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Haha, no worries! I love walls of text - thanks for the time taken to write it!

I'm glad you're open to feedback and thanks for clarifying the "leeching" part. I keep feeling bad tho. I'd rather use Patreon to provide continuous support.

The only real downside is that I'm already seeing your assets around, also used in bulk in a game with a genre that is similar to what I had in mind so... I'll think about it. Don't want the developer to think I'm plagiarising his game :P

Keep up the great work! :)

I believe I'm falling in love with you guys! You keep nailing it every time!
I already knew it was a Sokpop game just by looking at the post!  :D

Hoy, thanks for the quick reply! :)

Yes, I discovered the Ko-fi shop exactly 10 minutes after I posted. There's still a lot of fragmentation and maybe overlapping among packages.

Let's consider the facts I don't need robots and I'd rather manually pick the "big" sprites (I believe this could be a common request)

Yet, let's say - you update 1 asset. Or, 10, over 1 year. If I had a yearly pack on Ko-fi, I could just re-download the updated pack (I guess).

On Patreon, I'm getting access to a couple of files, (for 1 month?) and then I'm done, I should store the content locally, I could lose it, I won't get any updates. And I'm not a fan of "leeching" a Patreon for 1 month, to be honest :P

I'd rather support with a lower tier - but that would still not include any updates for the yearly pack, nor 24/24 online access to those and the accompanying license ;)

My point is: as much as I understand Patreon support is important, 1-shot purchases should probably be handled differently :)

I understand it may take you some time but - please also consider that, as a "product", the user can't know what's getting with the "1 year" or "2 years" package. (Sure, a lot of art and resources but - which ones?).

I believe it's hard for any user to estimate that, and for people who may need a "full pack" "right now", the options are way more limited. 

I'd also suggest leaving the "big" sprite separate from the collection, as they're likely going to be bosses (maybe have a "Big Sprites bundle"), and they hit hard on the overall price of the bundle. I'm not complaining about the price btw: I believe you're providing high quality assets for a very affordable price!  

Just my 2 cents. I'm now unsure if purchasing some smaller packages or waiting a bit and using placeholders :)

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Looks solid. Probably the cat looks too much like Garfield and that could be a problem unless you've got permission to use/profit from that IP. You're taking a risk.
Changing the light bulb in a dark room probably took me more time than necessary. :P
I mean, putting a light switch would have skipped some frustration - and with no extra code - it felt like it was done on purpose ;)

Hi there! Do you happen to have other similar "bundles" as well?
I checked your Patreon and technically I should be picking the highest "Everything" tier - but I'd still have to browse each and every post. And getting them here, one by one, even with the 20% discount.. is quite a chore :D
Is there any chance you could group and organize your sprites into bundles (even big bundles, such as the "small/medium/big Fantasy pack"?  

Awww, I understand that. I was hoping to use the  (appropriately  priced - free isn't sustainable!) higher res pack to build one of my first retro-looking games, but the pack as it is now will cause the textures to stretch  a  bit  too much. There's no AI which could upscale your work in pixel art!

You're surely more informed than me but - retro shooters are quite the trend so a texture pack could be a nice investment.
(actually, there  are too many of them - the problem is that they're a bit bland - the textures aren't the problem! :P )

Hi! I've read the comment below so - I won't ask for a 128x128 version - even if I'd love it :P (I lied, down below I do that)
I'm here just to say that I'd gladly pay for an expanded pay-only version of the pack!
I'd use it in a retro PSX shooter, so 64x64... is a bit tiny sometimes, and upscaling with some noise is not ideal. Keep up the great job!

Hi, thanks for the recommendation, I know I can just download it and do everything manually - but it's not the app's fault if it doesn't work with it.

It really takes little effort to fix that, this is the only game in my collection with this issue.
Don't bother fixing it, I'm asking for a refund. You probably care more about getting a few more views from very biased channels than actually doing things properly, the indie way.


Hi - I tried playing your prototype but even grabbing the unlit torch and using it on the other lit torch it says I'm missing the firewood.

Is it somewhere in the room? I can't find any way to unlock the door and go any further.

Hi, I tried to play your game but I'm getting a "Failed to load Mono" error when pressing Launch (I'm using the launcher). Same if I launch it from a folder.

