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Thank you for sharing this. 💙

This is the start of an interesting game. More health, more diverse attacks, or perhaps obstacles that could be vaulted using the bomb ... there's a lot of room for growth, here. Thank you for sharing this!

The graphics are great! The little quips and the text make this game a lot more fun to play.

The core loop of the game needs some tweaking. The only move is a roll that changes your number, so if you're racing to get through a numbered door, the mere act of evading to get through it will lock the door from you. 🙁 

I love the presentation and the premise. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I like how you can have a "rolling spree" and hit multiple targets with a single roll, which also partially recharges the stamina bar.  It was also a nice touch changing the dice's physical size to match the number.

The animations are wonderful! The dice in the inventory need some better presentation to show when they're better than other dice in their category. (I'd have dice that could roll 6, 12, or 18 … but they all appear exactly the same until I hover my mouse.) The constant sense of risk and reward is a lot of fun, this could easily be expanded into an elaborate game.

I don't understand how this game works. No matter how many combinations I try, the blue runner never takes the lead.

The ambient presentation is nice! This could be developed into a very nice mobile game.

I like how your avatar is a clear representation of your status. But as you take damage, you don't see your pips reduced or get any other feedback. The randomness makes the game difficult to play since hazards just appear randomly. The momentum feels good, this game shows promise.

One of the best comics you will ever read.

Very nice! Thank you for adding undos.

Aw, thank you. 💙 I wonder what I might do to increase the game's appeal.

Thank you! This was my first shmup, I learned a lot and I hope to return to this field some day.

Let me know when you do, I'd love to see!

😊 You're welcome.

You synced the game play with the music! 💙 The variety is definitely a plus, hearkening to  Incredible Crisis. 🌋

Thank you for your kind words! 😊 Proper scoring and wave-counts are on my to-do list, after some serious optimization.

Thank you for your kind words. 😁 I definitely had more planned, including an upgrade system based on collecting things like a typical danmaku, but I wanted to make sure we could get the game done on time.  I'm glad you enjoyed the otherworldly impression. I hope to iterate on this design soon, with various performance improvements.

Resetting the game a few times can fix the speed.  Since then, many other programmers have been nice to share with me  some optimizations  I can include. Thank you for your kind words!

Very nicew! The "Halloween" feel of secondary colors,  slimy bugs, and creepy music all make for a wonderful experience. The customization of weapons and of  starting hit points were very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing this with us.

A fine challenge of reflexes and endurance!

Thank you for your kind words. 😊 One of the joys of a game jam is that the precise deadlines force us to finish a project, rather than dither around forever. Now that it's done, I have learned several ways to optimize the game, which I hope to implement in a future project.  (Sometimes, resetting the game several times can boost the speed, but I believe that's actually a memory leak and not proper caching, oops. 😅)

Thank you for your kind words. 😊 I had worried that I missed the point of 'bullet hell', where this game starts with a dreamy aesthetic and slowly ramps up the challenge, so I am happy that it resonated with you.  The composer, Moult, also made their own rhythm matching game that you can find here:

Resetting the game makes it run faster... but I fear that's a memory leak issue.  😅 After making this project and talking to other devs, I have some ideas on how to  optimize it, which I'll try when I get some time after the jam. Thank you for your consideration!

I do like the theme. And the program did execute correctly!

A great endurance challenge! The thumping beat feels very retro.

This is a neat concept! While it's nice to feel so speedy, it's hard to see the map and to plan moves, so it's a lot  of running around fast and just hoping to not get hit. This concept might be better as a competitive game vs.  other players.

The textured torus was a much larger resolution wireframe, rendered to grayscale. I increased the contrast to make it almost completely white. Then I surrounded it with a 1-pixel contour of black, twice. You can see this contour  if you  collide your ship to turn the  background  white.  (The background is actually white with alpha transparency, over a rectangle that gets changed from a black-to-black gradient to whiter colors when you get hit. )

I didn't use any shaders in this game. I'm still learning the code, and I was worried that writing everything to a surface, then writing the surface to the screen, would be yet another processing operation, and the game is already dropping frames! 😅

And thank you for your kind words. 😊 There's a lot of really good submissions, and it's great to see what people make! I am learning so much more about the danmaku genre.

Thank you! Ugh, there was so much more I wanted to do: enemy pathing, proper boss fights, optimization, etc.  But just getting basic things to work was hard enough.

Very much from that early 8-bit era!  Really needs some sound effects to spruce up the experience, but otherwise it's a great endurance challenge.

The sound effects, visual style, and interface get you right into the game. It's very much a bullet hell!

Very fun! Starts with a good challenge and then ramps up.  A good start to a great premise.

Very nice that your time is also your hit points, and frequent checkpoints balance the challenge nicely.

Very cute! Varied enemy patterns. Requires very fast reflexes to manipulate both the cat avatar and the deck of cards for power-ups.

A hypertextual joy.

Thank you. 💙 I'm not sure how I feel about the flashing "false-colors" either, but it's something I wanted to try.

If someone else reports a controller problem, I'll look into it. I wish I could make the keyboard easier to use.

Yes, I fear "stand-alone application" is deprecated in GM2.0, probably because of all the security warnings.

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Thank you for your kind words. 💙

Where is the option to make a stand-alone app in GameMaker 2? I couldn't find it, it isn't where it was in GM1.4.

The background layers are currently stored as large files -- at 640x640, a 36-frame animation fits on a 4096x4096 texture, and most of these are 12 frame or fewer.  I would have liked to have used shaders and palette rotation tricks, but 48 hours wasn't enough time to plan. I'd like to revisit this using the animated tile system.

Oh I'd agree. I just worry about my poor keyboard! There is definitely a technique to it, I'm just wondering if there's a way to implement it that isn't so hard on my buttons.

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Thank you. 💙 I purposefully wanted the backgrounds to be distracting for an otherwise simple game. Some of these, I get so turned around!

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Thank you. 💙 When I first heard about the two-color jam, I wanted to experiment with "false color", a technique used in film where the frames alternate so fast that the persistence-of-vision effect creates a third color. In a computer game, such an effect requires a balancing act of refresh rates that is going to take more work.
   The fonts are Helvetica (which you see everywhere) and Buxom (which you do not).

The story checks out! Very cathartic.