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Just changed how the shield looked like in SupremaShip.

It's less opaque and easier to see through.

It'll be available in the next build!


Just updated SupremaShip to version 0.0.3 unstable!

Here's what changed:

  • Added a placeholder display settings menu
    • Choose between 3 available resolutions: 1280x720, 1366x768, 1920x1080
    • Toggle fullscreen on/off (default: on)
    • Toggle bloom on/off (default: on)
    • Toggle motion blur on/off (default: on)
    • Toggle vignette on/off (default: on)
  • Guards now respawn
  • When changing the game's volume, you can now preview the SFX and BGM
  • Ships' trails are shorter
  • Changed debug mode toggling to Ctrl + D instead of just D
  • Changed the game version text to "SupremaShip {version}"
  • Removed the pause button on the upper right corner, I'm working on something behind the scenes ;)
  • Fixed a bug where the debug FPS counter would show 62 FPS even when it was obviously lower than that


  • For some reason, the pause menu doesn't display after other menus have been displayed. I have no idea how to fix this but I think this might have to do with the current Unity version since this didn't happen in earlier versions. The only way to temporarily fix this is to reset the game
  • There's an error that occurs when a Bomber's missile's explosion hits something. I don't currently know what that thing is but it'll be fixed in the next update
  • AI ships might get stuck at the top or bottom of the map facing outwards. That'll be fixed in a future update

Check it out at:

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Just updated SupremaShip to alpha 0.0.2 unstable!

Here's what changed: 

  • Added a placeholder ships info section in the info main menu, you can now know the ships names and their stats 
  • Added a version number to the lower left corner so you'll always remember the version of the game you're playing 
  • Added ricocheting particles and improved damage particles 
  • A weapon with upgraded damage is now brighter 
  • The Bomber always spawns with a nuke 
  • The Shielder and Camillie now have a "special ability gauge" 
  • Updated the Shielder's and Camillie's sprites to reflect the previous change 
  • The Shielder has a smaller shield
  • Changed the critical health warning halo to a placeholder circular one 
  • Improved the Scout's upgrade sprites 
  • Ships now spawn each 5 seconds from the mothership 
  • Trails slow down in slow motion 
  • Ships don't get stuck in place when an obstacle is right in front of them (don't know why I coded this in the first place...) 
  • A ship will try to reverse and shoot if there's a mine right in front of it 
  • Fixed a glitch in which ships looked like they were rapidly going back and forth when they moved fast enough 
  • Fixed a glitch with the "Respawn As" window (the one that appears when you press 'R' when you're dead) where it would have some weird behavior  
  • Fixed a glitch where the ricocheting sound was not following the global SFX volume 

Check it out at:

Thanks for pointing that out, wasn't aware of that glitch

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Help your allies destroy the enemy mothership in SupremaShip

A game about teamwork and shooting a lot of shiny red things.

In SupremaShip...

You can be one of 7 ships with their own unique abilities... if you're skilled enough
You can fire big fat nukes... when you have them
You can enjoy slllooooowww mmmoootioonnnn
You can choose one of 3 formations at any time
You can reorganize your allies in a formation... when you deserve
You can ask them to shoot a ship with a giant shield that reflects bullets and shoots TWO lasers... when you deserve

And more to come!

It's a single-player 2D top-down space shooter with emphasis on teamwork, meaning you won't be able to beat it on your own.

Currently only available on Windows.

Playtest at:

You can join the Discord for early builds and live updates on dev related stuff:

Dodging those bees is probably the most satisfying part of the game along with the level ending jingle.
The music is weirdly ominous and doesn't quite fit with the game's cute art style. 
Anyways, it's pretty fun.
Good job!

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I could've sworn my lasers should hurt me after being reflected by the enemies, then I read the game's description XD

It's a juicy shmup with a really nice art style.
I like it.
Good job!

Thanks for that! :D

I literally thought of making an art style like Geometry Wars and tried to make some music, SFX and satisfying VFX but I ran out of time.
It's OK, though. One more prototype for my collection!

Another devlogvideo for Crate Panic is up on YouTube!

