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Small games inspired by world travel
Learn how to conduct yourself in social situations.
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Clicker Game with Story
Protober was a game challenge in October 2018 to create a prototype a day. This is a collection of those prototypes.
Make maple syrup in an atmospheric experience in Quebec's cold.
Will You Escape Glitch House? // point and click to move around and burn your surroundings as you run out of time.
Cook omelettes, drink, smoke, talk, fight and MECH BATTLES!
Magical or Not… Everybody’s Gotta Serve Somebody.
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find a pal
A game made for the META GAME JAM...
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Escape from the Area 51 disguising yourself of human objects!
A world awash, in need of more help than is available.
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Help a skeleton grow a pumpkin!
Follow young child Pip and their monster companion kappa as the two of them make their way through their daily tasks
Short game where you play as Lily who traverses the dark corners of the basement in search of her lost teddy bear.
A nerdy narrative trivia.
Join the fantastic adventure of Elemates and accompany the journey of adventure and friendship!
Holes in the world
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A little game about a cat on a quest for milk.
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explore the wonderful dreamberry island and discover the marvelous dreamlands
Choose your own adventure interactive fiction.
A globetrotting game about consent.
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Explore a once beautiful world. Become the artist of a living painting.
Play as a coal miner during the Great depression, working hard to keep yourself; and your family alive.
Rucksack Club encourages all ourdoor activities. But be warned, it’s not safe to go out into the woods alone...
Gardian occitan
Horror game made in two weeks by one guy.
Horror/action game based in a forest. singleplayer/multiplayer.
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