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Thanks for playing and offering advice! We had only really paid attention to the jam pages, and didn't realize that the normal itch page hides all your screenshots by default. We made some quick updates to add those back in and make our game pages look a little nicer, but they could certainly still use some more design work.

Appreciate the video!

I was taken.


I tried, man, I really tried. The best I got was 1:09. Then I let it sit for a while to listen to the banger soundtrack. Now my best time is 3:00 just from chilling here grooving on it.

I liked the surreal images. Was that AI art?

Awesome oldschool aesthetic.

I really liked the idea, but I think I'm too old to get past the lava hesitation pit. Very cool game concept.

I did manage to find my way out by wandering around, but I had no idea what I was looking for up until that point.

This was a pretty cool idea, but I had a hard time understanding why I was clicking the -1 button to increase the timer. Also, the last level that loaded told me I won before I even played it.

I didn't win.

I like your music, and that tiny little jump made me laugh a little bit.

This looks really good, the music is pleasant and the movement is smooth, I just couldn't figure out what I was supposed to use the interact key on. I couldn't find anything to do or interact with, I just floated around for 2 minutes, made a wish, then kept floating around. There was never anything visible on the map.

This is a good concept, but I couldn't understand the scoring system.

I liked that I got to try a new level after failing.

Cool concept, but very difficult.

I did not think I was going to save the world, but I did. Cool game.

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I would have liked to see some kind of congratulations or other ending, but otherwise very nice.

I bounced through the level after 4,381 m. Cool game, very smooth.

I really liked the concept, but the controls were difficult for me, jumping with W is awkward. Also, I could move left and right with the arrows, but not jump.

I couldn't hear the voice telling me what to do over the alarms and music. I played until it said something about an airlock, then I couldn't keep going.

I won the game, but I don't think I ever lost any sanity.

Plays smoothly and looks very good. Nice game.

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This game is great, I really enjoyed playing through it. The timers were all very well planned, and it had a nice Metroid vibe with the progression and collectables. The movement/time mechanics reminded me of SuperHot as well. The only thing missing is maybe some background music. We had a similar ambient audio effect on our game that also could have been improved. :D

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I found this somewhat relaxing, fun little game loop. It took me a minute to figure the game out, I didn't notice the boxes and kept trying to plant on the other squares. Finished  in year 12.

Very nice GameBoy Color graphics and audio. It would have been nice to see a control explanation.

Seems like a cool concept and very well-made, but needed more explanation to get the player on board.

I like pushing the skeletons around. 

Well, I was hoping the mechanic would be used for more strategic combat than for straight puzzles. For example, the first thing I tried to do was use a ghost as a distraction to sneak up on an enemy. 

My initial hope was that the enemies would either repeat their previous fire pattern each round or else be willing to target a nearby ghost, but they seem to always target the living player and their shots only hit the ghosts incidentally. 

This meant that since my reflexes are old and I had trouble getting close, the best strategy I could come up with for avoiding shots and dealing with enemies was simply to fill the area with ghosts to have the highest chance of them intercepting enemy fire.

I really dug the concept, but it made me feel old.

Sorry man, really not trying to just be negative about your game. It is really cool, I just saw this, and remembering the concept brought up on one of your previous streams, I had a somewhat different expectation of what the game would be like and ultimately thought the concept had a lot of unrealized potential that could be elaborated on. 

Overall the game looks really good and the control was mostly smooth, other than the fact that it seemed damn hard to get close enough to the eye guys to get a swing in. It seemed like some of the puzzles were also pretty difficult to recover from if you got a bad start, so maybe a reset option would have been helpful.

I was kind of disappointed by this, I had high hopes for the concept, but it turned out to be less of a fun action game and more of a frustrating puzzle. Really cool thing to have made in this timeframe, just not my thing.

Unfortunately things weren't able to line up for us to submit our game before the deadline, but it is now live and added to the jam. If anyone here would be so kind as to play and rate it, post your link as well so we can return the favor. Thanks so much!

Vivi looks good in pink.

Good job on the art and animations.

At first I thought it was a dad joke simulator, then I went back to see the other two endings. The tomato was funny, but the fire was even better.

I'll be honest, on the level with 16 temperature where I kept dying, I thought "There's no way I have to..." as I was clicking the coats on screen. Turns out, that WAS the solution. Whoops.

I had a hard time finding that last warmth point. Thankfully, you can move double speed by walking diagonally.

Neat little game, solid platforming controls. Some of the puzzle elements can be a little hard to figure out, though.

I like coffee.

I like that the sprite looks kind of like Kenny.

I like the use of limitation, but the marshmellow is just too difficult for me to control.