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Hi there! ^^
I'm getting back to you 7 months later - maye you missed the message ^^

Is there any chance to get all of your packs (even free ones) in a sale bundle, to both support and have access to your work, horror ad not? :)

Hi there!
Maybe the preview on is not correct: Are these effects monochrome instead of being in greyscale?

Is there any chance you could create a single (paid) bundle with all your works? :)

I see, thanks for your reply. I was probably asking for something out of scope for a PSX-like engine - per-texel lighting is far from common!
I'd have another question but I'm going to make it on the correct page (the PS1 engine: are the material graphs available for us to be customized? I'm assuming you're using a master material?).

When I watched the demo I couldn't but notice the Red Cross usage: maybe not you, but someone using that model could get into a few issues - I speak for personal experience :P
Geneva Conventions

It's an easy oversight but the red cross is veeery easy to trigger (Even Quake had to replace that symbol). 

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I was in the process of creating my own "retro" system with 5.3 but if I can save time and have a tested solution, I'm definitely taking a little shortcut :)
Just for clarity's sake: this is not intended to be used as "game engine" right? It's most for displaying single meshes (so, not a world) if I got it right.
How does this compare to your PSX engine?
I wouldn't mind a middle-ground solution able to merge retro aesthetics with modern features (volumetric shadows, GI via lumen).
Have you considered implementing per-texel lighting and multiple light support? 

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It's that "should" that's been my wrongest assumption when importing FBX sets in Unreal 5.3 😂 (and that's after working in Unity/gamedev for a decade).
I'll give it a go ^^

Hi there! Have you tested the pack in Unreal? When I switched from Unity I assumed importing packages wouldn't have been an issue but Unreal is pretty picky with naming, pivots, and sometimes face continuity :/
Wouldn't mind paying extra if it imported with less effort

Looks great but I had to switch to Unreal - any chance you could have a look at it and simplify the import? I wouldn't mind paying extra to save some time T_T

Hi, most of the "license" pages you linked to are unavailable or non-existing.

Is it ok to use these assets (and textures) in a commercial product?

Hi there! I'm a bit confused about what each pack contains -  I also see there's an "Essential" package, but  at the same price - which is a bit confusing.
Is this the bundle that contains all your works here on
Is there such a thing as a paid package?
Would be interesting to have some sort of "subscription" pack that contains all your works so far and that gets regularly updated. I'd be interested in it :)

Oh my, this has so much potential! Can't wait to play it and see how you're going to extend it after the Jam!

Some second by second feedback:
-  Fullscreen: I'd love to get to fullscreen immediately when playing a windows game Alt+Enter and F4  don't work. What is the shortcut?

- Options: I started the game hoping to set it in the options menu but there's no options menu?

- The main menu - feels more like a media page - add Options, New Game/Continue/Quit instead.

- The media icons are way too small to be immediately recognizable

- The 3 hi-res coins feel out of place:  have some chonky gold coins instead

- I'm still struggling to get it in fullscreen. Argh! 😅

- As a player I'm getting thrown straight in the game with no menu. The keybndings are shown behind the coins.

- I'm playing the game aimlessly: "is there going to be an exit?"

- Ok, exiting from any exit and trying to get to the previous room just generates a  new random room. This makes having 4 exits pointless. Maybe  just teleport the player to the next arena, or have some stairs appear somewhere?

- Have a counter of fights to beat before meeting the boss

- A few enemies spread projectiles in a way that is unfair to the player - they're too close to each other and the player's pretty big.

- I like how shooting enemies telegraph their ranged attack

- I leveled up while shooting and my shotgun flew away from the screen O_O

- I'm losing track of where I'm pointing. I'm in  4K so maybe add a fading out pixelated white line pointing towards the mouse?

- Wait, there's a base? I wished I had known about it before - Maybe start the game from there?

- Pressing E on "Inf." and "Week" does nothing?

- Definitely - start the game on the base 😅 It gives the player a bit more context

- With so little health, why are you using a health bar instead of individual hits icons?

- I died while fighting a boss and instead of having the chance to get back to the base a 3 second countdown happened, making my whole run useless: did the "Retry" button appear while I was shooting and it automatically got my mousedown event as a click? Please wait for a mouseup to  happen at least once before accepting any clicks on the UI ;)

- Please fully cover the door entrances when the doors are locked: those crevices are little traps. This also means teleporting the player further inside the room when switching room.

- Please add 1/1.5 seconds of delay to the player before letting enemies attack. Sometimes their positioning is a bit unfair.

- I'm not entirely convinced by the dash. Without it, the game's a bit too hard. But, you can keep it pressed and you're basically a ninjia swooping from one side of the room to another. Maybe  have a longer cooldown and require the dash button to be released for the cooldown to start. Maybe reduce the distance it covers? (it doesn't pair too well with spikes) Add more "stacks" of dash to be used?

The game's promising but needs some work to smooth the player loop. Maybe a story, even if a simple one? A clearer endgame condition? So far it's a bit too open ended and it really feels like random rooms chained for no particular reason.

I fear this asset has been abandoned, which is a shame :(

I really wanted it to work on HDRP.

I think I discovered it was a shader "baked" with the use of "Better Shaders" by Jason Booth from the Asset Store, but since we don't have the source files for it, there's no way to export it for different pipelines...

Hey hey!  I finally found this page again - I forgot the name of the game, apologies! 

May I suggest adding a link to wishlist the game on Steam? I don't want to miss the launch, I have high expectations from this game!

Woa woa woa you got featured by Retromation!
Looking forward to new updates!

Hi there!
I love the stylised look you could get by using MRMOTEXT by Mrmo ( and Playscii - I was wondering if there was any chance of porting the image-to-tile conversion to Unity, maybe as a postFX - as a paid asset?

