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A couple wandering around the city at night in search of love
Submitted by Aditya Nigam — 14 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline

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Judge feedback

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  • Very creative mechanic! Liked it a lot, only suggestion would be giving me some extra time to read the initial instruction, in my first play I didn't had much time to read it and I got confused on the first play.

Which song(s) did you choose for the theme and how did you incorporate it/them?
Lights Out. I used the song unaltered as the background music. It felt right for a theme of searching and longing.

Which parts of the game did you create BEFORE the jam STARTED?
Nothing except I used the script for changing levels from one of my previous games.

Which parts of the game did you NOT create?
Music, some sound effects and the sprites for sawblade and spikes.

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Really clever mechanics.  

I also love how blue and pink instantly have character even though they're essentially just blobs!

Some easier intro levels might ease the learning curve, but when I failed, I knew why - that's important for me when overcoming the rage at my own ineptitude!


Thank you for playing. Glad you liked the game GRG. 

As soon as the judging period ends I'm going to update the game and make the levels longer but easier. At least the introductory levels. Till then, I guess it's a romantic Dark Souls.


Very nice! Great gameplay mechanic. The visuals are charming, especially the particle effects are a nice touch. I think the pick-up hearts should be triggers though, so that they don't affect the trajectory of the characters. I like that it's challenging, but it might be a just bit too much (I kind of ragequit on the second level ;)). I don't feel the music (theme) fits the game very well, but really great job overall!


Actually I wanted didn't made the hearts triggers because I wanted them to be felt like they have some weight and are a solid object and not just something you can touch and collect in passing. But I agree that at this point, the game is too challenging. I will update the game after the judging period for the jam ends. 

Well, I don't have much knowledge about music but when I heard the song Lights Out, it just felt like evoking an emotion of a searching or longing in a modern world. But it's of course subjective. What I felt may be completely different from what you felt. But thanks for playing and the feedback.


Love the presentation with the story and the two always looking at each other. Super cute. The movement is really nice and fun to swing around. My big issue is level design. The difficulty spike from the first to the second level is crazy. Still stuck on the third. Really great job, just think the levels need some re-tooling. 


Thank you. I'm so glad you liked it enough to play until the third level. I know it's too hard right now. To be honest, it wasn't intentional. I just didn't get much time to playtest before submission. I will update the game after the judging period ends.

About them looking at each other, there is this one video of a conference about the Game Juice at GDC. You should watch this if you haven't. They give some really good points about game feel and game juice. In one point they say that adding eyes to even a block can add so much character. I just followed their advice. And it really worked. Part of it was also because I am really bad at game art. So I couldn't design the characters.


Thanks for the link. I haven't seen that one yet.


Good Job! I loved it, really well done the movement of both of them and the idea, impressive for a week of time, congrats! This made me wanted to learn some physics in Unity hehe. My submission is not physics-based but it's interesting too I think, and with a good grade of difficult, feel free to play it!

Nice job again ^^


Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I am also really happy with what I could make in 6 days.

I have your game downloaded. I am playing all the windows submissions one by one. I'll let you know what I thought about it.


Neat idea for movement! It sort of felt like I was controlling feet! I was a little hard at first mapping the colors to left and right. I also made a game this jam that used the Hinge mechanics and I can appreciate the difficulty of balancing the different physic components


Thanks. The hinge joints were a bitch to get right. If I increased the number of velocity and position iterations then the mechanics would run accurately but the performance of the game dropped drastically. And if I kept the iterations to minimum then the chain broke off on increasing momentum. I had to spend a lot of time testing to find just the right amount of iterations.

I have downloaded your game. Will play it soon and share my thoughts.


Very nice gameplay. I found the level a bit too difficult though! Had a hard time latching on to the small squares and navigating.


The graphics for this game are really well done, and the core concept is very unique and interesting. The only critique that I have is the overall difficulty, which made the otherwise enjoyable game play feel painful at times.


Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. You are right. It can be quite difficult because of the momentum mechanics. I think of it as a game mechanic that's easy to understand but hard to master. 

I'll try to make the levels a bit easier if I make any future updates.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I liked the story behind the game, but found the core game play quite difficult to get the hang of.  Often times I found myself stuck with zero momentum to continue.

Loved the atmosphere though!


Thank you for the feedback. Really appreciate it. I understand the momentum mechanics can be really hard to master. I'll try to make the levels easier though in the updates. Actually the first 4 fays of the jam were spent just making prefabs and polishing the mechanics and the enviroment of the game. I made all the levels in just 1 and a half days so I didn't really get much time to play test. In fact I haven't completed even the second level myself. Some of my friends beat the whole game though but even they said that it's really hard. Anyways, I'll try to make it better. Thank you again.