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This is a really clever combination that works really well.  It got me thinking really hard, and it was manageable - nice one!

The stone-slide sound effect feels a little incongruous with the cars driving, but that's just nit-picking really - it's a very enjoyable game.

DAMN this is difficult!

I really like the idea and it's implemented in a very engaging way.  Those ghosts just chase me down so fast! :O

For the hard-of-thinking like myself, it might be nice to have a visual indication of which squares the ghosts can move to this turn (maybe on an 'easy' setting).  I imagine they'd still manage to trap the player for the following turn.

This is a really nice idea.  

It was a little frustrating to play because it wasn't clear where I was meant to click, or which square each coin was on.  I got there though.

I absolutely love the graphics.  Just like a little flaming Wizball! :D

Nice solid physics.  Ball feels like it sticks to the edges a bit and it's not clear what effect hitting targets has - maybe some Monopoly-related non-blocking pop-ups would help when you hit a target.

Enjoyed playing this - nice one!

This is a really nice game!

I really like how quick it is to reset and try again - it really helped me properly understand how the rules worked.

I also like how you're limited in cards AND in moves - with fewer moves than cards there could be really interesting decisions to make.

This is an insanely clever game implemented with real style.

I love the way you've combined the simple elements to create really challenging puzzles with coordination/timing skill elements too.

I'm struggling to think of any suggestions for improvement.  I guess the only thing I could say is: if/when you start adding more levels, make sure the player is given a sense of progression/achievement.  

That said, the gradual introduction of the different elements (like the red spikes) could be used to supply that.  Maybe some portal-style teleports for ultimate mind-messing later on!

Damn, your game is impressive.  Great work!

Thanks - I'm glad you like it!

Tyre tracks and smoke were on my feature list for the jam but time was too short!  Definitely on the post-jam upate list. :)

Those extra two stages were cut due to lack of time too.  At least post-jam i'll be able to take my time with them!

I'd never seen a Twitch stream before this - it's really interesting to see someone play it for the first time.  Thanks for taking the time to do it.

I love the suggestion about stopping in a box at the end of the stage.  I'll need to make the braking more controllable though!

Awesome - thanks!   I'm really glad you liked it!

Really clever mechanics.  

I also love how blue and pink instantly have character even though they're essentially just blobs!

Some easier intro levels might ease the learning curve, but when I failed, I knew why - that's important for me when overcoming the rage at my own ineptitude!

I can't believe I didn't reply to this before - sorry!

Thank you for your comment.  It's my first jam and I'm really please you like the game!

Nice idea - thanks!

That's exactly the type of thing I wouldn't notice as well - I could probably draw the track from memory by now!

Doh!  Thank you - I'll add that to the bug list!

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Man, this game is HARD.  I like it!

I quite liked having to time the the fire button to hit a moving enemy while using gravity to dodge the incoming bullets.

Charming graphics, great level design, and a really clever use of the two buttons.  Really nice.

Love it!

...although I think I'm going to have nightmares about flip-flops now. :)

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Thanks! Traffic's my next step, along with a nice splosion if you slam head-first into something. :)

I had to click on the game before it would accept keyboard input, but then it worked great.

I really like the skill element of the jetpack controls.  With a scrolling screen and some hazards, you could make a really challenging game out of this!