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Well done 😎

Nice concept and funny game! Gret job ;)
Two issues:
- The high score is wrong. It's calculate a few more points than I was made.
- The leaderboard doesn't works.

Fantastic idea!

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Thanks! In the next update i'll add new features and game modes including an endless mode. 

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Thanks vikerlane. In the next updates I'll add full gamepad input where the face buttons will allow to shoot the bullets, one for each button. ;)

I'm already planning to add the matches between the different color like in a classic match 3 game (Candy Crush saga for example). In the next months I'll release a more complete version of the game with different game modes and mechanics. :)

Thanks 😉

I'm working on a side-scroller shooter/puzzle game. The prototype was done and now it's time to polish.

The problem is the quality of the font you used. Check these fonts ;) (pay attention to the licenses).

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Hi guys. I played the game and it is cool.

A couple of suggestions here:

  • In the main menu the button to confirm an action is the "X" (xbox controller). Change it to the "A" button.
  • Create some new different dungeons with different shapes and more inspired (bosses rooms are really nice);
  • Display the sprites of the weapons attached to the player when equipped;
  • The UI is not very clear (expetially for the inventory, i can't understood how to use it);
  • Change the font of the texts because is not very readable;

Good work guys!