I've barely scratched the surface of the program and I understand you may not have time for this - if so, could you please point me in the right direction to where in the source code you're doing the conversion? Thanks :)

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hi! Thanks for the link but maybe my request wasn't clear enough.

That is a collection of 10 characters.

Many creators here create special "Bundles", group of assets, containing several packs, that can be bought in bulk by paying them once. Typically there's a little discount since you're buying the licenses for all of your assets.

That's something lets you create. For instance, you could decide a price for everything on this page ( and let people purchase every asset in that page by paying once a price of your choice. 

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Hi there!

Is there any chance you could create a paid bundle containing all your assets? :)

Nope :/

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aw :(

I'd gladly pay to not have any headaches while using the set - it looked so cute!

...I wished to use it in procedural generation - it's ok for prototyping but having to patch it up excludes other kind of usages :(

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Hi Kay!

I'm  not  a fan of "leeching" from patreons (that is, subscribing once just to get the assets) - is there another way to get the full mystery characters (including the Orc Warband mini-pack)?

Would you be  comfortable adding for Patreons the  mystery pack here on along with the Orc Warband mini-pack?

Or, are you ok with the "leeching" behaviour (some patreons are)?

Are the mistery characters available as a single download on Patreon?

As long as I was employed (game  dev) I had no issues  with supporting as many creators I could.

Now with the recent  mass layoffs... it's getting  complicated :/

What about making  those downloads available on to those who donate here 5(or a value of your choice) dollars  or more? (it should be almost equivalent, fees and taxation included)

Hi there!

Just wondering - is this issue still present in the pack?

Hi there! Since it's been made with Better Shaders, is there any chance you could export it for HDRP?

Hi there! I was wondering - do you have any plans to port it to Shadergraph, so that it can be also URP/HDRP compatible?

I'd be suppa-ok with a paid version (even on the UAStore if not here)

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Hi there!

Is there any chance to have a paid version of the asset that is not CCAttribution?

I have no problem crediting you, but in some cases it may not be possible (by customer request mainly).

A Unity Asset Store (paid) version (with Unity's standard licensing) would be very welcome as well!

Hi there! Is there any chance you're going to convert this to Shadergraph (thus covering both URP and HDRP - I heard even the base built-in rendering pipeline supports that now)?

something like a node to be used in shadergraph would be also nice.

Personally I managed to get everything but the affine texture mapping done.

I'm talking about a paid package of course! :)

I understand you may be busy on other projects to release a new pack - any help to port it to URP/HDRP is still appreciated as believe we got almost past the point where there's no more reason to use the legacy pipeline - assets excluded ;)


Maybe I missed the part where you state that but: is the "Key" a redeemable Unity Asset Store key?

Is there any chance you could please share the page on the UAS as well?

Love the pics! Any chance to have a (paid, maybe) URP version of the shader? (or even HDRP if you're going to use Shadergraph).

Are your assets on the Asset Store as well? I'd rather get them from there, even if you have to add 30% to the base cost because of Unity's share :)

+1 for a Unity Asset Store release ;)

Hi, I don't know which technique you used but - is there any way you could implement smooth (distance based blur) shadows? or even with constant antialiasing? That's one of the biggest limitations of URP 2D lighting so far :/

Hi there, are you still supporting the other assets you're advertising here? ( Retro Look Pro & Limitless Glitch Effects)? 

They're a bit out of sync with the versions on the Asset Store.

Is there any chance to have them working with the newest full screen postFX node - possibly enabling the effects in HDRP as well?

Nice! Actually the list I wrote above could easily be for a Castlevania-like project as well :D

(well, apart from the bunny, but could be a bloodthirsty bunny :P )

I'm hoping you're working a similar style with the Metroidvania pack!

Certainly 32x32 begins to feel a bit tight for this asset as well!

I completely missed the undead one, I'm going to have a look right now.

May I suggest to change the cover of your 32x32 assets so that they also include a hint about how the sprites look like? I believe a lot of people, when searching for sprites, may skip that as it rather looks a game :(

Don't get me wrong: I like the covers, it's just my 2 cents since I easily missed it because of that!

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May I suggest adding some tiny single-frame shards to the collection? (to be used as projectiles). 8 directions (or, 5, mirrored) would be bliss ^_^

I was thinking about a very fast projectile, maybe leaving an trail of shimmering particles or of falling icicles (animated separatedly, to be spawned by the game engine)

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Thanks, sounds great! I didn't notice there was a free tier  ^^

Still hoping you're willing to create a medieval characters 1+2+3+4+5+6 bundle, I'd get it right away (also, more practical than buying each pack separately)  ^^

Loving the extra smooth anims and crisp style of these packs!

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Awww, this pack is lovely!

Is there any chance you could create a second bundle with similar style and  proportions? The other 3D-like packs you have here are a bit too specific to  mix-match with them :(

E.g.: skeletons, thief, female char, pig-man, werewolf, wolf, bat, bear, lich, bunny

Hi! Apologies for commenting yet another asset of yours! ^_^"

I saw this spritesheet in a mixed bundle (cyberpunk/fantasy/backgrounds) and I was wondering if you also had a bundle with just the RPG characters - that would help in keeping purchases separated ^^


Are the weapon animations overlays or baked with the 6 sprites they're compatible with? (I'm hoping for the 1st option)

Loving the smoothness of the skeleton archer walk loop!

Just wondering tho: are the ground shadows baked into the spritesheets?

Is there any chance to make the shadows optional? (thus allowing the sprites to be used in 2.5D  or other  context as well - such as slopes)