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Submitted by GabrielHoltschlag (@GabrielHoltschl) — 1 hour, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#2203.2383.238

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This is a great idea! I love the combo of tetris and digging. This has a lot of potential, but (as I'm sure you're aware) It needs a lot more polish. 

Things to add:


-Better digging controls. I think just clicking the block you want to dig would be easier (This might just be me cause I'm new to mouse and keyboard)

-Music and SFX. Preferably Chip tune and electronic sounds to match the art

- A clearer goal. This one might not be so obvious but for someone just picking up the game its hard to tell what exactly your trying to achieve until you find the first skeleton. You did a good job showing to me through the animation and its dissapearance that the bones are what I was trying to get but until then I was left wondering what to do. 

- A story. This one isn't as neccesary. It could be as simple as you're an archeologist searching for bones but I would like to see how you could explain the rocks falling from the sky through a story.

After all that plus maybe an unlock system or some other form of progression you've got a fun little game you can release. I hope you continue with this idea in the future. I'd like to see where it goes!


Thanks a lot for the feedback! 

I'll keep it in mind if I do ever pick it up again 


I wish there was some audio. And the character control could be a little smoother. Still, it's rather nice as is. Cool :)


Pretty interesting concept and I like the art. I think the character's movement is a bit too hard to control. But otherwise, pretty nice. Please give my game a try too :)


Hey, loved your game,  loved your art , music , game design ,a bit of polish and your game will be pretty cool! I enjoyed playing it. 
All the best and Good luck! Do check out our game we need the feedback! -


Good game idea. 


This is a great idea! Great way to change up the tetris formula. I couldn't hear any sounds though.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

As much as I like the core idea of the game... First of all, let's state that the execution isn't bad, is just lacks polishing. And sadly even is some rather critical parts as well.

The player movement feels way too slippery and hard to control (especially mid-air). It is really annoying when this leads to dying.
The other notable problem is controls. It there any good reason to use WAD to move, but the arrow keys to dig? I think it would make much more sense if it either only used WASD or just the arrow keys.

The main idea, of having falling blocks, and build up the terrain like this is creative and fun. And having to dig out treasures is fun.

Overall, good job!

P.S. Since refuses to show our submission under my posts, here's a link to it:

 Holedown by Harman Kamboj, Arcy and kintrix
Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

There was time to time some issues with the blocks (getting stuck, falling through etc). Pretty interesting take on the tetris style. As I played I was thinking that this could perfectly work as coop as well. where other player places blocks.

Really liking the art style though, black and white color palette is great.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

There was a few things I wasn't quite sure of, but overall it was a very fun game! I kept clipping through tiles then dying, not sure what's up with that, I was dying to stationary tiles. I also didn't understand scoring, nothing seemed to increment it. The game was also pretty slow, at least to start with, and with this weird 'death clipping', I had to restart quite a few times, and would appreciate a faster pace sooner. 

The art tho was awesome, love his little hat and the black and white graphics. The effects like particles and shake are also some nice polish!


I played a few more times and I see that there's bones to dig up for score. Dunno why, but some runs there are bones, and some runs there's no bones at all. 


Thanks a lot for the feedback, it really helps!

Glad to hear that it was still fun.


I had a lot of fun playing this! Great job, the art is very nice.


I really took long to geht through this controls. But if i oversee that, thats an fun little game. I really like your art style and the idea of this game :)


Very neat idea! The controls are a bit whack (especially on AZERTY keyboards), but I appreciate the concept.
Art style is also very aesthetically pleasing.


Really interesting and original concept. Good job.


Cool idea but no matter what I try I can't seem to dig.



 Sorry if its confusing, but you have to be aiming (with the right stick or arrow keys), and then press the Dig button.


Ah I got it now!


A friend sent me a gif of this and i spent 20 mins looking for this