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Thanks for your hard work, really loved Endless Bounty and can't wait for Engaging Destiny too!

Thanks for this new beautiful set and your hard work! ^-^

This is gorgeous!  I can see you put a lot of work in it. Congratulations and thanks for providing such good assets for such affordable prices!

These new sets look beautiful! I will buy them too, just like your previous sets. You are doing a great job and I hope there will be more!

you shouldn't post links to your game in other people's games. It's rude. Try joining gamedevs Discord servers or forums or reddit instead, you'll have more luck there. Search a place about passionate developers that can give you more opinions and help you improve.

I do agree with you :) I wished it was longer....

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Wohooo I was wondering what were the creators of Crawl doing lately and the answer randomly appeared on my feed ahah. This game looks funny af, gonna check it out :)

GOD this game was short and intense at the same time. The storytelling, soundtrack and pixel art was beautiful. And the multiple endings made it replayable once or twice. I know you focus on Extracurricular Activities rn but I hope sometimes in the future you'll make another game like this. The pixel art CGI and the story really hit me hard. It took me little time to finish it, but it was so beautiful that I felt so empty after finishing the game and unlocking all scenes. 10/10.

Best of luck with your life and your next projects ^-^