Could you please check if we need to install some libraries or any file is missing? Thanks :)

As I started the game I wondered if it was a tribute to the Stanley Parable. Of course I still don't know the answer.

Nice concept, well executed. The coffee ending caught me a bit off-guard. 

I'm glad it was short but curated, it helped the experience to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks for developing it :)

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While the game may work well for content creators, I honestly couldn't find such "well crafted deep storyline" in the description. At some point I thought it was just a parody/troll game done in a bit of a rush ^^"

Sure, you've got some parallax steep relief mapping all over the place, in what seems to be a maze without logic. Doors, tubes, chains and some furniture decorates the surroundings, but the level design feels uninspired.

The game starts without a menu, and ends by simply fading the camera to black (but you can still wander around).

It's a good starting point if you're aiming to build your first game, but at the moment feels more like an unnecessarily heavy tech demo of a generic 10 minute-horror game.

I can't tell if you're a young gamedev, but in the description you're definitely overselling it :) 

Keep up with the good work, but spend some time playing other games as well to find your unique style. At the moment the game feels a bit too generic ;)

Short but well executed. I wish I had more choices.

Can't believe how you managed to keep such optimism despite a situation that would have crushed me down so much!

Actually - I wish the game could teach me to cook the actual recipe - I'm Italian and I'd be very curious to learn. You never know ;)

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Aw, you're too kind! Thanks Ajackster! I believe I already own most of them but probably I was missing the office.

I honestly believe that the game, if you plan to work on it a little more, could benefit from a -maybe-  at least 1 week of work starting from the last room. It's right at that point that you have the climax of the tension, and you could  (time allowing) add a bit of exploration. That's the only part of the game that feels a bit rushed. I agree that level design, if done good, takes more time than people believe!

Cheers :)

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Note: the build you shipped doesn't work within the launcher.

Bit on the short side right when you could have exploited the tension more (when you enter the last room).

Loved the sounds and the reflections (I can't help, my attention focuses on the tech part :P ). I watched the video and - really? Both you and Phasmophobia used the same assets? Now I'm curious - they looked gorgeous on the video - who's the publisher on the UAS?

Overall it really does a great job, especially with so very little time to create the actual game! 

That's a nice clean VN! Maybe the English translation could use some polish but very enjoyable.

I got all the 8 endings, kept playing over and over but some expressions never happen. Is there a very secret 9th ending where the 5th prince and the teacher both blush?


I think I've already complete both demos and - it's fun and enjoyable so far!

Just a bit... unforgiving in some parts (enemies don't respawn so at some points you know the only way is to commit suicide to restart the game ^^) Loving the OST as well!

Looking good!

I'm reading about a comeback but I never heard about the game before. Despite being an "early" alpha it looks pretty gorgeous already! Which other project I'm missing? Is this a reboot?

Also - sorry if it's a long shot - are we getting a Steam key if/when the game's going to be complete? :P

I still haven't tested it (yet) but looks promising. 

(the comment section on the main page seems to be disabled?)

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No problem, I was genuinely intrigued by it.

About the bug I found while opening the first wall - I probably interacted with the wall, opened the book, clicked on the glyphs and deactivated the wall - all while the initial interaction dialogue was playing. So it probably left me in a non-responsive state. Considered that players are likely to experiment a bit there it may happen again :P
I was a bit puzzled as you could only do much with just 2 glyphs, but then Arx Fatalis came up to my mind ;)

2) Win11, but I'm developing with Unity as well on the same rig, so I'm quite sure I didn't have V-sync forced Off in the nVidia settings

4) You're probably in gamma colour space so it's probably just how the torch lights the book. Maybe you could have 2 different lights on the torch, a dimmed one for the book, and the standard one affecting all other layers? Just a quick and dirty idea :P

5) It's really just at the beginning, when the music is particularly dominant - you can only appreciate one thing at a time :)

6) It's nothing major, I've been picky. The script was almost flawless - a few item descriptions left me wondering. I'm not a native speaker myself so I understand you're up for a challenging task!

Keep up with the great work - I'm looking forward the next update.

PS: I'm not sure if it fits in the game, but if you keep having such large environments you may want to consider a sprint key in open areas - and just walking elsewhere? I understand that running may ruin the immersion, so you maybe a "fast walk" would be more appropriate then a "run" key. I'm not sure myself - you'd definitely not want to add any UI for stamina or run so... Up to you to experiment if you haven't already. I saw a few gameplay video and I believe someone was crawling in open areas, or running wildly down some stairs. I wonder if keeping track of "sanity" would keep the player a bit more on the edge...

