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Great idea and execution. All the essential feedback FX was there which is something I regretted not having the time for in my jam. My main critique's would be that the wall jump just feels a little too sticky. Hard to describe but it just feels off.  Also it would maybe be cool if you could transition to either side of the map via the edge of the screen! (maybe with a cooldown or something to balance it)

Great job on making the presentation feel so unified. All the little touches, the music, the page sounds, and the cutscenes really got me immersed. It's rare I'm invested in the story of a jam game! I enjoyed messing around with the alchemy system too, although I only got to making exalted AV.

Two small suggestions that I think would improve things if you ever return to the game.

  • Nix the abbreviations for the elements, none of these words are particularly long and if I'm doing a lot of reading I'd rather just see the word
  • Add a skip button to the dialogue, I accidentally got stuck in a loop of the really long first conversation with Dee. :) 

10/10 name. Also pretty fun to play :) I appreciate taking the time for a tutorial as well!

Awesome art. Good scaling of difficulty with the waves and a fun mechanic. Great job!

Great AI, unique idea, fun to play. Bonus points for efficient use of time and creating so much content. Good job. 

Honestly a really unique idea and great presentation on the main character. I love the puzzle aspect, chomping up my glass bits to make myself big and strong and then breaking down to traverse tiny areas. Would love to see this mechanic expanded on.  

Glass pickup can be a little finnicky, sometimes it can clip into terrain or just not be picked up.  It also is sometimes unclear what glass break height is vs what death height is, so maybe some sort of visual indicator on the bird would be great to have. 

Make sure to fullscreen when using WebGL! The intro menu button text disappears otherwise. Sorry about that.

First off I just want to say the presentation is fantastic! I especially love the intro cutscene and your cover art. One thing I think could dramatically improve the game is just to modify some of the platform positions such that players are less prone to getting stuck/glitched out on platforms. (Ex of this might be the purple and blue platforms on level one being too close to each other).  Understandably this might be difficult with a fixed jump height but you could assign separate jump heights for each twin. :)

Please take a chance to review my game if you have the time.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we definitely will use consistent sprite dimensions and import settings next time, it is a little jarring.

Good tip on the hitboxes too.

Couple bugs or issues I noticed

1. On web, in the final level, the game's framerate really struggled when its spawning it's enemies

2. The restart button at the end of the game has the default text instead of your cool ninja one. 

3. More than once I ended up running into enemies on level 3 that were out of my field of view. (Maybe I just needed to play more cautiously, but it did irk me a bit)

Minor gripes aside. Great job! :)

Sound and art were both fantastic. . I really liked the characters little wobble.  I did feel like the vision cones didn't accurately predict what the guard could see though.

All in all great job.