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Endless Bounty

Follow an orc on his mission to take care of a bounty that is proving to be quite the nuisance. · By DyneWulf

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A topic by DyneWulf created Jul 03, 2020 Views: 6,443 Replies: 53
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Feel free to post other general comments here!


No android version?


There were too many errors and issues with the android version, so I can't release that. I'm not sure if/when an android version would be available.


Actaully... this might be possible now!  We're hoping it's not as bad as it first seemed~


I've gotten two scene so far and adore the characters. Still trying to find and save Gerald. 


It's driving me nuts trying to figure this one out!

Great game! I got most of the ending i think but I feel like I'm stuck and can't find the remaining scene, Any help?


The biggest hint I can give right now is that there are a lot of hints when talking to other people and really reading the dialog to get more scenes!  Lots of different combos to try out ;)


I go to the rock and do the screens ^ ^ ^ < and nothing happens? Am I missing something? This is right before I'm leaving with Gerald so maybe a bug is happening.

Same thing. I don't know if it depends on time of day? I tried doing that in the evening and at night. Arrived on an empty screen both times.

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you also need to finish the moss a certain quest.


Head over there during the evening or night after you learn the location from a drunk and get the trap

Will the game be on steam, or some other platform for pc?


It will launch on Steam as soon as Steam approves it and the store is all set up, so within a few weeks!

Isn't Steam Gonna censored everything ? I'm just wandering so i can decide where to buy, since this is the first time i'll be buying from


Nope!  Steam allows adult/explicit content.


Cool Gonna be waiting for it then ! :)
i'm a fan after playing Extracurriculer activities !! keep up the good work

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sorry to intrude but can you guide me how you unlocked the 3rd row 2nd column?

Deleted 337 days ago

Thanks for the tip!


Man totally worth it to buy it.I love the characters and the whole story; it's such a lovable game. With I could figure out Rhum and Aetrian's scenes (if they exist). I've only managed 6 scenes/10 so far, but I plan to continue procrastinating everything else until I figure them out!

A simple guide to help you find all scenes and endings would seem necessary. There's too many variables to consider, and time is tight. Just one day wasted getting nothing means I need to start over.


Once you rescue a certain someone, you're free to really do what you want with no time constraints.

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Hah, I never could figure out where to find the rope/shoes to get the moss...
And the only scene I could unlock was super obvious, the tent one.

Still trying to find the head guard's naked training spot, and I swear I've been everywhere.
Turns out I never needed a rope to continue, but didn't trigger the moss the first time. Weird.

Anyway, I've only been able to unlock scenes 3, 4 and 5. Everything else is way too complicated and requires some insane time limits since I've not been able to get it all night.
Don't understand how you're supposed to go to the secret training spot when it's locked behind the "final fight" so to say, and if you've cleared the final fight the secret training spot isn't with the Head Guard, so that's sad. Haven't been able to find any possibilities for Lozran, even though I think I chose all the right answers with the things I assume matter for him - not stealing the gold, telling him you trust him, asking about his stories, praising him for being selfless, and giving the ring back and not accepting the payment... oh well, guess I just imagined a pattern where there was none. Also, he never gave me that meal he promised after completing all quests, either. Nor the free room. :(

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just a heads up, the moss and training spot are late game and are also in conjunction with each other. 

How do you guys get the Moss? I have the rope but i can't seem to get the moss from the waterfall area


Reading your edited post wtf there's actual rope???? can you tell me where to ease my mind hahahaha. Anyways the moss is at the waterfall where there are two other guys. Go in the water, the moss is the green blob near the guy at the rock. Regarding Lozran, i think you did all the right things except the gold cus it doesnt matter, but you also need to sleep in the inn after doing all the talking and quest and stuff. I usually sleep in the inn after a few days so that the mushroom quest will trigger.  Thats scene row 4 column 1. Row 4 column 2 will trigger after triggering row 4 column 1, discovering the waterfall, finishing the quest then finally returning to Lozran, this giving you a special option to report your achievements.  The training spot is available after the "final fight", go back to that area and choose not yet. There's a rock there that will lead you to the spot. In my experience, i needed to finish the moss quest to also trigger the training spot. Sorry for the huge block of text everyone.