7) One last thing: pacing. I'm realising only now that the character is a bit... speedrunning between quite some scary events, especially at the end - I'd be quite shocked if I had those visions. I can't tell how, but maybe we could add a bit more drama to such terrifying events? I'm not a writer so I don't have any suggestion on how to manage that. Bigger environments? reduced walking speed? Passing out? (fade ins/out). I did inspect everything around, but someone could just skip the hints and the mental state of the character entirely? Just my 2 cents.

Yay! Apologies if I've been a bit harsh at the time - I realised I mostly focused of what I didn't like and... as a dev I should have been a bit more empathetic ^^

Trivia: I forgot I renamed Discord so at some point I was completely clueless about why it wasn't running anymore :P

2 months have passed and... I'm hopefully going to be able to defeat Jedi Kyle :P this time - I saw you got tons of feedback, which is nice!

I'm quite curious to see all the changes! :)

(2 edits)

Loved the sound design - on my first playthrough I got stuck due to a game breaking bug when opening the first wall (probably I clicked on the wall while reciting the Glyphs - as the wall disappeared I could no longer move, look or interact with anything, no key was working anymore).

It's nicely immersive, the atmosphere really gave me the creeps!

A few things that I believe could use some work. Maybe they're like this by design, but I personally didn't like them:

1)  The extremely strict Field of Vision - it gave me a bit of nausea after a while. I understand it may look less cinematographic but it reminded me of when Doom got me sick by sliding along the wall perimeter while trying to find some secrets.

2) The mouse rotation choppiness. Coupled with the point above, made the experience less enjoyable. Why is the mouse look so clamped vertically?

3) V-sync was off - had plenty of screen tearing while turning around. That boosted even further point 1 and 2.


4) Excessively overbright/saturated colours. Playing the game while using the torch on an average HDR display put quite some strain on the eyes.

5) At the beginning of the game the music volume overshadows the narration - maybe tweak the mixing a bit?


6) The game text/script being supervised by a native English speaker. Maybe it was just me but a few sentences didn't sound right.

Looking forward to play the full game - keep up with the great work! :)

By the way - the use of generative AI to create creepy supernatural alien-like images was spot on!

Also, please restock the Amicus Kigu and Plush at PawPrint press - I really need them T_T

OMG. I'm reading the comments right now. Is it happening? I need this to be true T_T

(1 edit)

Oh my, they're gorgeous!

Just curious: I usually get my assets from the Unity Asset Store, which doesn't have any Attribution license. Are the paid versions of the assets also under the "CC4.0 Attribution non derivatives"?

I have nothing against crediting the author of something so nice - I thought it was unusual to see both the an Attribution License and a price(a donation, but still..) at the same time.

Typically if you pay for something (30dollars is no longer a symbolic price) it's not mandatory to give credit.

That sounded better in my mind :D

Apologies, I hope I didn't offend you, just making some personal considerations :) 

Of course the type of licensing is up to you to decide :)

Hi, is there any chance you're going to release the Isometric pieces as actual 3D models? (mostly to deal with Zsorting and poligonal FX and manipulation?)

+1 for URP support :)

I... am not a URP fan but that's the direction Unity's going (and hopefully's not going to turn anytime soon).

More interested in the URP version than on the legacy PPv2 one.

Ugh, I came back too late :(

What's going to happen to all the custom nodes posted by the community?

Looking at Tilemancer it feels the scope is a bit different? Do we still get a tile generation tool, on top of the tilemap tool?

...or maybe it's because of the palette and colour count. But again, maybe I'm just obsessing over that detail :D

Loving the pack! It really gets the right vibe!

(still, that bush really bothers me, apologies :D :D )

Aw, that's lovely!

There's just one thing that somehow feels out of place to my eye: that foreground green bush.

I'm no artist but maybe the style is different? I was probably expecting something with more contrast, more black, and more rim-lighting? 

