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Build musical layers by counterattacking the sorcerer's fireballs with your magical sword.
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Audio Ball's page

Which song(s) did you choose for the theme and how did you incorporate it/them?
All three (plus remixes)

Which parts of the game did you create BEFORE the jam STARTED?
The build system

Which parts of the game did you NOT create?
The artwork

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Really great job. The music layering mechanics were a great use of the "music theme", and the combat feels good, I enjoyed it. 

It feels like the classic ping pong game but with combat mechanics hehe. I tried to do something like that too with the attack/deflect mechanics and a bit based on the rhythm that is played before every enemy combo, and made a character who attacks with his violin throwing lethal notes >:D, but your method were better ;). 

Anyways, good game ^^


Hey, thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game. Throwing notes with a violin sounds pretty cool. This game certainly needs a bit more graphical theme and premise going on. XD


Nice job. I like the music layering as a form of health. I do wish when the ball turned yellow and you dodged it, it bounced off the ground, turned red, and kept the round going. I enjoyed when the back and forth was more than 2-3 hit but it seemed like most of the time each round was only 2-3 hits before score and reset. I enjoyed it but wanted more of it :)


Ah yes, it definitely needed more testing and balancing to get the number of bounces right. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing.


I didn't know we could remix the songs :c but that was an amaaazing game 

Liked every aspect of it :D (maybe less on the graphics ;) )


Thanks for playing! And yeah, it needs quite a bit of help visually. :P


 Nice idea with the music layers. Though about doing something like this too but had no time.


Thanks for playing! Yeah, it's inspired by another music layering game I made for Ludum Dare quite some time ago. One of my favorite mechanics. :)