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A. Refshauge

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Thank you for the positive feedback!

Thank you, we are glad you liked it!

Happy to hear you were into the game! The among us reference was unintentional 😂

Thank you for playing! It should go to the next wave as long as no more than 12 enemies are in the house and the previous wave is done, otherwise, it may have been a bug.

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Cool game! Nice assets, both visual and audio. Gameplay felt pretty good and satisfying.
The player movement felt a bit sluggish, not as snappy as the rest of the game. Otherwise great work!

Extremely creative concept! The game felt very polished, great style and sound design.

Thank you for playing, we appreciate your feedback!

Im, happy to hear you liked our game. Thank you very much for playing!

Yes, exactly

Quite difficult, but nicely done!

Amazing atmosphere, I love the style! The gameplay however was somewhat confusing to me.

Also the game does not reset when playing again.

Nice concept, audio and visuals are great! The shooting mechanics feel a little unresponsive though.

Impressive that you managed to build a polished game, and still had time to include a tutorial. Great job!

Really cool and satisfying game. Nails the feel and vibe of a slot machine, great work!

Cool concept, awesome art and nice execution! The difficulty curve could be a little less steep, but good job either way.

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it :D

Thanks! I am trying to come up with ideas for more types of enemies.

I am glad you like it, and yeah, I had this idea in mind since I saw that the theme was ninjas, and I couldn't resist making this. So I too doubt the game follows the no combat limitation.

Beutiful game!


I got good at the game from all that testing ;)

Nice and entertaining game, the gameplay is smooth, the graphics and audio is great. I had a hard time navigating in the beginning of the 2nd level though.

Great game, I like the art style and the level transitions are neat, keep up the good work!

Thank you, I was trying to come up with more types of ninjas, but I had no ideas.

Thanks, I think im going to adjust the difficulty a little :)