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Enter a dark ruin in search of rare gemstones that belong in a museum.
Submitted by lapspider45 (@lapspider45), HelloRumin (@HelloRumin), Desmazio, Adjaar — 24 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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I liked the game. It was kinda a hard at the start, but I managed to made it to the end. The art style is cute and the music was relaxing at times. I don't know why, but the death sound made me laugh a couple of times lol

Overall a good game, the only weird thing is that, at the third level, I couldn't sometimes jump off from one of those breakable platforms (but maybe it's just me). Had fun playing this


Nice mechanics, art, design and overall concept for this entry; it shines through as pretty unique while also tapping into a much loved aesthetic.

Like a number of the other comments, I found the movement a little janky so it would have been great to perfect that. I found the player speed was not quite horizontally uniform when jumping and the jump itself felt a little thrown off by the gravity.

I also felt that it got hard real fast, but that may just be me and my terrible platforming abilities... haha.

I also had to unfortunately stop at the third level (the first time I noticed the torch dimming) as by the time I reached the top portion of the level my torch would be out... even if I used a minimum amount of jumps.

To combat that, what could be cool is alowing your torch to slowly regenerate so that all players can clear all levels. To keep the competitive edge you could also make each level rank your performance with a high score system (like super meat boy), so to get the best scores you have to progress with the torch mostly out.

And lastly (I know you recommended a controller but) I found the controls to be so tight on a keyboard. Could have been nice to have spaced them out a little more to include both hands.

Overall a neat mechanic and a nice aesthetic.


The torch does replenish actually! However it does not if you let it go fully out. As long as there is a sliver left you will eventually get it back to full strength!

Thank you for your input as well, it is much appreciated! A lot of things people mention are things we wished to do, but we simply ran out of time for some of those polishing phases.


nice job! I like how you used the theme here. I didn't really notice it until a couple levels in, but it was still cool! Art is really nice too, visually it just looks good overall. For me, the game was pretty difficult, could be because of the movement of the player or could be I just wasn't very good at it lol. Overall, nice work!


Falling a lill faster would be great but overall really good job



I have some feedback for your game:

- Firstly, let's talk about the movement. I have only two problems with your movement.  The first problem is that you can slide through walls. Why did you even add that? That mechanic was not necessary ( at least for the levels that I could play ). The other problem is that there is no just in time jump/coyote jump. You *NEED* to add that.

- Now, let's talk about level design. It conflicts a lot with your movement. The player has acceleration and keeps the momentum after you stop walking. However, the platforms are too small for the player movement to be like that. What you should have done, at least in my opinion, is to either:

      -A: make the player not keep their momentum and not have acceleration. 

      or B: make bigger platformers.

- Furthermore, the way you used the theme is a cool idea although poorly executed on some of the bigger levels, making some deaths feel cheap.

- Another problem your game has is that after you die the scene does not restart. You only send me back to the start. That means that if I touch and platform that goes away I'll have to wait until it regenerates on my next attempt.  Additionally, you cannot remember the timing of the blades. Honestly, just restart the scene after I die. ( Here is a way on the Unity forum on how to do that )

- Speaking of restarting scenes, just let me have a key ( usually R ) to quick-restart the level.

- Lastly, I did not really like the SFX for when you die, but I liked the other SFXs and the music.

Here is where I'd usually put the "You win" screen. However, on the level I'll show you the photo it seems like you forgot to allow me to jump on the last platform. You probably just have to add a layer/tag to that one. Here is the photo:


Hi! Thanks for the very detailed answer. I agree with you for the player movement, we didn't had a lot of time at the end tonpolish that. But I don't get what you mean with the last part. All levels works fine and you should be able to reach the ending. 


Beautiful game. The graphics are great, The mechanics is not perfect, the jump is  a bit too high and the gravity is too slow in my opinion but nice job overall.


Aww, player sprite is great!  I like the mechanic, exploring temples is always a good times. :)


Nice art you got there. Sadly the game was too hard for a platforming noob like me. I kept dying in the first room when the second disk comes from out of vision.


very cool and easy to finish, but the fact that the sprites had different pixel sizes really bugged me.


Music is good. Some good platforming challenges there (falling platforms, small platforms, spikes, moving spikes, minimal view jumps, and timed doors. I feel though you could have separated them a little to begin with.  maybe dealing with one type at a time and adding them together later down the line when you get used to the player movement. Good designs just a little too much too soon combined with imprecise controls. the music and sound effects a really good here well done


Thanks! I was the designer for this project, I agree completely. I really wanted to do more levels and make it gradual, but I ran out of time and started scrambling to throw levels together! Thanks for playing!


Physics is kind of messed. I find it too difficult to jump as it gets too much acceleration when moving forward.


The controls feel very slippery, so it was extremely challenging as a result. I really like the music, though :)


Really like this but I keep dying (I'm rubbish lol)