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Dude. I made the game and all of it's levels, and your time is ~10 seconds lower than mine. I'm honestly mindblown. Thanks for playing! lol

Yep :) Windows build should be in the downloads now.

The voice acting is brilliant, and the voice talking to me from the game gave it a sort of creepy atmosphere that just works great with the psychological aspect of this game.

Cathode Rush
Gain air jumps by shooting targets and make your way through the city as a cute CRT robot.

Cathode Rush by Kyota.exe (

Suitable for all ages.

Very interesting interpretation of the theme, and great execution. I was also surprised that the UI had bloom on it. I thought you couldn't do that in Unity. Good job! :)

Very cute game, I love it when they transport the boxes. I wish there was more content, though.

Very atmospheric, I especially love the post-processing effects. Well done!

Fun game with clever puzzles. I really enjoyed it :)
One thing though, is that I wish you could pull back blocks, because that would've avoided many mistakes that made me redo a level.

I'm playing yours right now. :)
Here's mine: Rate Orbital Abyss by Kyota.exe for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1 -

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Hey! Here's my game: Rate Orbital Abyss by Kyota.exe for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1 -

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Hey! I'm a programmer with around 2 years of experience with 2D Unity.
Feel free to click on my profile to see the games I've submitted for game jams I've participated in the past.

I'm looking for a 2D artist and maybe a game designer.
We already have a composer/SFX guy.

Please DM me on Discord (Kyota.exe#7082) with examples of your work.
Thank you in advance, and good luck to anyone participating! :)

Insanely hard, but the visuals are just amazing (the shadows, the particles when you die), and makes dying an almost satisfying experience. I really liked it, good job! :)

Just played and rated yours. Here's mine :)

Here's mine: :)

Hey, could you play mine?

I found the camera movement to be a bit stubborn, but I liked the screen shake and the particle effects. Well done!

Simple gameplay, but I liked it. I think adding particle effects for when you destroy an enemy would make it more satisfying. Well done :)

I found the game to be pretty tough (even on normal mode), but it's definitely an interesting idea that could be expanded upon, and it's a very interesting take on the theme. Well done!

The post-processing was a bit too much, but I liked the minimalistic graphics and satisfying particle effects when you shoot. The game also felt pretty well polished. Good job! :)

The game was a bit buggy, but I have no choice but to give you a 5/5 on theme and innovation haha. Good job!

Just rated your game :) Here's mine:

Could you play my game? :)

Really fun game with minimalistic graphics but with a very nice colour palette. Good job!

Those trails are just super satisfying, and so is the controls. Well done :)

Love the pixel art, and the turn animation. I feel like you could've put a bit more juice for when you kill an enemy, but other than that, well done!

Man, this game was so creepy. It was really atmospheric and really gave off a horror vibe. Well done!

Relaxing game, really liked it. The camera feels really polished, too. It does exactly what I want it to do. Well done!

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Honestly one of the best games from this jam that I've played, and I've rated 140 submissions. Fantastic job! 
One thing, though, is that I feel like the background image doesn't really fit the rest of the minimalistic art.

Playing your game right now. I love that you can still change the direction of the ball mid-air, and I'm genuinely having a lot of fun so far. The music is great, too.
Here's mine, check it out! :)

I felt that there was too much text at the beginning, but after I got past that, I really enjoyed it. Well done! :)

A very atmospheric and unique game. Good job!

Very atmospheric and fun game with really nice sprites and visual effects. Well done :)

Very simple game, but it was so relaxing, I really enjoyed it. Good job!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

Very simple game, but I really liked the art, especially when the lights are out. Well done!

I really liked this game. It looks incredibly polished, and the gameplay is just really fun. Well done!

Really enjoyable game. One of my favourite submissions. Definitely has a lot of potential to be expanded upon, especially with more enemies.

Really well-polished game with great post-processing, and it was really fun to play, too, despite the simple mechanics. Good job!

I'm not sure if I played it as intended, but I really liked how you can set the cursor with your left mouse button and all of the projectiles will shoot there. Well done :)

Very interesting concept, definitely has potential to be expanded upon. The sound design was satisfying, too. Good job!