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Now it's working - Guess Chrome had "one of his moments" :D

It's SO much better now, love both the sound direction and the OST!

A bit unforgiving sometimes - the pacing feels so good tho!

I don't know if the waves are randomly generated but, if you feel like working on it some more, a few unrequested notes:

  1. sometimes a powerup gest completely hidden by an enemy on the lower row. (getting drawn additively?)
  2. would be nice to have the cooldowns in a place way closer to the player (or, on the player?)
  3. more feedback on the row or rows your next shoot is going to be (1 to 3 subtle 1-pixel lines with some dim flashing?)
  4. persistent upgrades (coins->shop->next play).
  5. a health bar and also lives, I was confused at first. Not because I've never seen one, but wasn't immediate to understand if the lives were the enemies getting to the base, or the health was my player's . Yet sometimes the only way to kill an enemy assaulting the base is to - go kamikaze on it?
  6. initially a higher chance of the bonuses being closer to the "home" cells
  7. colour coding (or adding some feedback) about each enemy's internal count state (when there's many it gets out of control).
  8. The online leaderboard seems to be filled with billions of entries with the same name - can you spam your name every time you press submit? :P

Just my feedback - other players may have completely different ones! :)

Keep up with the great work! :)

That's very entertaining so far - nice execution!

Yet, I had to check the credits to understand if this game had any audio - isn't working for me :(

I'd have sworn I had paid for it about 1 year ago but nevermind, happy to support the game again ^_^

I got a copy about 1 year ago but never managed to play it :/

Honestly I'd just put a "use at your own risk - some people reported some positives" and leave the download here :/

Lovely job so far!
I...sort of miss the chance of having some "intimate" time with the chars - they're all present on screen most of the time!
And, I was trying to please everyone, but ended the game with 5 stars on everyone - only to discover the game is unfinished :(

I read "version 2.3" and assumed it was finished.

Maybe add some info on the main page of the game with the overall completion of each route - that would help people figure out if they're doing something wrong or not ^^

(PS: that "you died, lol" end feels a bit out of place ^^")

Sorry for the criticism - I love the game so far! ^^

I can't deny I miss some lewd scenes (I mean, all characters feel like well willing to get into your pants and most show some sexual interest).
Yet, I really can't imagine anyone getting into hardcore scenes - unless they are really discreet about it :P

I love the art! The music sometimes feels a bit excessive/loud.
The "duality" of the story makes it weirdly creepy and scary sometimes - please don't make it too dark (I'm still traumatised by some vn out there :P ).

Most of the story seems to be quite "on rails" with barely any ramification, but I understand you're not working on it full time, and it's far for completion :)

That's really promising! I really believe you should have a Patreon for this, to speed up the development a bit and keep you motivated :)

Keep up with the great job! ^^

That wrapped up really nicely :)
I'm glad that you managed to stay in the portrait of all the emotions going on, without focusing on the lewdness too much.

A few tables felt a bit... diluted and stretched, but I'm glad to have supported it. :)

I'm not sure if I'd love to see the same chars or completely new ones - I'm surely going to be peeking at Minotaur Hotel :)
(I didn't want to spoil myself the game with early version so far)

Oh my, that video in the intro man! I really need that book, that's a little jewel, just looking at it I got envious you had to touch those pages, PDFs aren't the same thing!

I have so many mixed feelings about this - and I still haven't played it - just reading the comments.

You did a tremendous good job with Echo, and I'm still shaken.
The screenshots look ace, but I can already feel the story taking a darker turn T_T

Self contained, nicely polished and extra cute.
And, how can we possibly not love bears? :P

Just 2 little issues:

1 - on my ergo keyb B and N are split apart from the spacebar

2 - when entering your initials looks like there's a little cooldown (?) if you tap up/down too fast when changing letters (maybe Unity considers that as double-tap?)

Those bears definitely love jumping all at once with 0% chance to be saved! :D

Loved the water wave visual effect!

How were you even able to complete each day in less than 2 minutes? Are you skipping all text? :o(

Nope. Pressing R just makes the issue happen again :(

Same issue here.
Colliding with the exit reloads the same level and the game/player is frozen in that position, with music and animations still playing

Is there any chance to "Claim" the bundle? I'd love to contribute and have it in my library ;)

It's pretty cool you're also selling the font!

Yet, it's a bit unusual. I mean, can we use it in other games/apps (without re-distributing it of course?)

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I must have missed it.

