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What bonus route?

I forget where but after first weekend again it keeps on repeating the weekend, and after vacation segment it keeps repeating the vacation segment again

When next update been awhile

What happened to Android build

Dont listen to the man below me once in a while is fine don't make it a constant thing

Android build? Looks really good!

My only disapointment of this vn is that the cg scenes aren't by the Sprite artist in my opinion it's makes them unenjoyable

Any update on this yet?

Its interesting for sure but I will say I think somethings need to be explained better your just kinda thrown into all the the mc's weirdness withought context

Development log hasn't been updated in 95 days so can't even tell what's going on

If u do end up making generic npcs maybe color code them so we know there just for information and not a potential hookup

What does it mean by patreon only build? Do you mean exclusive content or just early build

Is it coming today?

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When the creator blocks all the real comments -_-

nvm found the save function was just kinda hidden

Will you ever redo the art to match your current style cause you've improved a lot since the old ones were made

Android version?

When next update?

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So how do you save there is no way to save it , close a Broswer and it deletes ur save

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maybe sometime later make a sort of gallery or story page for the scenes if you unlock it in game maybe that would work

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After the sex scene with redrik can you not have sex with him again or is it a bug, also will he ever have  option for him to be a top

How do you find Redrik looked literally everywhere

Found bug Jer weekend hangout goes from Saturday to Monday directly

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Like the switch to renpy and new story my question is why does rock have a good cg sex scene when Winchester has the pop up floating mouth and dick window

Don't know if this is a bug or not but after weekend it doesn't let you get back to work, the days continue but your stuck on weekend options

So is this game officially dead or what?

Will you make a Android version?

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no need to apologize, I think my choice of words was bad not really great with explaning, more or less I'm kinda blunt about things, I very much love the concept of the vn and can't wait to see where it goes:)

Was never said but is this straight gay or bi?

Hope you continue this after it's finished love zed alot would love for it to continue

Also are you going to do sex scenes differently this time cause I think in the 2nd build you showed 1 for jer and I don't think that was very good way to show a sex scene


Also got stuck in dungeon don't know how to leave and can't save in dungeon I feel like I've looked everywhere in there too so I'm stuck and grinded like 3 levels too don't want to lose progress

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thats cool thanks also in the future are you going to make pixel art for the npcs that you can have sex with? and are we going to be able to pick what type of dick our character has? Also is the Hydra fuckable?

Edit also when in the scene with the tekr male one of the female scenes take over one of the males one, so either missing a scene for the male or it's just appears, I'm on Android btw

since i don't know metric system for height and weight can you make it so you can switch between imperial and metric

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Question will all characters that have art be dateable or at least fuckable? Also can you make it so the transition screens faster they are very slow

When next update

Is this vn straight, gay, or bi?

I meant the opacity of the background too with a hide button

I would fix the text bar because it's hard to read the wwords also make a bid text bar option so we can see what's underneath when we want

New version way better that the old one loving it keep it up!