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my first words are: holy shit my heart

my next words are: that was incredible

...i spent 6 hours (no joke) last night just reading through and catching up. i havent even finished yet, but i for one appreciate the new character sprites a lot more than the old ones. now everyone looks like theyre not in, you know, elementary school. i still found a fair few typos throughout, but its definitely better than it was before. i wish i had the funds to be a patreon supporter, but until then, mad props shirokoi!

i havent even started the new version yet and tbh im already impressed beyond my ability to express

it took me longer than it should have to realize that 'TB' did not, indeed, stand for tuberculosis lmao

im excited and i havent even opened it. remember to do wrist stretches once an hour, me boy! 

i finished reading this an hour ago and im still shook. incredible. i will definitely be perusing the other stories by this author!

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why does it have to hurt so much ;-; i really stayed up until 3am and thought it was all going to end sorrowfully but still somehow cushioned, and then not only did a train came in from left field but a whole motherfucking FLEET of trains came tearing thru the walls of my soft heart like heat-seeking missiles on a mission from the land of i-hate-happiness. call it schadenfreude of the self or masochism but goddammit i love this vn please dont stop

i found this game a while ago, just playin for the first time, everythings chill, cute boyfriends being cute, and imagine my surprise when they name-drop AZ, the state where i was born and still live :00 winter has been disturbingly not-winter this year but i love the desert sm. hello from tucson!!

i love how artemi always calls sidd 'sir sidd' and cole just gets called fucking cole lmao

truly an immaculate experience

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i found the inclusion of a goetic fire cult in reference to the story of how lozran got his title super interesting!! sucks they always get the short end of the stick but i love that shit. also, the soundtrack and art of this game is now one of my favorites, i can tell that they were made with care and it is much appreciated<3

ugh what a finish!! i love the edits and the credits, and i noticed some small typos in the new content (mostly the word 'becasue') that may want to be refigured. thank you for the story and i can only await your larger works!

i dont know what pain youre talking about, i had a goddamn blast :')

exciting times for an exciting story!!

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hey! i noticed a few typos so far towards the end of the build, where 'tome' is misspelled as 'tomb' (unless the arcane researchers are also necromancers with deceased alchemists as spirit patrons, following after some real-world examples of ppl actually doing that, which is... also fuckin rad) and 'curtly' misspelled as 'kurtly.' also love the work put into the story and that sweet sweet character growth #wholesomehamish

its a tough world we live in sometimes, and we got to keep each other and ourselves alive any way we can since nobody else is gonna do it! <3

blessed tendernes

love the text box idea, itll def be a welcome addition ;)

emotionally vulnerable men?? in my gay furry vn??? more likely than youd think—click here for a free 'hits you in the feels' check now

my being is ready to be subsumed in this fucking cast of characters yet again. here we go comrades

it's hard to pick favorites of vns, however this is def one of my top 3. i cant count the number to how many times ive audibly cackled at character dialogue and im super loving all the dynamics, especially the marrow/cole father/son dynamic since such a positive masculine figure (and queer masculine at that) as marrow is a rare, rare occurrence to see portrayed in our time, all things considered. keep expressing the story you want to express, lovelies!

why they have not availed themselves to the necromantic art and enquired of the spirit of the murder victim, i'll never know, but the story and suspense thus far im enjoying!

bless with that save file fix

the last update i fully completed (xp-grinded to get the best gear, checked out all the secret areas, talked to all the npcs, etc etc) the game was update 0.4 :T since i would have had to restart every update if i downloaded each version, i took a break and just came back to start up 0.7 since a lot has probably happened since then. i love the dialogue, love the style of humor, the illustrations, the plot, the easter eggs, everything!! this game feels unique among other queer erotica rpgs and yall out here doin the work of the people! its just a lot to recomplete every time, you feel?

those sprites look amazing! thank you bbs

i have never cackled sO HARD 

not a walk in the park, but who doesnt love the visual aesthetics and the alliteration of a cowboy cactus cardgame such as this one :)

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ughhhh my heart is so full :')))) the charcoal art style really on some whole other level with that shading

thank u :')))

i love it

the new public version doesnt seem to load all the data from saves on a previous version (and after i spent so much time grinding to get all the goodies in v0.2...), but otherwise i love it with all my heart!! i wish i had the funds to support the patreon because these kinds of wholesome projects need all the love they can get but unemployment is a bitch like that  :T  <3

literally my expression the whole game

a good ending? in the town of echo? that's a tall order my friend :p

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i have cried from both horror suspense and heartbreak aaand now im forever emotionally attached to these fictional characters :'''))))))) 

ive also played adastria to the same effect, this studio really seems to have their stuff on lockdown. art, character development, story design, they got it in spades imo. phenomenal job!!

i didnt discover that clicking on the lake in the title screen brought up all the artwork, music, and alternate paths until a month after i first got it lmao, i had so many save files at various moments because i thought i would never see them again😭😭 whoever decided to create that is the real mvp

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in a word, marvelous. 8 hours in and this game has had so many twists and turns that i cant fathom where to begin if someone asks me what it's about. all i know is im staying up all night to finish this spellbinding rollercoaster! also, i want to say that i for one really appreciate how few sex scenes there are, and how well the ones that do exist flow smoothly as part of the plot. the writers focus their energies on the story and not on cramming in as many penises onto the screen as possible, and for that yall get 6/5 stars!

...and if the plot setup of the Parents is based on the 1973 starseed transmissions from timothy leary you sneaky bastards will be my favorite humans on the planet

i didnt think i'd enjoy it at first glance, but i ended up loving the story! would there ever be a way to have a relationship with more than one character? i know it sounds daunting to write, but i think it's at least worth due consideration ¯\_(ツ)_/¯