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What's Behind The Door? It may be ghosts.
Submitted by MayBeTall — 4 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#1893.3333.333

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
There are doors and stuff is behind them. They may be ghosts.

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
Did you write all the code:
Yes all on stream.

Made all the assets from scratch?:
No. Art assets used from others, though the rules said it was allowed to use assets we have the rights to use.

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Oh no, i be a ghost right now. Great design level each room when increase.


A background music and few attack and hurt sound effects would've added so much to  game atmosphere, but I still enjoyed it, it s a bit of a challenge as you progress. Well done.  


Great animations and lighting work! The controls were a bit laggy for me, so I couldn't progress far, but I liked the concept.


Clean looking game, like the use of shadows.

Missing the sound. Did not have a chance to play with controller. The sword attack missed more often than I hit it. Maybe I'm just bad.


This was a cool demo! The controls were very responsive and I like how you added controller support, that's tough to do in a game jam. I especially like how the combat felt balanced and that I could cycle through my powerups strategically to avoid damage. The only thing this game is missing is more content, but it's a game jam of course, you only have so much time. Would like to see more of this game if you choose to continue working on it. Great job!


Very nice game, little buggy with those shadows from the doors and Im not sure if there is a sound because i didnt here anything, but still addictive game, nice controls and graphic. Good job.

Contragtz!!! Keep the good work!


Simple, basic but enjoyable designs, fun gameplay and a simple but interesting idea. Good job.


Iron Circle and Flashbang work together so well.
Is there a sound? I didnt hear any :(

Nice submition

Submitted (1 edit)

wow this game is relly adictive love the game play and the movment is  geat 

keep it up


Addictive arcadey fun. Difficulty ramps up real quick lol. Controls felt really good as well. Great job!


Dude keep the the good work going !

Please rate my game too :

Great work it had a fun time! I thought there may be ghosts but no it def was ghosts and it was a bit scary but fun :)


simple but addictive fun to play!!


Hey. Great concept and fun gameplay. Only lacks some audio and juice in the game feel. It can be a hit if worked on future updates and executed properly.
Overall a good game for this game jam. Cheers :)


Yeah, I think the lack of audio is the only real strike against this game. Fun game play, nice art, a simple concept well executed.

My only other critique, is that I kept instinctively hitting E instead of F for the flashbang. But I'm sure that's just a me problem. I wish I could have tried it with a controller.

Great game. Nice work.




I saw your game on a stream, and it looked so fun that I had to play it for myself. It didn’t dissapoint! The gameplay felt really nice. I managed to get to like room 25, at which point there really wasn’t much I could do. The game definitely could use some audio, though.

Had a lot of fun playing this one!


Thank you! That's the furthest I've heard anyone get. I didn't have time to balance difficulty so I just.. made it get really hard. I'm able to get to the third loop if I try really hard and bank hearts but after that I can't collect enough to survive. I'm going to be releasing an update after the rating period is over, hopefully with more balance.


Yessss, I think the only reason I got that far is because I managed to bank many hearts, as you mention. At one point I had a little more than 3 rows. But then eventually there are so many enemies that they get really hard to avoid, and that’s why having many hearts is essential to getting past that point.

I think you did well in making it that hard though. Of course there is room for balance, but you’ll have time for that after the jam. Looking forward to that update!


I like the game, I can tell a lot of work went into it, and the fact that it is compatible with a controller is cool. I do wish that you would have added some sound effects tho.


Thank you so much!

Sound didn't make it in for the game jam; I'll possibly adding sound in the future after judging is complete. This is a project that I'm going to expand on.


Thats awsome to hear.


Hello! A cool game with interesting art. I enjoyed it, thank you!


I've made edits to the project page without changing the game uploaded, I hope that is okay.

Changes made:

  • "Show Fullscreen Button" enabled
  • Removed old screenshots / outdated info
  • Added new screenshots
  • Improved page design