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those sprites look amazing! thank you bbs

i have never cackled sO HARD 

not a walk in the park, but who doesnt love the visual aesthetics and the alliteration of a cowboy cactus cardgame such as this one :)

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ughhhh my heart is so full :')))) the charcoal art style really on some whole other level with that shading

thank u :')))

i love it

the new public version doesnt seem to load all the data from saves on a previous version (and after i spent so much time grinding to get all the goodies in v0.2...), but otherwise i love it with all my heart!! i wish i had the funds to support the patreon because these kinds of wholesome projects need all the love they can get but unemployment is a bitch like that  :T  <3

literally my expression the whole game

a good ending? in the town of echo? that's a tall order my friend :p

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i have cried from both horror suspense and heartbreak aaand now im forever emotionally attached to these fictional characters :'''))))))) 

ive also played adastria to the same effect, this studio really seems to have their stuff on lockdown. art, character development, story design, they got it in spades imo. phenomenal job!!

i didnt discover that clicking on the lake in the title screen brought up all the artwork, music, and alternate paths until a month after i first got it lmao, i had so many save files at various moments because i thought i would never see them again😭😭 whoever decided to create that is the real mvp

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in a word, marvelous. 8 hours in and this game has had so many twists and turns that i cant fathom where to begin if someone asks me what it's about. all i know is im staying up all night to finish this spellbinding rollercoaster! also, i want to say that i for one really appreciate how few sex scenes there are, and how well the ones that do exist flow smoothly as part of the plot. the writers focus their energies on the story and not on cramming in as many penises onto the screen as possible, and for that yall get 6/5 stars!

...and if the plot setup of the Parents is based on the 1973 starseed transmissions from timothy leary you sneaky bastards will be my favorite humans on the planet

i didnt think i'd enjoy it at first glance, but i ended up loving the story! would there ever be a way to have a relationship with more than one character? i know it sounds daunting to write, but i think it's at least worth due consideration ¯\_(ツ)_/¯