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Rat says thanks! ;w;

The TeleSpear is so cool, I want one for Christmas!
I loved using it to observe the environment and get out of nasty falls!
clap clap clap

Thanks a lot! Great feedback, we considered it but the crunch was real, yet lots of fun. Thanks for playing! 

Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot for playing, your stream clip was very entertaining! Thank you also for the feedback :)

Thanks! We're very happy to hear so!

That's the best way to art! Thank you very much for playing :D

Thanks a lot! Happy to hear it was fun!

Cheers! Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

Thanks! :D

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks a lot :)

I don't remember coding that xD

It was lots of fun!
The 20% might be because of the hand being in front of the drawing at time 0. The percentage works a bit weirdly in this jam version. Thank you for playing and leaving a comment! :)

Very cute sheep and smooth menus!
I couldn't notice anything to do pre wolf time, but it's a nice touch that gives time to appreciate the fluffy sheep!

Really fun movement! it's very enjoyable to watch and listen to

That is the best compliment! Thank you very much

Thanks for the feedback!!
We will make those changes for a post jam version :)

Very addictive!
I which there was more, but nice tiny game!

Really fun toy! Almost had a full white screen by the end of it

Thanks a lot for the feedback! 

I'll keep it in mind if I do ever pick it up again 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it really helps!

Glad to hear that it was still fun.


 Sorry if its confusing, but you have to be aiming (with the right stick or arrow keys), and then press the Dig button.

Thank you ! I'll definitely check those out


The game is a  lot of fun!

All of the moving elements create a lot of interest  together.

To nitpick for feedback, some of the levels seem like they were designed for a 1 hit you die kind of game, while others for the opposite. An example of this is the first 2 levels, which would still be easy if the health system worked the other way,  but become too easy with the health regen system, having the player possibly not learn what is intended as satisfyingly as it could be.

That said it is still very satisfying, well done!

Thank you! I only got to and died at the last level 3 times.. so that was a big hint xD

Thanks for playing!

I'm planning on taking the mechanics and general aesthetic to remake it as a bigger project, so the feedback helps alot before!


thank you for the feed back, its very apreciated!

Moving up and slowly turning towards the player (if it's in range). Nothing complex.

Thanks for the feedback!

Looking back, that sort of system might be a litle anoying. I might change it.

The latter problem  is just something I wouldn't know how to work around, if it is what i think :p Problems for the future!

Very  smooth and addictive.

76 points , you cheating dev !

Thank you! :D

Cool concept and great execution, topnotch walk cycle!

The sound made me scared, but good Job overall!