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ahem....a purple meteorite that is similar to but legally distinct from any of Namco's IPs.  Thanks though. 

Awesome little dev tool, especially for jams that theme themselves around classic or fantasy consoles.  This is the most flexible and dynamic 8bit console simulator that I've ever had the joy of messing with.

I love the music....

I can't say I knew exactly what was going on, or what I was doing, but I kept doing it anyway.  There's something soothing and cerebral about this that warrants more play.

Well, the game is mostly shit, so if you play the shit out of it, there may not be too much left.  :p

But thanks for the kind words, and I hope you enjoy it.  I'm having a blast playing all the other games.  I'm really bad at them, but I'm also really stubborn.

OMG, I really apologize to everyone that has downloaded the game so far... I've re-uploaded the file, now as a zip.  Just unzip the files and run.

The issue with testing on the dev box is it always works where you built it.  

Ok, Ok... now there's another update, this time with all the data.

The file has been replaced with a zip that now contains the resources needed to actually play the game....

Sorry about the confusion.  If there's any more issues, please let me know here.

So, I've gone back and uploaded a new version of the game with Music and a slightly better end credits scene!

Check out the amazing music that a friend of mine sent me.  Great stuff!!!

There's been an update to the game!  Now with Music!!!

Crazy neat.  I'd say it's a bit more of a piece of art than a game, unless I just totally missed the point of it.  But it's great fun to look at.

Hey guys, thanks for hosting another Jamuary.  That was almost as painful and frustrating as last year.  I've started playing some of these here games... got some really interesting things going on, can't wait to see them all....

Throw up some "Halfway there" pics, people.  I wanna see the games that are going to consume my February... at least the first few days of it.

I'll start some off with a with an early shot and a midway point shot....


At the halfway point!

To the Farmer, it was the harvest... but to the carrots, it was the holocaust!  

I appreciate that... but I think I've got it, this time around.  What are you modeling in?  I have found that Blender can oftentimes be the bane of my existence.

sweet, with all the options for themes, if you had a chapter on each it would be a hefty read.

I finally got the punching in there.... so now you can walk around my maze and punch things.  Woohoo.

So far it's a maze walking simulator.... but gameplay is coming....

....and so are textures!

I think I have an idea...I'm hoping to have something playable by the end of this weekend.

The Discord channel overwhelms me, I always feel the need to catch up and that thing is constantly scrolling.  I'll definitely get on there and check things out periodically though.

Have you seen this other "Game JAMuary"?  You need to give them the smack down... though I think they may out number us slightly.

Hey everybody!!!!  What's anyone working on?  I think I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options.  But I'm definitely aiming for something simple with a kinda retro style game play but with a shiny new coat of paint.

That theme generator helped.... not at all....

This is a really cool puzzle game idea.  I'm not much of a puzzle game guy, so this bite sized chunk was the perfect size...for me.  Although you introduced a new mechanic at the very end that I wanted to see how you used in future levels.  I could see this being a really good, full featured game.

HAH!  Great feedback.  I went back and forth on how long to make the level before the boss comes out.  Yes, there is a special ability that only appears during a 2 player game, but you have to make it to the boss in order to use it.  Will I get disqualified for shortening the countdown for the purposes of this JAM?  Instead of 9000 km I can put the boss at 3600 km so you guys can see the boss and the cool "Union" mechanic after 2 minutes instead of 5... but  you have to kill a lot of enemies in order to use the Union, that's energy at the bottom of the screen, not a score.

Ok, well... it looks like I broke a bunch of things the last time I "fixed" it.  Now the aspect ration should work and the game should be the way it should be.  Hopefully I didn't break a whole bunch more stuff...

as hard and as addicting as that original flapping fowl game

Great basic game... could use a little more procedural placement of the ducks instead of complete random placement....but very functional

Amazing twist at the end....

I really like what's going on here.  I got locked in a room with a monster that I couldn't hit, so I had to stop, but I really like the game play.

I like the controls... and the one character being able to shoot and the other glide is a cool set of mechanics.

This is a good proof of concept.  Very challenging.  It would be really addicting, but the frustration builds REALLY quick with having to go back to the beginning each time.  GRRRR!!!!

Amazing that you got this running and looking this good on the TIC-80!  AWESOME!  I'd love to see a game made out of this, I mean a racing game would be obvious, but a Star Fox style game could be great!

Thanks for the heads up.  It looks like it's fixed now and you should be able to play the game here... though it's possible that that's not a good thing.

I've been through all the games, and I just want to say, "WOW". Ya'll brought it. Well, except Matt and Geoff... but we don't expect finished or polished from them, do we?

Just kidding.

So, as is normal, I'm sitting here with my glass of whiskey and I'd like to propose a toast to LDG! I know it's not a word, but these guys are the funnest!!!! The community is great! I'm glad I got to be a part of this.

I've played all the games now, I think... I need to revisit a few. You guys made some pretty games. You guys made some HARD games. Vox... you made that darkness guy a total bastard! ScaryGenie... what the hell, do you hate us? ZaneDubya, that needs to be turned into a 40 hour epic! I'd like to see all of these expanded on.... well, except the one with the lizard licking the bricks.... (again, just kidding)

Geoff, let me know when to expect that Bard's-Tale-Like-Light thing...

Wow, I posted a video to twitter and that thing literally took 4 days to actually show up... maybe longer. But I got out of work today with all kinds of positive comments on it, so I guess... worth the wait? Thanks for the happy comments guys.

I don't know how to link that here... but it's on my twitter feed.

I've gotten back up to where I was... almost. The diagonal animations aren't working, but I got my little guy walking in the cardinal directions. Minor set back... minor delay... but this is totally my excuse if I don't win.

So... all my code went away today... Windows 10 and Nortons are doing battle on my laptop. So close to rage quitting altogether. Luckily, most of my work thus far has been on the art, and that's intact. Still just want to rage quit and go play something hyper violent. GRRRR!


Here are my latest images from what I'm working on. If you check out my twitter ( @ifman1 ) they actually move... ( assuming they aren't moving here... ), but if you go, the little .gif is blown up HUGE and looks really pixelated and U-G-L-Y!!!!

The color one is more of a design, proof of concept thingy that I quickly realized I couldn't keep that level of detail up and get anything done in 1 month. I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll have my little guy walking around a map and interacting with stuff... mostly walls....

Keep Jamm'n folk!!!!

Ok, so I have my idea for my game! I think I went out way too ambitious with my sprites (17 frame idle animation for a realistic-ish human person thing.... OMG), but it's a very personal game idea that I may have to scrap and revisit. I always start a bit too ambitious.... and that's how I'm tying this into LDG!!!!

W00t! No offense guys

So we're jamming! What kind of stuff are you guys doing? I mean, I know this is kind of a competition.... because we all want a portrait of ourselves rendered by Matt.... and keys to all their games.... but I really just want to make a game and get it out there. So I have a few ideas, but nothing solid yet. I have this App Game Kit I picked up somewhere, and a copy of Game Maker I got off a Humble Bundle... but I code in C# for my day job... so I really want to play with Unity.... so many options, so many choices.... I definitely plan to start posting screenshots and concept sketches soon though.

anyone out there got something their cranking away on? Or is everyone else too competitive to share?