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I'll write it in the description of the game, but it's on the credits. Thanks for passing by!

Really great job. The music layering mechanics were a great use of the "music theme", and the combat feels good, I enjoyed it. 

It feels like the classic ping pong game but with combat mechanics hehe. I tried to do something like that too with the attack/deflect mechanics and a bit based on the rhythm that is played before every enemy combo, and made a character who attacks with his violin throwing lethal notes >:D, but your method were better ;). 

Anyways, good game ^^

Great job, I like the idea and the gameplay being the core, it would be cooler if there would have some dynamic obstacles, apart from that, good job!

Thanks for playing and for the review, I really appreciate it!  And sorry for the grammar mistakes, as you said it's not my first language and we added the narrative at the end and we didn't have so much time. About the mouse position if it's only on the menu I don't think they'll disqualify me, I didn't realized and maybe you're right but if it's only for the menu I hope they don't disqualify me :c.

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Thanks for playing it! About the boss you're right, we have had to do it more balanced and more visual feedback for the player.

Good Job! I loved it, really well done the movement of both of them and the idea, impressive for a week of time, congrats! This made me wanted to learn some physics in Unity hehe. My submission is not physics-based but it's interesting too I think, and with a good grade of difficult, feel free to play it!

Nice job again ^^

Thanks for playing!!

Ohhh, understand now, cool the idea came that way hehe



Really cool game! I really liked the idea of a first person boxing game using the two button mechanics and just with Python, which make it cooler. Even though you don't use the music theme as a theme itself, you made a cool thing! If you want you can go to my game and leave a review too, I used the two button mechanics to attack and defend.

I can't, sry

Love the time platform mechanic ^^. Good job!

Yeah I know, anyways, thanks for playing ^^

It's a 5 minutes demo where after you did the first playthrough you finished it and have two options, exit the game or suicide.

Gracias por jugarlo y subirlo wapo, love u <3

Thanks for playing it! Really loved the video, I like your style and how you played it ^^. Cheer up and keep up with the channel as I keep up with developing. Thanks again!

Of course! Say me your email or discord and I'll try to help you through there ^^

Thanks for playing Katyfoo! I really appreciated your review at the ending and all you said is right, after the Game Jam I'll try to update it with some improvements, natural footsteps, and a better connected narrative! Thanks again <3

Thanks for playing ^^!. Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the bad ending hehe. I really thought that would be cool to do an alternative ending where you escape, but the short time I had didn't let me :c. After  the Game Jam finishes I'll think to update it with some improvements and an alternative ending! Thanks again <3

Thanks for playing ^^! Really appreciate you played it and made a review, you won a sub!

Thanks really! Hope you enjoyed and hope you play the updated version which will be up on three/four hours


Okay don't worry, you'll have it today 

But you're saying that because you want it lighter? In .zip the game is on 900mb.

Sure, on it

Yeah, I know, I tried it to be with some narrative, phrases from an external voice, the dev to the player, like Stanley Parable, but there wasn't time because of the jam, just 48 hours. Anyways thanks for playing.