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Thanks so much, we've loved making them :D

That's a good idea you have here ! We are continuing the development of the game to fix bugs and improve all what we can ^^

I'm so glad you like it !

Yeah a kind of a fighting game based on two buttons, is as difficult to develop as to learn to play it ! The introduction, which is working as a tutorial isn't yet sufisant 

Thanks for the comment ^^

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The same in due of an editor bug...

ok c'est good le jeu est tékéchargeable normalement

J'ai pas le choix je crois... vous les ennemis des boulangers nous mènerons à notre perte 

En cliquant j'obtiens une erreur 404

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D'accord super, merci !

Voici la page du jeu :

Le jeu est toujours en train de s'uploader d'ailleurs...

J'envisagerais de le dire alors xD

Je dirais ce mot si tu m'aide x)
On à eu un bug de dernière minute, et du coup on à loupé le délais...
Comment l'on peut s'y prendre pour publier notre jeu ?


So happy you've apreciate the game ^^

What do you have thought of the end ?

Wow o.o
I've check out your project, and just wow !

Sincerely I wish you the best, I'm gonna subscribe to follow the news

Ow okay, fortunately I don't have encounter that bug ^^

You've already another jam, juste after this one ? I didn't inquire about the PAX, but it seems to be a big event :D What type of game are you making ?

I will keep the surprise :)

Nice perfect then ! I have spent so much time to hunt them, mostly the end bugs wich force me to jump all the game through each time :p

Wow this is an important bug, your friend save the game literally ^^

In the first update, I will fix all the little bugs, add a second game music theme, add more cookie types. I will also review some effects, and add some of them. This is the Polish Update :D

The second update gonna be more interesting, It will contains features like a library of cookies. A big review of the dialogues, a third part dialogues and finally I want to add easter eggs. This is the Comfort Update !

Thank you, really :D

I have one last question, have you encounter any bugs or problems ? 

Because I want to continue to improve Cookie Factory after the jam, and I think there are still bugs that I have not found ^^

The game is liar. There's not other word to describe best this game !

This is the first game who really surprise me in the jam. That's really cool what you've made dudes, great jobs. Great team !

Thank you so much o.o

I've put a lot of efforts in each specificities of the game and the fact that you have felt it, make me really enjoy ^^

Because all the game was built around the end reveal and I was not sure everyone will play all the way trough.

I was anxious about that anyone should see the end x)

Thank you for the feedback dude you're awesome. I will check out your game !

Thank you very much for your feedback ! I'm hopping continue to improve Cookie Factory and that's help me a lot ^^

This is literally the first game I've published, I have a lot to learn and you're not the first feeling confusing about the mechanics. So then I will do my best to make it a bit clearer to understand, either completly absurd or with an introduction more detailled.

I'me really happy you've enjoied the audios and graphics, because I'm not a soundesigner and even less designer, so thank you :D

Okay I will try yours, I don't have a lot of time, but I will do my best ^^

Thanks, mine is Deceleris#2307 and email is

I want something more dynamic this time. In mid pass between bullet hell and exploration game. If a jam offer this possibility to make a game like this, I will notify you !

Did you have discord ? Of course. Every devs have discord ^^

Listen, this month I will work really hard on my game, but I take a break every 6 weeks. Then we can find a jam during this time ! And yep, for all the collabs I've made, that's the first time wich someone really competent. But we need to talk to it seriously. Answering questions like on wich label we can publish it ? We need a team name ?

What  do you think of it ?

And also, I need to perform my english.

Cookie Factory was for the jam ^^

And yep the gameplay is really basic but I'm really prond of the graphismes and the sound design. Because I'm not quiet good at this, but this time I think they are good. I not sure to understand what you've said with feedbacks.

Why not ? I've made a lot of collabs, and ALL of them have collapsed because the projects was mainly to embitious, and the peoples not enough motivated. I think you know it. But for a jam, why not. I have time, you have time, and like you said, if another one join us to make little games in jams, that can be great, that can be cool. But for me, only on jams x)

Hello everyone !

I don't really know if anyone have finished my game because I don't had feedback about it.

This is my first game like this and, I don't know if that's good or bad ^^

The game takes 10 minutes to be finished, so I hope someone tell me what he think about the end :D

You can try it here :

I really love to learn the other's experiences or how they turned into game developer, because you know, that's not easy to meet in real life another game dev by luck x)

And like you, I'm 18 and I've got a big project hopping for steam ! I'm felling a bit less alone in that quest

And yep like I've said, I've finished your game until the end menu. And that's exaclty what I've felt when I saw the end. "Wow that game is not finished". The mechanics were really cool, like the boucing of the cube, and also the game design was well designed. Colors, placement, that's a good job. But the end for me is the more important ! All of the work you have made, take the player until the end with this hope "Surprise me !", but when we arrive at the end, THIS IS the end x)

And that's a bit sad for me. I hope you don't give up your game, and continue to polish it, adding a REAL end and orther mechanics with your fucking skills ^^

So sorry for my really REALLY good english (as a french , google trad is my dad)
Then I'm gonna try some your games !

I have also the same feeling with mine, so I will rate yours and give you a complete feedback x)

Your first game ? Wow dude I think you have a big experience behind this masterpiece !

The game design is beutifull as the graphismes, i'm really impressed :D

So I've finish the game, but I'm disappointed there's no "end" . The mechanics with the text is ingenious, it held me to the end.

Thank you dude ^^
Can you explain me how for you, I can improve the tutorial ? 

Really ingenious game. Simple rules shaped with a good design, that's great, you make a really good job dude !

Thank you so much :D

In fact, each cookies had 3 properties, and each of them have a score. The global score of the cookie is the addition of them, and if it's greater than 50, that's a good cookie :p

Thank for your review ! I think in the next update, I will clarify that point ^^

Thanks xD I'm so happy you've enjoyed it ! 

Yep I'm gonna try yours now ^^

Wow I love so much your game !

Check out mine too : ^^

I had a resolution bug, then I don't know if i have really finished the game. But that was cool !

You should have a look on it !

I'm glad you've enjoyed the game ! 

I had a resolution problem with the web version of the game so I'm currently downloading it but it's REALLY RALLY slow x)

Check out mine 

I'm gonna try yours

I hope you can dude :l

Thanks ^^

Good luck everyone who join this jam ! I whish you the best x)

Thank you too dude ^^

I'm currently playing at yours !

That's cool idea :D 

Try this little guy : Cookie Factory, a funny adventure with a surprising ending :D

Alright ! That's done in a new build with some bug fixs x)