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This is a great game! I wouldn't mind playing this on my XBOX One via XBOX LIVE!

Really good, I made it to the end. Better than Flappy Bird! Cool atmospheric music and visuals. Easy to use controls. Well placed save points when you die.

Great Game...I'll use it next year in my 1st grade classroom...(Once schools reopen)

Very well made! Easy to use controls, great music, graphics etc...Almost beat the 1st boss! Will continue trying.

Cool...6125 is my top score.

How about some sounds?

Great anime style graphics...

Cool learning game...I have an educational website I could put it on. If interested just message me with the Direct embed code.

The Direct embed link always changes when I update one of my games...and reupload / replace the old version...

No...Keyboard...but I'll try to see if a controller is easier...

Very good game...Good graphics and sound. Wall jumping was a little difficult for me...character seemed to slide down a little too fast...but I was able to get past it with a lot of tries.

If I embed a HTML5 game onto my website (from later update the game...

...Is there a way to do this without losing the embed that was already put on my site?

Very good...Makes me feel like I'm in an 80's arcade...

Based off the video...Looks fun...Good sprite work and animation...

I'd play it but I don't have an android device.

Really good...Smooth controls...Good animations...

Suggestion...allow <esc> to exit game. (I didn't know how to exit game)

I'm a 1st grade teacher...Great job!

Maybe have a voice that says the letters when you pick them up....and the letters could briefly appear at the top to the screen when you picked them up.

Really cool game...I downloaded it...and played it several times. Once a plane hit me and I got this error: 

Fatal Error in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object VehiclePlane:

Push:: Execution Error-Variable Get 102909.targetDir(100175,-2147483648) at gml_Object_VehiclePlane_Step_0

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Reminds me of the old Mario Brothers game...with a little bit of Kirby mixed in...

I plan on buying your game. 

$1 is an awesome price for cool retro games like this...

What program did you use to make it? Was it Game Maker ?

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This is a cool game...Far better than regular ASTEROIDS...The 1.4.2 patch was good...Difficulty seems manageable now...Finally made the leader boards...

All look good...Would be really awesome if they were animated...

These look great...I wish they were animated.

What program did you use to make this game?

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Really good...Amazing original graphics... Would probably rather see a moon at the beginning instead of that bright sun (The sun is too bright..and makes me look slightly away).

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Great Game...How about a periodic speed boost (nitrous) to pick up on the track? Space bar could be used to activate it.

Very cool...Found out about your game from the GM forums. Would love to play a full screen version. Based off my own seems difficult to make GameMaker HTML 5 games full screen (tricky codes seem to be involved) Been unsuccessful for over a year in attempts to properly implement this into my own games. How cool would it have been if GM simply put a (one click) full screen option in (Global Game Settings). They have this option for regular Windows mode.

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Cool Game...The art is done very well. I use GameMaker too. Maybe add a way to take snap shots (in several different sizes). Would also like to see a SuperHeroan version of this game.

Best DK remake I've ever played...

Show some screen shots...

Cool...plays like the real one!

Thanks...I'll look into that tomorrow...

My last resort is to reinstall the operating system.

I'm the new Lower Lab PC teacher at my school. I have 44 students at a time.

Sometimes I have my students test out educational games I've made. (HTML 5) (GameMaker Studio)

Noticed 2 PCs were running my games in extremely slow motion.

Updated their drivers...Cleared Cache...yet still no improvement.

The PCs have good Specs: 64 bit HP Win 7 AMD E1-2500 APU with Radeon HD 1.40GHz 4GB Ram

My games are really basic (2D) and can even run well on old single core Win XP PCs (500mb Ram)...

...So I'm not sure what the problem is.


(On Spelling City)...Try the FREE game TEST-n-TEACH...That's the one closest to yours. I've been teaching 1st grade for 19 years...and that's a game I always have my students play...especially since I can put their weekly spelling words in it.

Within a 12 hour period...I tried to play several HTML 5 games (mine and others) from work and at 

home (with Google)...and got the same result. I tried resetting Google, clearing cache etc....but that didn't work.

I was able to play HTML5 games through IE 11. 

Note: Whatever the problem was it seems to be gone...and I can play the games through Google again. 

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Now when I try to play my games...I get this image...


(Update)...Seems like it has something to do with CHROME / FireFox...

because everything seems to work in Internet Explorer 11.

I tried clearing all browsing data...but that made things worse.

(Update Sept 9) After a 12 hour period...everything seems back to normal.

What happened?

Looks good...

Note: Have you ever been to the site Spelling

Your game reminds me of some of the games there...

Can we get direct embed codes of other people's HTML 5 games (besides our own)...or just their Widget? 

Are developers allowed to share their direct embed codes with others?

This is a fun game...Maybe add levels to slow things down for younger kids. Allow ESC to exit game...I couldn't find a way to Exit and had to use CTRL/ALT/DELETE

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My high score =1105

Maybe add a time players can't wait long periods for the best grabs.

On the (Windows) download version...How do you escape the game? Tried the ESC button, ENTER, Q, but nothing worked. (Maybe add ESC as a way to exit)....I was forced to use CTRL / ALT / Delete

I have the same suggestion. I'd like to see how many times my HTML 5 games are being played.

Oh...and have HTML 5 games on ranked by the number of plays.

Note: I was about to post the same topic...then luckily found this one.

I tried the 44 student test with a host I pay $12 a year for...and the same load freeze happened.

When I tried the 44 student test with my game on ran great...