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Really cool concept. Love it :)

that's true. Bullets should be more visable. Thanks for your feedback. :)

hmm... I think I didn't fully understood what is going on here but I love the oldschool wibe. Great work. :)

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Really well made movement, graphics are great. I can't pass this big boar.  
but lack of volume slider cost you one star on audio, attack sound is too laud. :)

what? You don't passing anything in my game o_0

Cool concept. Good idea. :)

Rate my game. I will rate everyone who rate and leave a comment on my rating page.

I added spikes at the top, increase enemy spawn rate and add slippery undestructable platform.
Thanks for your help :)

bulb bulb bulb? Thanks, I worked really hard on sounds xD

About the theme - you can find some twisted logic in lowering water level, it may count as rewind but I have to say I don't really care about the theme. It's my third Brackeys Jam, I never followed the theme, every time I try to challenge myself in different subject. This time it was networking and my goal was to create working online multiplayer game. Sorry if I dissapoint you. :) 

that is cool idea. I have some time left, will add it. Maybe less time between enemy spawns too. Thanks for your feedback. :)

About multiplayer. I hope when ratings begin there will be some people... but when I test it with my friend it seams laggy sometimes. I guess going with websockets was a bad idea. I should make standalone build... Too late for that unfortunately :(

Ok... Looks like its working. You can test it if you want :)

doesn't matter... Maybe I explain more - I never touch my headphones volume level, I have it quite loud and set up like I want to work well in for ex. games. To change volume I always use volume slider on youtube player, netflix etc. Now imagine the song you posted at highest possible volume without changing option - is it still nice and pleasent for you ? Ofc I can change it on windows - I can alt-tab the game, open audio setting on windows and change this program volume - ofcourse... but I think that the application creator should not be a d*ck and add this feature inside the program. Its 2 lines of code.

Then it gets suddle 1 * ;)

Please! Add the damn slider to control sound volume or atleast button to disable sounds to your games. Its like 5 minutes of work.

Every game without this feature will get 1 * on music from me even if you buy entire Pink Floyd discography license.

Now get back to work and have fun :)

not really. On PUN2 i can have 20 players connected for free. I dont expect having more than 20 at the same time :)

Maybe I will do that... If I find enough time :(

you just press play and wait for opponent like every other online multiplayer game. You dont need friends for that.

What you guys think? I have idea for a competitive online multiplayer game. Game will be quite simple but it will require two players to play. 

Do you think its good idea to make it or it will be a waste of time because game will never get enough ratings (nobody will find match - not enough people)

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Hey! If you planning S5, check out my game, please :).

hmm... how do you played my game? Analytics don't show any downloads of RageDoll today o_0

Thank you :).

Rated yours. 

already rated ;)

already rated

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everything what I didn't made you can find in attributions in menu.

Thanks for you feedback.

Nice idea. Game looks polished, movement is smooth. Art is clear and have a gameboy vibe.
Good job!

hm... I saw exacly the same game with the same UI yesterday... is this some kind of a template for construct2 or you made couple games? 

Nice, solid, short game. Good idea, well executed. Good job.

I don't know what is going on here... but atmosphere is spooky - I like it. Looks like a game about depression ;)

Coin movement is challenging, I really liked it. Music matching well. 

Had fun playing it. Good job.

Great movement mechanics, fun and challenging. I love the design. VFX looks polished. Music is relaxing and fit perfectly to the gameplay.

Great job! 

I really liked the polished and clean UI, as always big + for having volume slider (it's like 2 minut job - why so few games have it).

Overall idea is nice, every single puzzle needs some time to be solved... and yes! this may be a solid mobile game. Good job.

only goal is to find and throw all red boxes into the holes. :)

Thank you for your feedback. Q and TAB helps to navigate and using them often is nessesery. Hook is a hidden weapon and best tool to use for almost every interaction.

Did you finish the game? ;]

rated :)

Good, funny design with quality audio and well balanced difficulty. 

Great job!

You got here quite impressive effects. I don't know how you made it (I guess smart shader) but it is really damn cool. The dialogs are good too, but I just wanted to eat everything :) 

Love the game design, it so... surrealistic. Good job.