Maybe I'm just picky, or got obsessed with that detail :D

...I was about to ask if you used Unity - I guess I got my answer here :D

(3 edits)

also if you fall and die at the very beginning, a pickup prompt appears and stays permanently there ^^"

(it stays there even during fadeouts or even after picking up an object)

I tried to exit to the main menu or restart the level but there's no action mapped to start/escape. It could be useful if it's still in alpha phase.

(1 edit)

I renamed Discord.exe - and indeed it tries to launch discord?

But, at least after renaming it I can play the game!

And nope, I have no viruses on my PC. So - I have no idea. Maybe there's some integration library you're using that's firing it at launch?

Errr... I launched it via the launcher and when I run it displays the intro screens (up to the twitter handle) - and then it launches Discord for some reason? 😅😅😅

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Hey - looks great!

I'd love to get a clarification:

what we're purchasing here is going to stay a demo, or is it eventually going to raise in price until it gets fully released? (so early supporters are going to end up with the full game - not just a sandbox?)

I don't bother but - some people would love to know if that file is for Windows, WebGL, etc. 

We don't mind playing a demo or supporting the game, but since it's not free - we'd love to know what we're getting right now. I love reading about the story but - setting a price sort of requires at least a couple of words about the product. (man, I'm making it sound so bad...)

I got a bit confused by the "Outlands Release v1.rar" filename - makes it feel like a finished product  :P

Sorry for the trivial questions - the game looks promising!
Got a bit worried when I read: demo of a Sandbox, Status: Prototype, duration: half a hour, as you wrote in the details. 

(definitely not deprecating any effort! - I can't know what you're going to do with the sandbox demo - definitely feels like a prototype for a Steam game but - who knows? :) ) 

(2 edits)

Now it's working - Guess Chrome had "one of his moments" :D

It's SO much better now, love both the sound direction and the OST!

A bit unforgiving sometimes - the pacing feels so good tho!

I don't know if the waves are randomly generated but, if you feel like working on it some more, a few unrequested notes:

  1. sometimes a powerup gest completely hidden by an enemy on the lower row. (getting drawn additively?)
  2. would be nice to have the cooldowns in a place way closer to the player (or, on the player?)
  3. more feedback on the row or rows your next shoot is going to be (1 to 3 subtle 1-pixel lines with some dim flashing?)
  4. persistent upgrades (coins->shop->next play).
  5. a health bar and also lives, I was confused at first. Not because I've never seen one, but wasn't immediate to understand if the lives were the enemies getting to the base, or the health was my player's . Yet sometimes the only way to kill an enemy assaulting the base is to - go kamikaze on it?
  6. initially a higher chance of the bonuses being closer to the "home" cells
  7. colour coding (or adding some feedback) about each enemy's internal count state (when there's many it gets out of control).
  8. The online leaderboard seems to be filled with billions of entries with the same name - can you spam your name every time you press submit? :P

Just my feedback - other players may have completely different ones! :)

Keep up with the great work! :)

That's very entertaining so far - nice execution!

Yet, I had to check the credits to understand if this game had any audio - isn't working for me :(

I'd have sworn I had paid for it about 1 year ago but nevermind, happy to support the game again ^_^

I got a copy about 1 year ago but never managed to play it :/

Honestly I'd just put a "use at your own risk - some people reported some positives" and leave the download here :/

Lovely job so far!
I...sort of miss the chance of having some "intimate" time with the chars - they're all present on screen most of the time!
And, I was trying to please everyone, but ended the game with 5 stars on everyone - only to discover the game is unfinished :(

I read "version 2.3" and assumed it was finished.

Maybe add some info on the main page of the game with the overall completion of each route - that would help people figure out if they're doing something wrong or not ^^

(PS: that "you died, lol" end feels a bit out of place ^^")

Sorry for the criticism - I love the game so far! ^^

I can't deny I miss some lewd scenes (I mean, all characters feel like well willing to get into your pants and most show some sexual interest).
Yet, I really can't imagine anyone getting into hardcore scenes - unless they are really discreet about it :P

I love the art! The music sometimes feels a bit excessive/loud.
The "duality" of the story makes it weirdly creepy and scary sometimes - please don't make it too dark (I'm still traumatised by some vn out there :P ).

Most of the story seems to be quite "on rails" with barely any ramification, but I understand you're not working on it full time, and it's far for completion :)

That's really promising! I really believe you should have a Patreon for this, to speed up the development a bit and keep you motivated :)

Keep up with the great job! ^^