In this one, I add a main menu, options menu and a high score mechanic to the game.
Hopefully this might help you somehow! 

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Hey, dev, do you use Unity?

Hopefully so because I have 17 Unity tips for you to enjoy!

And, of course, a devlog video of Crate Panic showing you how to make restart game and game over mechanics!

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New devlog video!

Now with an ammo system and virtual and overridable functions!

Here it goes!

I've just added some cool stuff to Crate Panic such as a theme changing mechanic, better crates, a more realistic cannon and MORE TIPS!!!

Check it out and learn some new stuff!

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Crate Panic is a mobile game about shooting crates that is being developed by two people.

There's not much to show but here's what we've got:

I'm currently documenting the process of developing it through YouTube as a devlog/tutorial series, check it out here:

This could be useful if you're also making a mobile game and want some advice of help or just want to see how one is made.

I hope you like it :)

Recently added a ship type called 'Guard'.

They... guard the motherships' vicinities and have their own abilities:
- Only ship that spawns with a shield
- Their shield takes half the damage

Here's how they look:

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Just created a playlist on SoundCloud with preview music for SupremaShip
Get SupremaShip: 
Join the Discord dev server and receive updates and early builds:

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SupremaShip now has a Discord server! :D
You'll receive early builds, updates and previews while giving feedback and helping me create a great game!
Join it here :
(If you join soon enough and help a lot, you'll be in the credits as an alpha, beta and release candidate tester in the 'Special Thanks' part, however, if you leave the server, you'll be mentioned as 'Testers')

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Just updated SupremaShip to version 0.4.0!

Join the Discord!

Playtest the game:

Soundtrack (Alpha):


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Yea, I'm doing the best I can with the juicyness in SupremaShip XD
I didn't put any juice in AstroDrill because I wanted to finish it really fast.

Yea, I know it's lacking some juice, I'll think on improving it later. :)

This is kinda creepy, your game is pretty similar to mine, but more fun and has a story and audio XD
Really liked it :D

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I have no idea why I haven't thought of using the mouse button instead of the keyboard.
Thanks for pointing that out, I'll make a post jam version in a while :)

I like the color changing thing, very interesting and fun! :D

That's a cool design idea.
The game seems a bit hard at times but it's pretty fun :)

Really liked the concept :)

The ships shoot themselves??
I love it when enemies hurt themselves!
Those physics are pretty good too.
Great work!

Really enjoyed the game :D
Clever and fun!

Hmm... The art is rather interesting.
It's just not much fun, actually.
I don't know why...

I think this is the first game ever that can be played with your eyes closed!
Really cool concept!

That could make a great rouguelite.
Quite enjoyed it! :)

That tube effect was very unexpected XD
That ending reminded me of UNDERTALE, which is a very good thing ;)
Those flowers too.
Really liked it :D

Loved it!

Holy shit, that concept, tho!
Loved it!

This could be a great mobile game!
Quite liked it :D

Just updated SupremaShip to version 0.3.0!

Here are a few screenshots:

Playtest the game:

Soundtrack (Alpha):


Hope you like it :)

I'm glad you liked it :D

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Hello, everyone!

This is my very first attempt on making a full game by myself from scratch, so every piece of advice and feedback is very welcome :)

SupremaShip is a 2D space roguelite-ish shooter about teamwork.

You are a blue ship that roams around aimlessly with the simple mission to destroy the enemy mothership.
However, if you do this on your own, you'll be outnumbered and die.
Hopefully, your mothership sends other ships regularly to help you achieve this goal.
The good news is: these ships have the exact same goal as you and are willing to help you.
If done properly, you and your fellow ships will outnumber the enemy and build supremacy.
The bad news is: your enemy won't go down without a bullet storm and won't give up unless they're DEAD.

This game is currently availabe only on PC, but I intend to release it on Mac, Linux and maybe mobile.

NOTE: This footage is from v0.1.0 and the current one is v0.2.0

Playtest the game:

Soundtrack (Alpha):


Many of the features I wanted to add have been added, so I'm close to polishing those features.

Hope you like it :)

Thank you very much, guys, I can now know what's wrong with this game XD