card games like Hearthstone and Eternal, however, I realised writing an AI for a game like that would be difficult - also PvP would need networking, something I've never tried before. I lost the plot towards the end and gave up but will try again. Think of this as the third prototype (I restarted during the jam).

This is unfinished. I ran out of ideas beyond the solitaire with rock-paper-scissors. Once you clear the pile, it adds more cards, but then... I couldn't think of and end game.

That was it, working now

Windows - downloaded the version

I get this error on startup

I'm working on a hybrid card game - solitaire (patience for us brits) and rock, paper, scissors. Got most of the logic working now to add all the polish.

Could be my laptop!

That's my version. Wonder why I get "index out of bounds"?

Won't play in Firefox - index out of bounds

The audio broke up a little on my Windows 10 gaming laptop. I could hear crackling, like the sound wasn't playing right.

A little more variation in the music would have been nice!

Doesn't run in Firefox. "abort(113). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info."

Doesn't run in Firefox - index out of bounds.

Sadly all you can do is shoot the other ships...

I've updated the windows ZIP file. I exported from a version of Godot that requires Mono to be installed. I didn't actually use Mono (C#) so I assumed it wouldn't need it. Oops! My other half has tried running it, the first version dies this version works.

Please try again?

Aw nooooo... it works fine on two machines I've tried it on. I'll post a debug version maybe that will reveal some answers.

Ah, I've not tested it on Mac!

Created the project

Are you running the web browser version? There seem to be issues with HTML5 with some browsers - you get a blank screen. As soon as I get the Godot V3.0 version working I'll update this.

I'm working on it's sequel here:

WakiZoids is an asteroids style game. I entered an earlier version of it to Game Off 2017. You can see my entry here: In this game you earn points by shooting rocks, fighting with aliens. To win, kill all the aliens. There are a LOT of them.

This is the Christmas edition:

This edition has a pet you need to rescue before aliens get to him, a christmas pudding and extended tracking - I've upgraded the ACME Tracking to short and long range sensors with filters.

I'm planning on taking this game a lot further. I'm hoping to add planets, jump gates, hyperspace, trading, the kitchen sink and so on. I've been wanting to create some kind of game and this seems to be it!

I used to work in the Games Industry. My name appears on a few racing games: DiRT, GRiD and F1 2011.

I'd love to get feedback on this game! It's evolving...

Here's a screenshot from the game where you find the xmas pudding:

Had me scratching my then... oh yeah!

I wish I'd kept the outtakes reel when I left Codemasters... 8)

Someone had set gravity to zero, so it cause a divide by zero error. The cars on the racing ground were all imploding, and the one in the garage imploded, flew around the room and out the window!

While I was doing WakiZoids, I set the black hole attraction force too high and reversed. I started the game and a whole bunch of game objects just shot past me.

Physics can be hilarious!

I've removed the HTML5 version of my game ( - it seems to hang in Firefox more often than not, and does the same in Chrome. I've also noticed when it does run, sound doesn't work properly - as I press 'thrust' (up arrow) you hear the sound. You keep the button down and it stops playing as it reaches the end of the sample! Doesn't do this in the windows version.