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Wishing you all the best in a terrible slew of bad luck and events. Hope you take care and things improve greatly for you!

I'm loving this game and I'm a big fan of all the paths and characters, which isn't something I often find with VNs. I'm very excited to see this grow!

I noticed if you eat in the Cafeteria alone that Orion almost comes and joins you. Is there currently a path that gets him to join you or is it not yet implemented?

Man totally worth it to buy it.I love the characters and the whole story; it's such a lovable game. With I could figure out Rhum and Aetrian's scenes (if they exist). I've only managed 6 scenes/10 so far, but I plan to continue procrastinating everything else until I figure them out!

The animation and art of this game is so wonderful, and watching as more and more expression and personality is added to each character is so exciting. I can already tell I'm going to love each route and this update, especially with the worldbuilding changes revolving around Rask, make so much more sense and fit with it really well. Keep up the amazing work :)

It's been amazing watching this VN grow. The detail and livelihood of the characters is fantastic too. Can't wait to see it grow more!

It took WAY TOO MANY playthroughs to get that kiss, but hooo boy was it worth it. I loved it, so much. Any chance of more adventures with Captain Cooper? (The story telling is perfect!)