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Makes sense, I didn't have enough money to get a room again after finishing everything. I expected him to offer me the free room, and the meal, or something. I did get the training spot one, but sadly it wasn't with the Head Guard.

Even then, that will mean the inn room at the very end will give you the 2 last scenes - 9 and 10. I'd still be missing scenes(left>right, up>down) 1, 2, 6, 7, 8. Only ones I got were 3, 4 and 5.

(also, about the rope, I think you don't actually need a rope/special shoes since you get to the waterfall without anything like that - I think what they meant was the cut rope you find at the very beginning.)

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I know this game include furry characters, but is there any human love interests in this game? This game's quality looks amazing, but I'm little bit worried because I'm new to furry characters.


I mean yeah there is a human love interest but I wont say anymore to avoid story spoilers.


Thanks! I just bought it XD


I love it! The story, the art, the characters, all of it. Finally got all 10/10. I love the detail where the main menu changes after completing, it looks so warm, happy, and just pure serotonin.

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It's an end game quest, you won't be able to access the location until after finding your target

The game shows 'End' right after choosing 'Follow Gerald', and it seems it's not natural. Is it bug or did I missed something?

It means you missed something. There are multiple ways to end the story and following Gerald is only one of them. If specific things were done, following Gerald will also yield a scene. 


Aye! Finally solved the problem! Thanks!

Anyone know how to get scene 2, 6, 9 and 10?

I don't have 2, 6 or 10 yet but to get 9 you need to make the Bull dude happy by selling him stuff


Thank! But, what did you sell to him? I sell 4 mushrooms and 1 gold ore and nothing happen.

Ask about himself and then the option will show up after

in my experience i sold everything

Just finished all route in the game, it's a really good game I have played. I really enjoyed the story, maybe it's a bit short but I can say it's already good enough to the whole game. Keep it on! 

Great game!I really enjoy it. BTW, do you have any plans to update the game?Maybe other character to date?

This game is really Good, and i must say Lorzan is best Husbando, kinda short but that doesn't mean this game is bad, there is so much details and cameo characters !

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Ahem, just curious, asking for a friend... is this NSFW even on Steam?
I mean, can we hope to find some lewd-cough I mean some good hairy situations?
Asking for a friend, really :P
(btw, do you happen to have some assets on the Unity Asset Store as well?)
Would be great getting the OST on Steam as well <3


Yes, you can unlock it all on Steam.   I don't think Gavel has anything on the Unity Asset Store?  And the OST will be on Steam as soon as steam approves it ;3

Got it, can't wait, and LOVE the OST!

Btw, I tried to create a post on Facebook with an activity like "Playing-> Endless Bounty" but apparently there's no page for the game? :(

Are there any plans for dlc?

Where can you find the waterfall???

GOD this game was short and intense at the same time. The storytelling, soundtrack and pixel art was beautiful. And the multiple endings made it replayable once or twice. I know you focus on Extracurricular Activities rn but I hope sometimes in the future you'll make another game like this. The pixel art CGI and the story really hit me hard. It took me little time to finish it, but it was so beautiful that I felt so empty after finishing the game and unlocking all scenes. 10/10.

Best of luck with your life and your next projects ^-^

is there a demo available? just wanna get a feel for the game and characters.

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i found the inclusion of a goetic fire cult in reference to the story of how lozran got his title super interesting!! sucks they always get the short end of the stick but i love that shit. also, the soundtrack and art of this game is now one of my favorites, i can tell that they were made with care and it is much appreciated<3


Well thank you!  I'm always happy to see details like this getting some recognition, haha.  I really enjoy doing little bits like this.
Thank you so much for all the kind words!

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Habra version en español o algun parche?


Some of those endings were so touching, I loved playing it