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Such awesome text graphics and a really intuitive battle system.  Great stuff!

This is absolute genius - I love it!

I share Vospi's Z,X,C confusion, but that's not a crucial thing.

A bigger thing for me is that I wish there was an option to play without the timer - I got stuck on a level and got really frustrated working through earlier levels I didn't remember the solution to.  I guess next time, I'm going to have to go old-school and write the solutions down on paper! :)

Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it! :D

Nice little game - especially the visuals!

This is a really interesting game!  Quite challenging, but really charming.

For me, asteroids was always about staying still for as long as possible to avoid getting confused. Making me move the ship to recharge the guns is an excellent counter to that - made it much more fun!

Nice idea of having to match the target speed to exit.

The level design introduced the mechanics/hazards nice and gradually too.  I really love the learn-as-you-play approach.

Really solid controls and nice visuals too.  Nice work!


Crosshairs can be really confusing in 3rd-person - especially when the ship is moving around the screen.  You are absolutely right though - I need to do something to make aiming easier.

I absolutely love the graphics style.  It really reminds me of the PSX.

That track is something else - it snakes and swoops all over the place!

Great work!

Beautiful visuals and I liked the music too.

It felt like there were situations where I'd lose a life no matter what I did, but it's a fun game!

I love how the music makes the red squares so creepy!  They're just shapes, but I could swear they were hungry.

I really love the visual effect you used to show which boards were slowed.

I also really liked how the music changed depending on which board you were playing.

Really nice work!

Thanks! :D

I can't really claim credit for the idea of the shadow - it is pretty much how the first SNES StarWing/StarFox boss comes in.  I'm glad it was effective though - it's one of the parts I really wanted to get right.

This is simply genius.  Having speed, health and attack damage all as the same stat led to some really interesting play decisions.

Plus, I love the humour and character of all the opponents.

Amazing work!

Thanks! :D  

I was working on it throughout the ten days, not just the weekends.  Plus, I think I got pretty lucky - none of my horrible code hacks seemed to get in each other's way!

Thanks for the feedback - I'm glad you liked it!

You're right, the boss is massively under-polished and the camera field-of-view needs to be smaller so the bullets don't get small so quickly.  There's so little tweak time when you're on the clock!

Thanks for playing - I'm really glad you liked it.

And thanks for the bugrep!  The whole boss battle was a massive race against time - I'm just glad it's holding together as well as it is! :D

tbh, I learned a lot while making it.  If I was to make it again, I would approach it really differently.

Thanks - I'm glad you like it!

Yeah, I really ran out of time to polish the boss battle - those missiles need to travel slightly faster and turn a lot less.

This game is beautiful and the concept is well implemented.  Nice work!

I'm not very good at it - I never got beyond sucking at the process of run-wait-strike-repeat.

You could perhaps add a sense of progression by having a kill-count to pass a stage/wave.  I don't know if that would change of the atmosphere away from what you intended tho.

I love the concept of this game.  The idea that you have to finish within a given speed range is just superb.

I couldn't get past the second level because I just couldn't see how it could be done with one collision.  Are different angle collisions meant to give different amounts of speed?  In the first level that seemed to happen, but in the second it always went 40->56, then 56->79.

Maybe it's just me being dum.

A solid platformer with the theme integrated into its core mechanic.

Nice level design introducing the required skills gradually.

Plus, it looks and sounds really good!

The first jump where there are tiny platforms stumped me for a while.  I didn't spot the platforms against the background, and kept jumping into the side of them.  Maybe a shadow could help?  My slow brain figured it out eventually though. :)

The game looks and sounds beautiful - really atmospheric.

The feeling of bashing people off the road really reminded me of Spy Hunter back on the C64.

It seems a little weird that I couldn't seem to leave enemies behind when I'd hacked their speed.  I was kinda expecting slow enemies to drop off the bottom, speeding up the screen's scrolling for a bit and new enemies spawning from above.

...unless of course that is actually the way it works and I was just too rubbish to make it happen! :D

It took me a while to figure out how to play this one, but once I got that the slide distance was the speed, I could see how clever the level/puzzle design is.

It's a really nice idea which had me thinking quite hard!  Great job!

I love the trance music and the visual night-time feel.  It's really atmospheric!

It seems quite easy, but every racing game needs an easy first track.

Nice work!

Thanks!  I really want to explore more playable things along these lines.  Most of the work I did with this was learning DOS development, so the game itself is not as user-friendly as I'd like.

Nice!  Thanks!  I really want to come back to this and put in more tracks.

Thanks!  I absolutely LOVE Godot - it's everything Unity should be and more!

These tactics games are not really my thing, but I got into this pretty quickly.

The interface is really simple and easy to use, all the information I needed was right there on screen when I needed it.  The music was good, and the art had real character.

It's a really solid implementation and really impressive work in a short jam!

This was disturbing and beautiful.  The puzzle/level design is absolute genius - especially the way it teaches you how the new elements work seamlessly while you play.  A work of art.

Thanks for the tip!  The original gives you a laptime and position summary for each lap. I really wanted to get something like that implemented. I guess it'd have to be a scroll-in once the main 'finished' thing has displayed.  Getting a timer onto the racing screen might be a squeeze.

Thanks for your feedback!  I'm really glad you like it!

The music is by Joshua McLean - his itch page has loads of tracks for jams.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!  

I'm really flattered you think it's got potential to be even close to the original. :)

I love the idea, and it's really well implemented with all the platform mechanics and keys for destroying different colour blocks.

I especially like how the explosion timer is synchronised with the music - after a short while I didn't have to look at the bomb timer at all because it just fit in with the rhythm.

I'm really impressed with this - great job!

It worked perfectly on my mobile!  Thanks for your help!

I like the look of it.  The terrain is really nice.

Kinda weird having reflections and day/night cycle lighting in such low res, but I'm impressed.

I wan'ted to do a loop-the-loop and couldn't, but this is still a really good job - nice one!

Really nice concept, really well executed.

Design-wise, I'm not sure what is to stop me just getting arrows to bounce all around the place and just wait until they collect everything.  It does feel like there's a designed shot for each level though - it's really nice!

Great work!

I did that.  I also made it full-screen.  Neither made it work.  I guess it must be something to with my PC setup. :(

Really nice idea for a game tho - and the graphics are really cute!

I can't get any keys to work except LEFT. :(

I'm on Win10 and I've tried both Firefox and Edge.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.