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Puma Cat - The Paranormal Psychic Detective - A Brainwashed WinterView game page

Can Puma Cat survive Cursemas Eve?
Submitted by NeatGames (@neat_games) — 3 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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Puma Cat - The Paranormal Psychic Detective - A Brainwashed Winter's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Music and Sound#183.6363.636
Fun Factor#203.5763.576

Ranked from 33 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The story book idea was awesome! I love top down shooters and this check a lot of my boxes for what makes them fun. The only downside is, I don't like cats. HA! Good work.


Haha~ well can't like everything i guess.  Thanks for playing!  I hope to improve the next one even more.


I like the idea of it being on the story book.  You should take this general idea and polish it up into a full game.


Thanks for checking it out!  And yeah once I've learned how to do more mechanics I want to!  (things like dodge-roll, dash, buffs, etc.)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Using the board to tell a story was a pretty neat idea. Loved the art and the animations, they were not only consistent but charmingly simple as well. The enemy variety was pretty decent too and the level balance was good.
Good job!


Thanks for the comment and playing!  


The book as a playing field works really well. It kept me invested in the story all the way through. Sprite work is charming and, more importantly, consistent enough to not distract from the narration as a whole.

Music choice is kind of a mixed bag. The happy intro theme kind of clashes with the melancholy that  follows during gameplay. From a story perspective, the dark jingle bells is quite functional, but on the other hand it lacks the tempo and drive that is common for the genre (Binding of Isaac is an example where I feel the music enhances tempo of gameplay). 

Audio is functional and non distractive. Going into nitpicking, I would suggest adding a random pitch and/or gain to the attack sound - it would perhaps make the sound more dynamic? 

Balance wise I feel the game treated me fairly all the way through. Perhaps too fairly, as the abundance of player "health" had me breeze through the game the first time around. It would have been interesting to see more punishing enemies in the later stages, perhaps coupled with some kind of power up, forcing the player to adapt  and learn new things on the go? 

All in all, I feel that the game was well executed. Good work!


Thanks for the great feedback!  Music/sfx is definitely my weakest point!  I will study up how to have sound effects change pitch randomly, that is a great idea.  The one sound over and over is tedious lol.  I kept it kinda easy so my elementary study can beat it, I'm seeing if it encourages ESL/EFL students to read more~  Thanks again!


This game was really cool! Having the story on the playing field was really clever, although I got pretty lazy reading.

Your sprite work is really good too, I really like the scaling and rotating animation style. The designs are also pretty nice. Especially the Yeti and Father Winter.

Father Winter was also really funny.

For feedback: Most of the enemies follow similar patterns, so I think having different movement and projectile patterns could make this game a pretty exciting bullet hell. Time is probably a factor in this, but more variety would help!

Great work!


Thanks for playing!  I did father winter first, then had to rush the others haha.  He is my fav as well!  I will learn how to add more variation with the enemies, thanks for the tips~


Awesome game. Love the idea with using the story as playground, although that's the same as an older game you made. But, I haven't played that game, so it's new to me :D

The story is awesome. Really good writing.

The fights are ok. Yetis are useless :D Elfy is a nice tank for the shooting enemies :D

Good job for a solo dev, although you reused some assets.

Would love if you check out our game too ;)


Thanks for playing!  I plain on making a few of these style game to encourage my ESL students to read haha.  I will think of a way to buff the yetis haha, rock throw?  thanks again!


Really awesome! The overall story being on the environment was a cool touch. Not to mention the story aspect made me want to play completely through it. Most jam games have an appeal for playing thorugh only about 5 mins, but yours kept me invested due to the good progression and fun gameplay loop.

If I had to critique anything, I'd just say it would be nice to have him face which way he shoots and multiple sounds for shooting, but it's understandable with the limited time, and especially because you dropped that to put in more enemies and content, which was much worth it!

Great job!


Thanks for playing!  I like your sound tip, I need to learn how to use  multiple sounds for one skill!  I'm glad you felt engaged!  


Nicely done, great idea! Fantastic work for 48 hrs. 


Thank you!


WOW! This is great! To be honest I was too lazy to read the story. The idea is great! and the game is very fun! a nice boss fight in the end! just a great game! I'm stunned how you made it in a weekend. 


How dare you, not reading this awesome story. You recommended this game to me. There was so much work put into the story. Play it again and read the story :D


okay sorry I'll do that tomorrow


haha thanks for playing!  The story is kinda corny, I wrote it first and really quickly lol


Trailer here!  Framerate is far better when you play the real game :)
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