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I really need some reviews for my game!

A topic by Rhang created Sep 02, 2019 Views: 155 Replies: 20
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I made this game last week, honestly the excitement of me making the game hasn't vanished yet, I am continuously updating the game  in my editor, and will update on website as soon as review ends, but till then I need maximum reviews of what you liked and not, so that I can improvise those aspects.


ok I will try to review yours. 

And Congratulations for your success ! 

This is our game:

I wonder if you can play it to the end. It’s not long but can be tricky. 


I have also the same feeling with mine, so I will rate yours and give you a complete feedback x)


I will do the same for you! :)

I will check it out man. Check our game too please,


Thanks! Will surely check your game too! :D


I'll happily play your game! :D 

Heres ours too:


I'll surely check your game! :D


You don't need more rates... Someone points out that you need 20 rates to be ranked... I don't know is that true but this guy had exp with game jams. 

But on the other hand... My game needs ratings ... Still under 20... ;)


I am not talking about rates, I am talking about reviews, how you felt after playing the game, suggest me some improvements to make, so I can give an update once the jam is over.

I will surely be checking your game too! and since you mentioned it, do rate and play my game too! ;) 


I really liked the idea for the game and the art. I think if you can expand on the "quests" that'll be really fun.

Also, when I accept someone's statement who's definitely telling a lie, like the Nigerian price and then  follow the quare I get a black screen and then nothing happens. Maybe I missed something there...

Anyway, good work!

Play my game too if you get the chance:

Submitted (1 edit)

If you see after the black screen you got your one heart missing, meaning you lost one life, that guy beat you off screen

Will surely check you game out 👍


Ill try out and rate you game! Try out ours in the meantime and I hope you enjoy it <3


I will surely try playing your game! And thanks fir playing my game

I hope you enjoy playing this game. Lots of work went into it. It's about a robot AI that tries to tell you what to do. Will you listen to him? Find out by playing.


Surely play your game, do considering playing mine too?

click here


this looks fun, Imma download this

If you like strategy war games you should try my game:-)


Hi Check out, 

Its a Browser and Windows based game  :

Hope you will enjoy it and don't forget to rate us 😊👍

I'll will review you game your game story system is very nice and art is fine created but the story is continue using mouse click which make game little bit slow to play but it was a nice game great work :)


I feel sad, no one spoke about my game in negative sense, how will I improve if there is nothing negative, I got few bugs and suggestions but I fixed them quite easily, come on people give me more constructive criticism!

Love you guys btw! :)


Here is mine Enjoy!