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Less is More in this Golf-Based Dungeon-Diver?!
Submitted by JoshCapp (@OddBirdJosh) — 20 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Great work! I loved the take on the theme, and your characters were very cute. I think the music and sound effects fit the art style very nicely.  An idea: an item you can buy at the shop that shows you where your ball will end up. This game was a blast! Thanks for submitting!


Really neat game. I love the graphics! Especially the monsters, they actually remined me of Play'Doh for some reason. The controls were great and the movements were really smooth. One thing you could probably add is to be able to see your previous move. I would be helpful to see how much force you applied, and the path you moved, just to learn and better adjust accordingly.


What a lovely game! I'm a sucker for top down golf games, and to see this twist on it was great. All aspects worked well, the art, the music, the sound effects and the design were all brilliant. To maintain the core of the golf game but treat the ball as a character, adding monsters into the mix is a great design choice and really innovative. I would definitely play more of this, great submission to the jam :)


I really liked this game. It looks incredibly polished, and the gameplay is just really fun. Well done!


Loved it! The idea to merge a sport with a fantasy genre was inspired and the visuals and feedback were amazing. One of my top picks for this jam.


Ok, so this has been the best rate I have ever sent on this jam.

Everything looks so nice. The music is nothing special but very relaxing, the transitions and overall design are very, very professional. SFX is very cool.

I really liked this game, sadly I don't have negative feedback (I said sadly because one can always improve by looking at negative feedback or areas of opportunity). All positive.



Insanely charming combination of golf and dungeon crawling, in an enjoyable polished package that was so fun to complete multiple times. A favorite without any doubt.

- My favorite part is having to defeat the enemies before going into the hole, and those moments where you can defeat the last and get into the hole are magical. It adds some more puzzly strategy to it all, especially with the inclusion of the bow.
The art, sound and music direction is so charming and fun, even the sound/visuals of rolling through the bushes, and the bouncy enemy, and flourish of the character landing into the hole, it's just a lovely package. All the UI elements are smart and smooth too.
The general concept is great and executed really well.

- It would be nice when you're given the tip for the arrow, if when selecting the arrow you also got another tip "Arrows go full distance, bouncing once". Also it would be helpful if it didn't auto-switch you back to the move selected, as I was trying to time an enemy after I missed them with an arrow and tried to quickly shoot again before realizing I was moving instead.
As fun and cute as the shop is within the world, giving it more roguelike flavor, I think it ends up a bit counter to some of the design, especially when you earn gold after going past the shop.
This is a relatively large suggestion/change so it might not be part of your goal for the game, but I think it would be nice if instead of the arrow count, that was changed to a gold cost. That way you could then question 'do I think spending gold here would get me to a lower shot count, or should I save it'. It would create more consistent tension in that decision, and make it feel like a persistent option.
Then also show remaining gold at the score card, so players that may get competitive can have tie breakers with remaining gold if they get the same shot count, trying to further increase efficiency with their gold/arrows.
Personally I find falling in the water sending you all the way to the start quite punishing, it would be nice if it instead just dropped you back to where you had been instead. Happening on the last level that's at least 3 shots you lose, in addition to the shot lost falling into the water.

- A bug? I found. Getting pushed by an enemy to the left is fine, but when you're pushed to the top you end up being popped off the end.


Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, I will defiantly take that into consideration if I continue with the game. Also, I'm blown away at how helpful providing a GIF of your bug/issue is, huge thanks for that!


No worries :) hope it helps.
:D thought that might have been better, happy to hear it helps and the appreciation :) good luck fixing it.


Very polished. The controls and game mechanics were very intuitive. Fun game.


brilliant! i didnt even think about golf when the theme was made. adding some features like arrows definitely made it fun. this game is so polished i kind of want to see it become a full game that lasts for more than a few levels. i enjoyed every second of this game, that i went in for another retry (first one was 6 over par and then i got it down to par). definitely looking forward to more updates in the future


Wow, this game is amazing! Everything about it is so well polished. Very innovative approach to the classic golf game. I enjoyed this a lot. Seriously, great job all around!

Would appreciate you checking out my game too!


This is my favourite entry of this jam so far. It's so, so well done.
Golf meets dungeon crawler is a great idea, but you've executed it soooo well.
Love the polish in every aspect of the game. From the animations to player feedback, to the simple but clean art style and audio cues... Wow. With more levels, more enemy types and a bit more of a mini-golf feel to it, I can totally see myself playing this as a mobile game for hours and hours. Well done!


Cool idea and great execution. The game feels very polished and is challenging enough to keep me entertained. I have only one little nitpick: The fading in of the arrows could be a bit nicer. Apart from that: Pure awesomeness!


Thanks! And yeah, had to rush the arrow effects a little bit, definitely one of the first visual things I would improve if I continued on the project.


What a great experience!

This is such a clean game, very polished experience. I especially love the animation and the sound when you get into the hole xD

I just wish there were more levels!

Congrats on the game


It's a really highly polished game that I had a ton of fun playing! Kudos for the music and sound effects - they really add to the overall feel of the game.


I love all of the assets for this game! The art, sounds, UI, effects, etc. are all absolutely amazing. I just really wish there was some sort of "restart level" button so that I could try again when I knew I wouldn't be getting any coins. You could definitely make something out of this if you added some more levels, enemies, weapons, obstacles, etc. Great work!


One of the best game of the jam. This is polished as f**k. I want to see it on mobile with more monster and more abilities like different golf club. Well done dude. 


This game is awesome,  I loved the music, the sounds, the art, I would've liked to be able to repeat the level just to improve my moves tho.


This game is great, one of the best so far!

It feels like a mixture of mini golf, biliards and a dungeon crawler, really fun to play and fits the theme so well.

Visuals and sounds are top notch, just like animations.

I loved the fact that the shop is integrated in the levels so it doesn't disrupt the immersion. UI is also clear and neat.

Good job!


Very fun game, but i would want to shoot arrow again without selecting it.


Great concept, great art, tons of polish. Really nicely done. I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

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