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Hello everyone!

I have been working on a new auto shooter survival game and looking for player feedback and testers for the new leaderboard system!

Try to last in this survival auto shooter. Earn experience by collecting crystals to power up your hero. Live until the blue bar fills to challenge the boss and achieve victory.

I would love to see any game play experience you have, please enjoy!


Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to play and record a video for this project🥰. I appreciate seeing your feedback and game play live and have already made some changes from it in the next build.

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Fantastic pack! 

I used these art assets in my survival game:

This was fun, I loved the art, UI and transitions.

I am making a similar project in Godot and got some inspiration from yours

That could be fun! It would take significant reprogramming though

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! That was brought to you by this tutorial.

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I have been working on a Multiplayer 2D game MPDC (working title) and am looking for any feedback!

Recently I created a new game mode, Survival allowing you to try the game solo (it can also be played with friends!)

If you have any feedback on the page, devlogs, or game itself, please reply!

Looking forward to your opinions,


Thank you!

Thank you for the inspiration :)

Thank you for playing!

I've just uploaded a new build with some of the feedback I received.

I am looking for feedback on my latest prototype - Roof Ninja

Please give the game a try and let me know what you think!

Outstanding style and feel. Got stuck on the "Careful Now" platforms, was never able to time the jump correctly.

Outstanding visual style, but I ran into a bug where the player submarine was missing and I couldn't tell where I was going.

Amazing work, well done! I enjoyed the mood and thought the game fit the theme quite well.

The game was challenging! The explosion radius feels a little too large and I kept getting killed by falling bombs while jumping. I ended up exploiting the final boss to beat the game by spamming rockets before it appeared causing it to never drop bombs.

Well done though!

Enjoyable clicker with a neat theme. Loved the UI/Graphics, set it to auto and forgot about it came back to the numbers all overflowing.

Great job!

I enjoyed the game very much, a challenging bullet hell that was tough to get at first but once the powerups started falling I hit a good groove making it past my previous best. Love the name!

Perfect example of easy to learn difficult to master game design. I loved the mood/aesthetic. The homing enemies are really difficult, never made it past score 3.

Impressive game play and art! I got into the second level before running into trouble with enemies. Well done!

Thank you for the feedback! The speed and spawn rate of the obstacles does increase overtime!

Although the difficulty curve is based on the number of obstacles spawned and not the time played (to be changed).

Thank you!

I agree that more elements can be added, the score/time alive was added last minute as well as the change to only score obstacles avoided on the player's current lane trying to force the player to make risky decisions. Appreciate your feedback!

Thank you for this Joshua!

It was very insightful watching you play through the game and providing feedback.

Looking forward to implementing some of the fixes you discussed (such as stop increasing score after GameOver).

Plan on improving the game overtime since the core mechanic is solid and enjoyable.

Things Planned: Mobile / Touchscreen Input, Color Schemes, better spawning algorithm, near misses.

Thank you for the feedback!

I was trying to think of ways to improve game play but was running short on time. All things to add! Including collectables and changing color schemes.

Thank you for the feedback!

I will do some testing with allowing the player to hold down the input button and see how it feels.

I experienced that bug once during development but was unable to reproduce it. 

Do all input methods do this? Mouse / Keyboard / Gamepad?

Thank you for the feedback!

Unfortunately we rely on an external server for our high scores that was not responding.

Both of the features were planned but cut for time.


We intended to have collectables and for colors to change as you progressed but cut the ideas for time.

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I liked the story behind the game, but found the core game play quite difficult to get the hang of.  Often times I found myself stuck with zero momentum to continue.

Loved the atmosphere though!

I appreciate the feedback and will be sure to check out your submission as well!

I saw you sharing the game on discord and am excited to try it. Really appreciate you sharing the source on Github! 

As a big fan of Bojack, this was fun!

I appreciate you sharing the source as well.

Unable to run the game, missing UnityPlayer.dll