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Download on Itch or on our website!

Currently available for Mac and Windows, coming soon to Linux and browser!

Sticky Explore

The new successor to Sticky 2 and Sticky 3D!

Sticky goes on a new adventure in Sticky Explore, instead of space parkour, he is back on Earth jumping on Sparks (red evil monsters) and collecting coins!


Can you beat the game? I dunno, I'm just a guy sitting on a computer writing this, so see for yourself!

Also check out:

Sticky 2 (Game 2)

Sticky 3D (Game 1)

Hello, we are Brawl Studios (formerly known as MoredGenis Games) and we have a goal to make games that people will enjoy.

We code our games in Unreal Engine, Unity, App Inventor, and sometimes Scratch (MIT)!!

We have a game called FAKENITE that started as a joke but has gotten 1K+ players and we have now added it to Itch (and GameJolt).

 We also have a game called Sticky 2 that has gotten 500+ downloads and has been played by YouTubers like EyeDisconnected.

We are working on a new online multiplayer game in Unreal Engine, that we will probably announce probably in like 8 months, but the game is gonna be really cool.

Check out our Itch profile if you can!!

The popular FAKENITE Brawl Royale game can now be played on Itch!!!!

FAKENITE is a 2D Third-Person Brawl Royale Game where you fight your way to the victory and level up so you get more F-Bucks! You can use F-Bucks to buy skins and to buy the Brawl Pass! F-Bucks do not cost any real money and you get them just by playing the game!!!



11111111 is my highest!

Don't try to play, this game is bad, I made it in 2 minutes, but yeah, I think so.

Thanks for the review and feedback! I will send your comment off to the rest of our team. 


William - Designer of Senescence 

Alright, guess this topic is closed. Also make a dev-log when it is downloadable so people following you know.

Eat Humans community · Created a new topic Page Issues

Game looks cool, but download is not shown and the page is hard to read sometimes with the yellow font.

Let you make a zip file with your SFW (Flash) file and then zip the folder so you can allow people to run your Flash game easily by just clicking a file instead of having to install flash player, find the Flash Installation and then set their computer to open all SFW files with the Flash installation. You can easily convert sb2 to flash with easily! :)

I know I have already made like 50 posts on here, but I wanted to rewrite my thing so...

Hello everyone,

My name is William, I usually go as Devil Minty online.

I am a Game Developer/Software Engineer who loves programming, writing, and drawing. I also love music and I make beats for fun that I will release and sell every so often. My soundcloud sucks rn, so I am not gonna mention it but anyways, I make games mainly for MoredGenis Games and release them. I am starting to work on 3D Unity Games and I will release some of those soon. If you want to contact me, hit me up on Discord, my username is William#0383 or join my discord server! Feel free to chat with me just for fun and for serious discussion.

I have some 2D games on my profile right now, so check them out if you can. I am not new to game development or Itch. I also hope I see you on my discord. I will do jams now and then. So you may see me on a jam. 

I also have a (WIP) website for my game company, it is pretty cool and has stuff like a forum, account profiles, and the new private messaging so check it out!



William // Devil Minty

You know C# at 12? Nice! It is good to start young! Kids are the future and if you start now you will have a big advantage later on!

Are you Bloxy_Cola on Scratch???

Thank you so much! I forgot about this game since I do not like it that much but I will update it and improve! Also I will make it a bit harder, the game was REALLY RUSHED to be honest and it is one of my worst games.

I am considering remaking this game in 3D using C Sharp [C#] with Unity.

Thanks! I plan on putting it on Newgrounds until I have a chance to make it downloadable for Mac and Linux so that everyone can play.

Finalists War is the latest third-person survival shooter game and is FREE. Play online with other players and fight in real time. Each character is unique and has a story. REMEMBER: This is a BETA and not fully released, so there are MANY missing features and bugs. Try out the Public BETA version today. It will not just be guns, it will be wands, swords, and all other kinds of weapons.

Hope you enjoy it :D

Oh if you use Godot it definatly should work no problem. Just tested it and it worked

I did not test but it probably will not work properly because Dualshock have weird drivers. Instead of the normal 0 and +1 it does -1 and +1

I can test, I have both!

Does the game work with Dualshock 4, Dualshock 3, or both? (Dualshock are the PS controllers, 3 is PS3, 4 is PS4)

Can't wait for you to release more games! All of your games right now are pretty good.

Guys! SPEND THE NIGHT WITH KITTY 2 is out!!! I am so excited to play it.

Can you try out it is a simple game and was my third 3D game I think. It used to be paid and I know you would have paid but I felt I should make it free so that more people get it.  

Bypass  Game Not Working

Same, this way you get a wider audience, I have 20x as many views as I got my entire 3 years on Scratch (I got about 2,600 views when I shared on Scratch)

I played 6 days ago and have been following since, I got 127 and then I just gave up and selected the wrong answer.