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Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! The dialogue is going to be a big part of the draw. Currently working on a more fleshed-out prologue. Will post some more progress soon!

Good art. Good music. Controls didn't seem very intuitive but I read below you aimed at a German keyboard. I had to keyboard-mash until I found what worked. I also couldn't explicitly select a type of attack, but I'm guessing that's more to do with key mapping. Needed to Alt-F4 to exit, heh.

Neat idea. It could be expanded upon to stop different eldritch beasts of varying sizes and powers. Good efforts from the team!

Satisfying gameplay and good music. Very solid base to a potential endless runner. Good job!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Will look more into GDWC.

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Thank you for the kind words! If you have time after the jam (or are bored), please try your hand at the remaining endings.

You're not the first to tell me about multiple cave ins, so I will say you can place 10 dynamite before triggering a cave in.

Ayy punny stuff! And thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

A fun hexagonal take on Minesweeper. A little hard to read your introductory text, maybe have an underlying low-opacity panel.

Excellent experience and presentation. This may be related to the engine, but I did sometimes glitch outside of tiles if I was moving against a wall, for instance. Great work!

Handling of the car reminds me of GTA 1 for PC waaay back. Love the menu presentation and interactivity. Good stuff!

Very fun. Some sound and music would really bring this together.

Very polished. Enjoyed trying different strategies in the time allowed. Lots of people have already mentioned sound and music, so I'd like to replay this when those are added in. Great job!

Great art and presentation. Love the boss dog and all-around style. Juicy is right.

Great gameplay. Was definitely difficult to manage the team with the bomb bats, which is I assume standard railway operating procedure. My longest time playing a gamejam game yet.

Nice puzzle dynamic with switches / colors. Love the style. I didn't have the same problems as the others, but I'm going to chalk that up to luck.

Fun to place bombs and let them fly. Enjoyed your UI design. Would recommend making the unplaceable bomb area more noticeable.

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Good job! I didn't completely understand the instructions but enough keyboard mashing and I was able to find the upgrade menu. I got to wave 20. Maybe increase the difficulty at certain points because the little bomb became pretty over powered after wave 10. Would also recommend slowing down, not stopping all enemies, when in the upgrade menu. I noticed the countdown still happened, but would be a neat challenge.

The game bypasses the menu you've put together on start. Then again, that gets you into the cowboy explosion action faster. Fun to make a mountain of bombs and see the sparks go everywhere. They had a really satisfying slide to them.

Upgrade system was a nice touch. Timing the bombs was fun. Would recommend an exit button on main menu. Good job!

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!

Congrats! I hope it wasn't due to a bug!

Big fan. Used some pieces from this and another set of yours for a game jam. Thanks so much for your hard work!

Humanity saved. I also became vampire food. And died to idiot zombies many times. I also enjoyed hitting technical machinery with rocks, as is my custom.

Was a fun choose-your-own-adventure break. I've never worked with Twine but this seemed simple enough for a short demo. If there's any constructive feedback I can give, since it seems to be narrative-focused, would recommend keeping your tenses and voice consistent throughout the narration.

Very fun and really smoooth gameplay. I love your camera work and level design. Reminds me of platforming in Kid Chameleon. Great job!

Great job presenting the mechanics with the level. Would have liked to see smaller platforms incorporated into the level design (or maybe I didn't get that far to see them). While I wasn't a big fan of the keyboard controls, I got used to them. It kept me thinking it was better suited for a gamepad.

Was not expecting to run back, but that made it even better. Every failed attempt I would mash my arrow keys to run as fast as I can to a hiding spot. Very fun game. Good pacing. Thanks for teaching me about BeepBox.

Solid presentation and gameplay. I enjoy that you have more ideas for further episodes. Would definitely like to play more.

Simple but addictive gameplay. Good art. Good sounds. Love the map dynamics you were able to use with your rope physics. Kept at it so much. Great job!

Great art. Felt fluid with your design. The controls were a little sticky for me, but I got used to them over time. While I saw a secret lantern, I was stumped as to how to get it. A good standard stealth platformer. Could very easily see this expanded upon.

Very fun game and great music. I liked the element of having to double back on turtles to get them to fall to their doom. Small but acceptable bug found if you close a bridge and the octopus gets stuck in the bridge sprite. Doesn't die, just hangs there. Opening the bridge back up let me try again.

Since the "no combat" has already been mentioned, this was a neat little game that kept me going. The numbers really added to the positive feedback and kept me wanting more. 68 as a high. Would love to see more done with it.

Cute art. The controls stick a little / aren't immediately registering for me, but once I got the hang of jumping it was a really fun little game. Kept me going and I'm not big into endless runners. Good job!

To the left of the chandelier as I was falling down with him looking up.  For some more info, this was the area with the guard on top of the chandelier shifting his gaze away from a gem platform. The other guard on the floor below was not facing me and walking in the other direction at the time the bug happened.

Good shatter sound. Unsure if intended, but the shuriken would stick to platforms and act as a small step for the character. The obstacle patterns were fun to run around.

Excellent presentation and love the art style. Found a small bug with the guard looking up while I was hanging on the chandelier. As I dropped while he was looking up, he registered as seeing me. Probably a one-off timing issue.

Great animation and art style. There were some times I would clip through corners of platforms to the other side of them.

Great levels. Would be cool to have a counter of how many moves you've made vs a best for level count. I dig his ninja dance.

Nice boss add. Fast paced. Very enjoyable!