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WakiZoids - the Christmas edition

A topic by imekon created Dec 09, 2017 Views: 56
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WakiZoids is an asteroids style game. I entered an earlier version of it to Game Off 2017. You can see my entry here: In this game you earn points by shooting rocks, fighting with aliens. To win, kill all the aliens. There are a LOT of them.

This is the Christmas edition:

This edition has a pet you need to rescue before aliens get to him, a christmas pudding and extended tracking - I've upgraded the ACME Tracking to short and long range sensors with filters.

I'm planning on taking this game a lot further. I'm hoping to add planets, jump gates, hyperspace, trading, the kitchen sink and so on. I've been wanting to create some kind of game and this seems to be it!

I used to work in the Games Industry. My name appears on a few racing games: DiRT, GRiD and F1 2011.

I'd love to get feedback on this game! It's evolving...

Here's a screenshot from the game where you find the xmas pudding: