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Hey, hi there!

I haven't even launched it once :(

When is it going to become available again?
Was the bug so serious?

Awww, I love the positive message! 

Sometimes it's what I say to me...but being convinced about it it's another story 😅

Thanks for sharing! 

(also, you're gorgeous~) 

Thanks for the update, the amount of improvement is off the charts! I can barely tell it's modular ^_^

Thanks for the update, I was a bit getting worried :D

I believe AssetForge is really a valuable tool, and had I known you could have found useful to have a few extra hands, I'd have just signed an NDA and sent you my CV just to keep the project going :)

With your mind having to take care of so many projects, on a personal note I believe that delegating some work has been the right choice.

I'm looking forward to test the new versions :)
Please maintain some retrocompatibility with the block collection assets! ;)

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So far so good, I'm really enjoying how fast it is and how well it handles complex colliders as well!
Everything is fine, until you add Prefabs or nested ones: looks like it requires some extra manual work to have it working :)

Would be useful if you specify where exactly the Deformer component needs to reside: I'm pretty sure it has to be on the same transform that contains a mesh, but some people could assume that it could work like, putting at the base of a complex hierarchy of the base.

It would also useful to know if it works or should work when in Prefab editing mode.

How does it handle instancing? Is it safe to create a prefab with a deformable inside?

Would the deform use the same shared cloned mesh (would be cool if Deformer asked about tweaking the original mesh asset to be marked as read/write, which seems to be an implicit prerequisite) or is it going to create a clone of the mesh even if the deform is "in prefab space"?

Everything is pretty straightforward until you get to some corner case: I'd suggest to work on creating some documentation about it: it's vital when you have to work in teams and is definitely something companies would appreciate to see ;)

This is really an amazing work, thanks for creating it :)

Love it!
Just what I needed today... and last months. If not years :'(
Thanks for making this, Hien, I really appreciate your sensitivity <3

Looks insane, I can't wait!
I'm open to beta testing (going to purchase it first), if needed, or required. I'm good at breaking things and code! lol :P

Feels very lightweight from the demo!

Is it VR compatible/ Single Pass Rendering compatible? I'd need it to better blend with some hair shader soft edged dithering

Awww, this is so personal and cute, Hiem!

I dunno if I'd be able to dissect all the things I don't like about my body... and yet being so adorable (and brave in overcoming the discomfort) like you are in this story.

And yeah, it's really really nice to hug a shy and tender teddy bear like yourself ^^

Hehe... awkwaaard ^__^"

A big furry hug to you, keep novels coming!

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Definitely fun, I'd lower the difficulty curve right after the beginning just a little bit to let the player grind a little bit.

Occasionally, enemies get stuck inside the walls. Not only on walls, but inside them.

I'd add random speed/damage 5-10 seconds powerups  to fill the dead ends. It's really less engaging when you wander cluelessly in the randomly, featureless, generated maps. More "reference decos" would be useful to help the player not to get lost in the latter levels.

I'd add a hint about the general direction (maybe a cone) each time the timer gets to a new "dot". Let's say, as a pulse or VFX that lasts about 1 second. The cone gets more and more precise at each dot At the last one, the cone is a line, and you have at least a general idea of where the portal is.

Also, some of the first weapons are way too tremendously slow but you can't know it until you buy them. You have to guess how good each weapon is just by looking at the shape and name. Which... could be fun, or frustrating, if you get killed because you spent all the credits on a weapon you supposed to be good - but was actually worse than the previous, cheaper, one.

I had fun! :)

Just dropping a line to say that I 100% agree with CoalFire's feedback.
Really really eyecatching, love the minimalistic style+neon!

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Thanks for your review! I read it and there are 2 little issues: it's Windows only (not tested on Linux) and the price is likely to change since it will be soon released on Steam too!

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