As a gamedev (Unity programmer) I understand it's a lot of work for a single person (+artists).
I was a bit surprised by the sheer amount of naughtiness that's in the game :D
(and, I love it! :P )

Hey Hyao, the storytelling is great!
There are a couple of issues about disappearing characters in some fights, but what worries me most is: is the game completely silent?
I played plenty of other games with the same engine with no problems - and I also see there are sound/music/mute settings.
Have you got any idea on how to solve that (unless it's intended?)


I noticed some subtle purple tint on some teleports but... it's a bit too much of a puzzle to be at the beginning of the game, maybe? :P

I've been stuck there for hours, I was about to completely give up! ^^
I'd love to get the final version but I don't know if I should wait or will be given access to it via Patreon.

I can tell it's still in at a very early stage, but I love your art and style! ^^

Nevermind, I forgot to check the shelves.
You really got wild with teleports, been stuck for forever, not a single clue ^^

(That is, I can't figure out how to recover/rest/heal/sleep since I'm basically at the beginning ^^)

Hi there! I was playing the game a few weeks ago, and I basically ended up with 1HP at the very beginning, with no way to progress or heal (there are a few forced battles) - is it possible to advance now? ~<3

Got it, can't wait, and LOVE the OST!

Btw, I tried to create a post on Facebook with an activity like "Playing-> Endless Bounty" but apparently there's no page for the game? :(

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Ahem, just curious, asking for a friend... is this NSFW even on Steam?
I mean, can we hope to find some lewd-cough I mean some good hairy situations?
Asking for a friend, really :P
(btw, do you happen to have some assets on the Unity Asset Store as well?)
Would be great getting the OST on Steam as well <3

I loved it!

I've just discovered your profile and game, but it's basically what a bearish D&D player would have loved to play :P

It's... a bit short, but, the pace is perfect. I wish it was longer.
I'm so willing to support (even getting involved in the production) a similar game.
I still haven't checked your profile page or works, but I really hope this game was not one of a kind.

Kudos for creating it. The (niche) community needs more quality content like this.

I just tested it and the issue is still there for me :/

Free game, same issue, 160 days later :/

Is there any fix yet? I periodically stumble on this kind of issue.

Could you please fix that?

Hi there (last feat req for today, I promise :D )

May I suggesting adding a toggle on the clayxel component to allow every contained primitive to get an initial name which reflects the actual primitive type?
A long list of "ClaySolid XX" isn't as informative as ClayPrim_Cube or ClayPrim_Cyl, for fast reference.

A on-the-fly renaming when changing primitive type would be nice to have as well

Hi there!

Sometimes it's practical to create groups of Clayobjects to move or manipulate together, even inside the same Clayxel.

Is this going to be one of the features available in the non-free version (along with prefab nesting and variants?)

Hi there!

Compute shaders are definitely not so common to be available on mobile.

Yet, I see lots of mobile games benefiting from such clay-ish style.
Is baking to meshes the only way around to make them work on mobile?

What about using particle systems?

Hi there!

Would it be possible to cook calculated shadows (or, even better, AO or colo bleeding) to the point clouds?
Probably it's a bit too early, but that would probably help performance (and shadow quality) a lot :)

Woa, that's interesting! (and sorta creepy) :P
I really wish I could organic texture (triplanar?) that!

I see. There were issues with the first build as well, and current one is from 7 months ago.
I was curious to test it but, I guess we're talking about years now ^^


Hi there!
Current version throws a "mono error".
Any chance to patch it up?

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Finally it's out 😍

Just curious: is Deluxe 2.0 also going to get more content? 

Also: since Deluxe and Upgrade to Deluxe cost the same, is there any reason to get the upgrade instead of a full product? 

I mean, is the Deluxe version going to be any different from the deluxe Upgrade version?

Goal reached! :P

Awww, I love the positive message! 

Sometimes it's what I say to me...but being convinced about it it's another story 😅

Thanks for sharing! 

(also, you're gorgeous~) 

Thanks for the update, the amount of improvement is off the charts! I can barely tell it's modular ^_^

Thanks for the update, I was a bit getting worried :D

I believe AssetForge is really a valuable tool, and had I known you could have found useful to have a few extra hands, I'd have just signed an NDA and sent you my CV just to keep the project going :)

With your mind having to take care of so many projects, on a personal note I believe that delegating some work has been the right choice.

I'm looking forward to test the new versions :)
Please maintain some retrocompatibility with the block collection assets! ;)