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Leave me alone for once!
Submitted by Lunatic Dancer (@LunaticGamedev) — 6 minutes, 4 seconds before the deadline
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2 Colors#304.3684.368

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Piotr Apostel

Karolina Ciężak

Music by Azureflux:

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Loved it! The sprites look very cool and the gameplay is fun. I just wish the monsters bosses telegraphed their attacks for a longer period of time to make it easier to react to the first time around. Other than that, it's such a neat concept!


Thanks a lot!

I've been testing each individual enemy in isolated enviroments, and tweaked bosses so the telegraphs are short enough for me to not get bored, but long enough to be fair enough for somebody else. Then I've tested them in groups and searched for potential big power spikes. There are very few left in the game, and that's only because of the deadline.


I really liked the bullet hell influence. Cool and challenging game. To be honest, I didn't get to see the ending on the normal game, it's nice that you added a tourist mode. Really cool enemy design, makes you adapt your movement to the situation every time.


Thanks a lot! Feels good to have your effort appreciated :)


Wow! Awesome! Really good game!

The gameplay is fun and challenging! Very creative interpretation of the theme. Great art! I can see you put alot of effort into this game! Great submission nothing I can really criticize.


Thanks a lot dude, I sure did work my butt of till the last minute :D


You deserve an extra point for the interpretation of "space"!

It's great that every enemy has it's completely own movement and attacks so you are scared at first and may fail at the first attempt to dodge, making the game more interesting. My favorite one is the laser-tie-fighter.

Graphics are simple but look polished, the animations are great too. Only thing I'm missing so far is a score or wave counter so I know when I hit my highscore :)

Well done!


Well, the best way to measure your progress is by counting how many bosses are past you :D

But seriously, thanks for trying it out!


I had fun with this die and retry! I found the arts and effects pretty cool (good choice if it's not yours), same for the music.

I didn't go very far during my first games, but i've seen the great diversity of enemies, well done!

In my opinion there really misses a sort of points system, who i think, will fit with the gameplay.

About the themes, your appropriation of "space" is pretty cool, and different of what i've seen until now ;) 👏


Thanks a lot for taking a look!

A scoring system was on a verge of consideration, but I thought, that if the game has a story with an ending, it's not necessary. I like my games being focused. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It's an enjoyable game. My only criticism is that with the relentless assault and no cooldowns, I'm highly motivated to mash the attack button endlessly. There's a wonderful variety of enemies.


Thanks for trying it out!
Funny how the subject of your criticism was one of my main goals with this game - a spammable attack and a constant assault of new enemies, both are there to make the player play very risky and aggresively, I wanted this game to feel like Hotline Miami if it was a survival arena. I can see how not everyone enjoys it.
While mashing may seem brainless, you still have to consider your position afterwards, and also sometimes you have to actually time the attack to dodge something nasty. For me it looks like a classic Platinum Games approach - let the fresh players have satisfying successes, while leaving room for improvement by skill and understanding of the game.
There's 5 basic enemies and 2 bosses, and I've tried to make the enemy waves varied by mixing them up in interesting ways, in which they interact in some new, deadly way.


Oh I'd agree. I just worry about my poor keyboard! There is definitely a technique to it, I'm just wondering if there's a way to implement it that isn't so hard on my buttons.


Hey thats very nice game! Keep up the good work PL


Thanks! Sure I'll try :D


That could make a great rouguelite.
Quite enjoyed it! :)


Thanks a lot for trying it out!
I can see it as this weird kinda Enter the Gungeon where your only weapon is this Master Yi's Q, but that would need designing enemies around that attack so the game didn't get stale with it's gimmick too fast, but that's actually quite an amusing idea.
Still, I doubt I'd develop that :D