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Submitted by GabrielHoltschlag (@GabrielHoltschl) — 1 hour, 51 minutes before the deadline
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Team members
Gabriel Holtschlag

Software used
Unity, Photoshop

Cookies eaten
12+ the number of times I crashed unity

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The lack of checkpoints really hurts by the fact that the difficulty seems to be higher on the second level rather than the later stages. I found the different stages to be very pleasing to the eye with very limited amount of detail, For some reason I felt like I was playing a kung fu panda two game, if you have seen the film you may understand why I say this, the style is similar in execution of graphical styles.

The mechanic system for jumping around the Walls was very good and tight and was unique I had a lot of fun and appreciated the sound effects for hopping from wall to wall. Truly and awesome game :) Good job


Thanks for playing!

I'm planning on taking the mechanics and general aesthetic to remake it as a bigger project, so the feedback helps alot before!


Beautiful animations and sounds.  Was a little disappointing that I had to start at the beginning when I died.  Other than that, great game.


Thank you! I only got to and died at the last level 3 times.. so that was a big hint xD


Great animation and art style. There were some times I would clip through corners of platforms to the other side of them.




Couple bugs or issues I noticed

1. On web, in the final level, the game's framerate really struggled when its spawning it's enemies

2. The restart button at the end of the game has the default text instead of your cool ninja one. 

3. More than once I ended up running into enemies on level 3 that were out of my field of view. (Maybe I just needed to play more cautiously, but it did irk me a bit)

Minor gripes aside. Great job! :)


thank you for the feed back, its very apreciated!


Liked the shadow-style art a lot, the music and sfx were great, but why does one need to restart from level 1 when screwing up? Makes this cute game unneccessarily annoying :(

Anyway, the movement felt pretty neat and smooth and the animations were cool.

Btw the yokai buddys sometimes get stuck in the environment, is that intended?


Thanks for the feedback!

Looking back, that sort of system might be a litle anoying. I might change it.

The latter problem  is just something I wouldn't know how to work around, if it is what i think :p Problems for the future!

Submitted (1 edit)

No proble, was fun playing!

How is the yokai movement made? Just following the player based on his coordinates?


Moving up and slowly turning towards the player (if it's in range). Nothing complex.


Great game, I like the art style and the level transitions are neat, keep up the good work!


Thank you! :D