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I am deeply sorry that I unintentionally made punishingly difficult platforming for this game. I want to update the game after the voting period ends with hopefully easier platforming so people can actually play it in full and see what I’ve done.

I’ve also noticed the tutorial doesn’t show up. That was a very dumb mistake in my part (I deactivated the object so I could do some promotional art and forgot to activate it).

Again, I’m sorry about that.

Thank you :)

It’s not only that it’s optimized for controller, it’s just that I didn’t want to go through the hassle of differentiating between controller and keyboard controls in the UI.

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I’m glad you liked the graphics and the music! :)

I couldn’t get enough people to playtest the platforming and I didn’t know it was this hard. Unfortunately, I cannot say anything more encouraging than “git gud”.

I don’t know why I would do that since there’s an in-game tutorial that appears when needed.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback and I hope you can check out the rest of the game, there’s quite a lot of stuff in there ;)

The music sounds really good, the sound effects as well, there's some nice juicyness here and there

I just took a while to understand where I'm shooting at and why I'm always shooting up, but that's okay

Good job!

The neon look of this game is really pleasing, the music is good and, gameplay wise, it has interesting bullet patterns.

Good job!

Yes, here are the bullet prefabs: 

And the Physics 2D settings:

Not that the boss isn't taking damage, it's your ship that isn't powerful enough to take it down quickly.

There wasn't really any time left to make some UI stuff like an exit button and a "proper" pause menu, maybe I'll make a post jam version with them.

The boss had a lot of health due to encouraging grazing and lack of time polishing...

I'm glad you liked this idea and the game! :)

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm glad you liked the bullet patterns! :D

I appreciate you enjoyed the game even when you're not very good at it, I can relate 100% (I'm looking at ya, Bullet Hell Monday XD)

Thanks for the feedback on the art, audio and gameplay, plenty of thought was put into that. I think the many bullets on screen can be because I didn't update the rigidbodies of the bullets, I moved their transforms directly instead and, for some reason, updating them in the built-in Update() didn't cause any performance issues.

I thought the self-extracting .zip would be easier to work with, it ended up being much more frustrating than I could predict XD

Thanks again!

Finally, thank you :)

I'm glad you like it!

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You might be extracting to the same folder where the extractor is located. Try extracting it to another folder, like an empty one on your desktop.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Does that happen every single time?
Try extracting to an empty folder on the desktop.

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

What do you mean? It just doesn't open? What happens?

That was surprisingly fun and funny!
I love the humor! 

Awesome work! :D

That's more of a hack n slash than a bullet hell

It was too hard for me to finish, though

Nice work!

The number and speed of the bullets on-screen is satisfyingly bullet hell-y

The almost lack of sound effects is very disturbing and confusing and the hit circle is a bit too big

The art style is cool and the controls are well done

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This is really cool!

The visuals are very good-looking, the sound effects are juicy and bassy, the screenshake is great, the controls are snappy and tight, the part where you destroy the enemies by hitting them with yourself is nice and the "tutorial" in the beginning is basically optimal

The only complaint I have is that the game stops being fun and too repetitive after a while and attacks could be better telegraphed even though they are telegraphed well

Great job! :D

I made it so that it could DIScourage mindless shooting and reward grazing and precision, since grazing is used a lot as a score boosting tool and not as a direct gameplay mechanic modifier.

The way the ship is controlled with the mouse is just because of that, more precision and control, I know a "slow down" button on the keyboard would work, but how would a "fast motion" button work?

Thanks for the feedback! :)

I think the instrument choice for the music is not good, it's very annoying

And it's too hard

The blue-bullet-giving-you-score thing is quite interesting, though

I played on hard and it was hard XD

I wish some attack telegraphing though

The music is pretty good!

Nice work!

This is a creative way of implementing bullets!

Good work!

I hope this was a good exercise for you regarding object pooling :)

The use of the mouse not only for aiming but for force was a bit of a surprise for me

I think the game is too unfair at the level with the narrow bridge, or maybe I just suck at the game XD. It is hard to see the white test over an almost white background color. The way you die just by stepping out of the ice zone is also frustrating, doesn't leave any margin for error.

The sound effects are well done though

I didn't even notice the score was broken XD

You ship's hit area is a bit unclear though and the boss could have some shooting sound effects and the music could be more action-y, it is too ominous and relaxing. Some of the attacks could be better telegraphed, with some sound effects

Other than that, the gameplay is fun, the art is good-looking and the different ships every time you die keeps the game fresh as you go

Nice work! :D

Greetings, devs!

I'm LevyMarCiS and I'm looking to help someone make their game a reality!

I'm more confident with singleplayer experiences. Online multiplayer is out of the question. Local multiplayer might be feasible.

Years of Experience:
- Unity (C#): 2 years

- (Made in UE4)

- 20 USD/hr (negotiable)

Payment method:
- PayPal:

-20 to 30 hrs/week, 40 hrs/week max

- Discord DM: LevyMarCiS#6870

Dodging those bees is probably the most satisfying part of the game along with the level ending jingle.
The music is weirdly ominous and doesn't quite fit with the game's cute art style. 
Anyways, it's pretty fun.
Good job!

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I could've sworn my lasers should hurt me after being reflected by the enemies, then I read the game's description XD

It's a juicy shmup with a really nice art style.
I like it.
Good job!

Thanks for that! :D

I literally thought of making an art style like Geometry Wars and tried to make some music, SFX and satisfying VFX but I ran out of time.
It's OK, though. One more prototype for my collection!

Another devlogvideo for Crate Panic is up on YouTube!

In this one, I add a main menu, options menu and a high score mechanic to the game.
Hopefully this might help you somehow! 

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Hey, dev, do you use Unity?

Hopefully so because I have 17 Unity tips for you to enjoy!

And, of course, a devlog video of Crate Panic showing you how to make restart game and game over mechanics!