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This game is pretty funny. A simple survive until you lose game which can be really fun when done right, and I would say it is mostly done right. The Grandmas look tight, the polish with the announcer yelling "Ultra-kill" and such is a great touch, and the controls work tight and well.

It's expected, but Unreal really helps make a game look pretty. These models and rooms look very nice and even professional in some areas. A solid game overall, but the only problem for me was it didn't run super smoothly (Although that's probably my machine cause it isn't very good). I'm happy to have played it and it's an awesome game for being made so quickly.

Sorry to hear that. I guess I'll change that it doesn't work for it. Unity allows the option to work on Mac, Windows, and Linux and I chose that but unfortunately none of our systems ran Linux so I just assumed.

Thanks! Means a lot to hear you say those things!

Oh my goodness! You've done so much with so little! The bounciness, the lit areas and colors. So neat!