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More embed options for HTML5 games

HTML5 games & projects get an update today with new options for how projects are embedded and some new theme editing tools.

New embedding options

From your project's edit page you'll find a new section for configuring how your project is embedded.

Here's what's:

  • You can configure your project to always be click to play. Give players a chance to read about your game before they dive in. Newly created projects will default to using click to play. Some game engines can lock up the browser when loading, so this can be used to prevent the page freezing on load. 
  • In addition to manually specifying a size, we now have size auto-detection for certain game engines. At the moment it only works with Unity HTML5 games, but we plan to add more engines. If you have any recommendations leave a comment.
  • We've added a new maximized mode for launching games. This causes your game to be click to play, and when the game is started it takes up the entire browser viewport. Any game that would like to present itself only as a full screen experience can benefit from this. (Maximized does not cover up the browser's UI like fullscreen mode)

In addition, we've fixed a few bugs and changed how games are launched on mobile.

  • Fullscreen games should now work on iOS. The browser fullscreen API does not exist on iOS devices so now we fallback to maximized mode.
  • On mobile devices, games will always be click to play and will always launch to fullscreen mode. If "Mobile friendlly" is not checked, then mobile devices will show a compatibility warning, but will still launch in the same way. In the past we had some rules about making the game frame responsive but we found that this caused more trouble than value. If this change affects your project negatively then send us a message or leave a comment.

New theme options

In addition to the new options about how your project is embedded, we added some new theme options for how the embed appears.

You can configure the frame where your game appears before it has been loaded with a background image and a color gradient.

Take a look at the page for X-Moon 2 for an example.


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when ever I go into full screen my game isn’t centered. I use scratch.


You are responsible for how whatever displays in the frame appears. You can use CSS to change how things are positioned on the page. You might want to consult your engine’s guide on exporting for more help.

Вот я добавил embed image, как мне сделать чтобы и на сайте она была ?

I'm not seeing the embed bg color option.

My game AND general background are FFFFFF white, while the border is slightly greyish. Almost perfect, but pretty annoying nonetheless. At least it's not black or something that completely ruins what i had going on

This is my game (paid). 

How can I disable" RunGame "option in the embedded display,  

as I want that people could play my game only after the payment of the minimum price. 

I understand that you want the link back to on embedded html but can we have an option to remove the full-screen button. For unity games that already have a full-screen button its confusing.

Also the embedded game autoplays. I turned it off on the game page but the embedded version still does.

(1 edit)

Is there a way to embed my game onto my own site without having the fullscreen bar / link at the bottom of my screen?

Under Frame Options...I unselected the Fullscreen Button option...but the bar is still there.

Note: Most of my games are for elementary kids...and I don't want them accidentally going to is geared towards teens to adults.


We don't offer this as a feature right now. A link back to is what we ask for in exchange for hosting projects for free. If you have a budget available and are interested in an unbranded version of the embed you can send us an email at Mention this comment in your email. Thanks


Why does the "Fullscreen" option force my game into landscape mode?


the aspect ratio of your embed is used to set the orientation of the device. Which game is this, I can take a closer look to see if it's too aggressive (for example, you have a square game)

Cheers, it's here:

It seems to be isolated to Android Chrome. Using chrome dev tools and simulating a mobile device doesn't affect it strangely. Perhaps something to do with the Fullscreen API ?

Also just tried Firefox on Android and that's working correctly, so yeah it's an issue with Android Chrome

I noticed something similar and submitted this issue:

Can you add the option to make a flash game click to run instead of loading when the page loads, also can you make it so you can make it open in fullscreen when they click Run?




It would also be nice if we have an option to directly launch an HTML5 game in a full screen mode, without landing the game page first.  For example,


Thanks for the idea. I don't think we're going to add that since we want people to have an opportunity for people to have access to the user interface.


Awesome additions, thanks for all the work :)

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