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Thankyou ramazan888,
What would you like to discuss ?

Thanks for the play and good point Pag1
.. arrows added  :)

Thanks for the play and good point Pag1
.. arrows added  :)

.. it was "Spy Hunter" :)

Nice Job SAWD,
Reminded me of an old ZX Spectrum game which I can't remember the name of and will now have to spend 20 minutes trying to find on youtube :)

I managed to win the league,
plus the striker's hairline is offensively close to mine :)
Nice one Paq

Thanks for the play Akzidenz :)
there should be a countdown ticker on it ?


I Like this, a great little puzzle game.

Idyllic .. poetry in pixels,
not sure why but I kept wanting it to be rotate left, rotate right and forward ?
Excellent creation though :)

Good  job GGG,
Sailed through but it's nice to have something that didn't make me swear at the PC for a change :)

Great mood and a nice relaxed pace,
Evil Obi-Wan made me jump the first time too :)

This is outstanding Jordan,
cooler than Coolio drinking kool aid in the cooler.
.. Topsy was as far as my old ears would allow me to go :)

Tidy job SMB, I do like these evolve games :)

This game has completely destroyed my sense of direction
... brilliant job :)

With dither like that , who needs colour :)
the keyboard sounds are a great touch too, nice one Yammosk

Well thank you Clone13 :)

Haha thanks Anti :)

Feels really biological and microscopic, spot on Clone13

You just inspired me to watch a playthrough of "Scuba Dive" which I haven't seen for nearly 40 years ... but remembered every element :)
.. oh BTW, another great job Richard :)

Haha thanks Sam,
3.5 billion BC .. that music was at the top of the charts :)

Thanks Jupiter, will take a look :)

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Hi Mini, thanks for the play and feedback.
My tip is  ... staying still is sometimes safer than moving :)

Contains spoilers !    ;)

Thanks for the play and feedback BT :)

Well thanks Sid :)

Lol, well exactly Norrimo,
the standard speed run is just under 3.5 billion years :)

Haha thanks Cian,
There are a couple more "Evolves" after the  cellular bit,  it sort of reaches a critical mass around 70% then quickly collects the rest.
Thanks for the play fella :)

Haha, thanks Jirushi

Thankyou Icy :)

Thanks Moolordking :)

Thanks for the play Aetherr :)

Good job Selwin

Great little shooter

Cool idea

Great job Sid :)

I don't play FIFA,
but I would if these were the mechanics

Don't know anything about 3D but this seems to portray a good sense of size and depth.
Good job at voice too ... it can't be easy :)

What just happened ?

I like the Idea ... just needs some meaty impact sounds now :)

I think I've found my new ringtone