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I have my games embedded on my own website. The website is used in the computer lab where I teach. My students play my (educational) games all the time but the traffic is never reflected in analytics. It seems like traffic is only tracked if a person plays a game directly from the website.

Very Good. Do you have an embed code where I can put this on my classroom website?

I teach 1st to 6th computer lab.

Cool Game. I like how the paddle controls...where you don't lose control by having a cursor onscreen. I too have made several paddle games (with Game Maker Studio) but haven't figured out how to use the paddle without the pointer being present, then a player loses control in my games when the cursor goes too far off screen.

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This is a great game, especially if you have a controller!

I did have difficulty exiting. Pressing Exit takes me right back to the title screen.

Not yet, but maybe after a few more tries.

Good (classic) sound effects and animation.

Note: It took me a few seconds to figure out how to start.

I was doing well then the Earth came down from orbit and killed me.

Stunning Game. Runs well. How about a full screen mode?

Note: Would be cool to play one of the original Mario games done with this style of Block / Minecraft animation.

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I played this in the Windows app store a long time ago. One of my favorite games!

Are you going to put it back in the app store? Note: This game is XBOX worthy and I'd like to play it on my XBOX one day.

This looks like more fun than the Battletoads game released on XBOX in 2020.

Really good. How about more variety in enemies and less bails of hay? Does it have level bosses?

Great game. I like how the birds start off as space eggs. I would like a control option to have continuous fire by holding the fire button down.

A game to help students learn Short and Long Vowels. You can LEFT click to choose letters and RIGHT click to hear their sounds.

I'll update the game each week with additional words until it's complete. LINK

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Cool Game! Seems like a mix of the classic arcade games Pac-Man and Mouse Trap. Great controls and music. Realistic cat sound effects! I'm glad it saves my options settings when I restart the game.

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All my games are made with Game Maker Studio (1). I'm not much of a coder and use a lot of drag-and-drop functions. I self taught myself how to make games through years of trial and error. My games are very basic.

If you have a Windows 10 PC, at the Microsoft store, you can get a free Trace the Letter game called (ABC Kids-Tracing and Phonics) by RV AppStudios

Note: I have a lot of online resources on my Classroom Website: LINK

I've been teaching 1st grade for 20+ years in Philadelphia. What about you?

Seems like a good game. Keep up the good work.  I teach 1st grade and I make educational games too.

Looks really good. Great sound effects and music. Controls well. Much harder than Donkey Kong.(How do you quit when in game and not on the title screen?)

Cool Game...Good controls and I like the screen shake effect when you blow up stuff.

My score: 484 Cool game with easy controls.

Funny concept. Good controls. Unique graphic style. How about some sounds?

Cool. Good controls. (My thoughts) a tiny spark before the fire begins as a warning. And maybe a tiny fire demon that chases you around for a few seconds before burning out. (My Score): 18

This game is incredible. I remember playing the original a long time ago. Lots of improvements since then

Made it up to LV 5. It does get hard fast, but I probably just need more practice. Note: There's a good game similar to yours on this site called (Axeplode: Axtreme Edition)

Cool game...but my coordination is too slow...The game gets hard real fast. I like the sounds and graphics.

Cool...It's similar to Icy Tower...but it's a lot harder.

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Great Game...Hope you expand it even further.

Maybe have levels that end with bosses or make it a high-score type of game.

For the accuracy power up. I'd like to see an icon that moved on the ground to show exactly where my shot will land.

Best Tennis game I've played in a long time. Reminds me of classic Mario Smash Tennis.

This is a great game. I played it using a controller and it worked fine. The movement of the gun is very smooth. The eerie 8-bit style music fits the game perfectly. Would have made an epic game for the Atari 2600 or Intellivision.

This game is epic. Cool how you can click on things like food or tub and the game switches to a different view. Funny how the cat doesn't like taking a bath. Good cat animation.

I played it. It's cool.

Controls and character movement are good.

I recently made a typing game myself (Type the Tables)

Made with GameMaker. Cool...Same program I use.

Maybe a splash sound after you catch fish would be cool.

Also...a fish icon that pops out of the water would be cool.

For myself...I'd prefer calm nature type music.

Glad to see YAL still making games...Been playing them since the GameMaker sandbox days...Just tried this one...It has a unique style, smooth controls and good music. Oh...just looked at your BIO...All these years I didn't realize you were female.

This game is great! Didn't you make the old Alien Cat game? This game reminds me of that one. You should update and put that old game here too.

This is a great game! I wouldn't mind playing this on my XBOX One via XBOX LIVE!

Really good, I made it to the end. Better than Flappy Bird! Cool atmospheric music and visuals. Easy to use controls. Well placed save points when you die.

Great Game...I'll use it next year in my 1st grade classroom...(Once schools reopen)

Very well made! Easy to use controls, great music, graphics etc...Almost beat the 1st boss! Will continue trying.

Cool...6125 is my top score.

How about some sounds?

Great anime style graphics...