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Great and funny little game, I liked it a lot. Now we know what Bowser is doing all day :)
It was btw new to me that the princess could just leave if her kidnappers do not provide her with enough entertainment.

This is one of those funny little gems one remembers, thanks for creating it.

My only suggestion would be to create more papers to sign since they kept repeating rather quickly

Good game imo ^^ cool graphics, really creative idea and fitting music, cool sound design.

1. found it very satisfying to attack with the big head
2. you can dash out of bounds and walk between the platforms to easily skip the whole game. make the player die if he is on no platform without dashing, I'd say.
3. are there checkpoints implemented? if no this might be a good idea

had fun playing, thanks for creating this game

Great, this potion allows you to get yourself a meal by robbing a library. Good job!

(Not reading the instructions adds to the challenge though)

Still sounds more useful than the one that turns dogs into trash which I created the other day ^^

Controls feel great, cool artwork and music. Also nice that you added a story and dialogue, really well-polished game.
However the score system is really bad in my opinion. Losing half of your points upon dying makes it nearly pointless to grab points after all (at least for a below-average player like me)
It would be better to introduce a life system (which you seem to have avoided intentionally) or subtract a fixed amount of points upon death (something between 5000 and 10000 seems like a good fit to me). Cutting points in half means that a failure after a long time of not dying is punished harder than frequent deaths.

I have to agree with the other people that the level design is too monotonous for a that long game.
I feel that it would be fine to end story mode after the first boss.
An easy way to add some variety would be
- add a color tint to the environment graphics
- change music (!)
- maybe some new enemies or also re-color old ones
Of course it would be better to introduce an entirely new surrounding with new mechanics and stuff but I know that this means a shitload of work for the entire team xD

Anyway, still a fun game, I liked it a lot.

Btw: "average session: a few seconds" in the more information paragraph? Is there any secret speedrun technique that I have missed out on? xD

Have to agree. I actually do not get how it should be possible to dodge the red beam attack apart from "hiding" in the abysses at the edge of the arena.

this would be fun for speedrunners who do not want to put in too much effort

Well it does not have a win screen if that is what you mean :)

Finally accomplished something in life. Hole 7 can go  **** itself.

This is what people might call a perfect game. Seems like it was a good idea to sub to you ^^

Me too. Took quite a few tries though

You just reinvented Paper Mario. Good job

Good job! What did it do? Turn politicians into cookies?

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Thanks :)

WTF did I just play... this must be one of the weirdest games I saw on itch. Oddly satisfying and with a fun kinda jump scare lol xD

How on earth (which was just eaten up by me) did you come up with this?

Btw chronomatopoeia, you can try out my game and attempt to create a potion that turns spaghetti into wormholes. Good luck xD


could u beat it?

I guess this goes into the category "hilarious bullshit" xD

Well done!

This is the kind of bullshit that makes me laugh somehow xD

somewhat cool and definitely low effort
think you could make a really fun arcade game from this (with different enemies/attack patterns, double jumps, ...)

I also always love to see people using something different than Unity.
Cool thing

Thanks for playing!
Though I'm questioning your mind state now, since you think that a cat dodging randomly flying toilet brushs is a good idea... xD

There is actually a retry button (R).

The Cyberpunk 2077 developers would like to know your location xD
Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing, I'm always happy if people like my music.

I'm totally with you about your suggestions, but the game was made for Low Effort Jam 4, so I did not have the time to add a score count (too much effort xD).
But you are totally right about the exit button.

Yeah I revisited it some time after submitting and also found the very hard version more challenging than I remembered.

Thanls for playing! :)

Good job. So most of my games have now become quite useful I guess

That game felt really good, I got into a nice gameplay flow and the soundtrack perfectly supported this.

Controls were neat too, good job, keep up your great work!

Quite cool, but imo the bullets are too slow.
Also, it's kind hard to aim, maybe free aiming would be better here.

Other than that, good job

Good way to create a cool game with low effort imo
The controls feel a little too slippery for me

That game was cute and it is cool to see a bitsy game in here :)

How long did it take you?

Well I guess you take the cake for low effort so far... the ufo looks kinda cool.

good game, I enjoyed playing.

If I had to criticize something, it would be the increasing amount of blind jumps. But since the reset time after death is like 0 seconds this is fine imo.

Did you make the music yourself?

Somewhat funny and looks pretty low-effort.

The idea of adding a twist in the end is cool.

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This game was awesome. You are really talented in developing cool characters in a short time, despite the game is only a few minutes long, I really got to like those two ^^

I first discovered all three endings with Dustin and then switched to playing Shelby, it was really fun to see how Dustin reacts on the split points and what you can change in the dialogue when playing as Shelby.

So, what's left to say? This game kept me playing for more than one hour and "earned" a spot on my desktop. It is really hard to express how much I liked it. Great job, thanks for creating xD

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