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Finally a Vn that isnt cringe, has a amazing story, and the MC is not a whiny idiot who can't take being alone for two seconds and does the literal dumbest things possible. I friggin love it!

Can you add a hide button you literally can't see anything cause of the text box

Will it have sex scenes?

Liking it so far, but have a question is this going to have multiple romance routes?

Is there multiple routes or just one route it's kinda hard to tell since your kinda pushed to one at the beginning then it almost seems like later there should be?

Can you add a hide button for the android version can't see anything under the ui

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Android left stick needs some work if you go outside the area of the stick it just stops you  from moving it needs to be change so even if you go outside of it, that it will still function

What happened to green and black goo guy

The only thing I would change are the sprites faces snouts are too skinny not matching the head and the eyes are too small

I'm guessing this is dead

Can merry be a character route he's hot

Can't see a third of the screen on Android you need to make the text background transparent and smaller and maybe a hide button


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I love this VN the only thing that bothers me is the extreme inconsistent art whoever does johns art should be doing the cg and sprites

Obviously the sex scene in prologue

It's the one the says android i was confused too cause he put a apple logo next to it instead of android but it is in the file name

lol true forgot about the hot villian, though i was talking about the hot badger

Umm am i missing something where are the sex scenes it just kinda skips the sex and goes directly to the aftermath

Sad you killed off the hottest character

Still can't use phone on joiplay still softlocked why not have a dedicated on screen button for it

Android build?


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Is there any way you can make this playable offline so if wherever the images are being stored online ever goes down it will still be playable

Edit there are ways to do it I've seen sbarpg do it before they went to there new engine

I'm on mobile and it doesn't scroll down

Can you increase the amount of save slots got to 9 pages and can't go up anymore

Will there ever be a guide for this

Can you make a android version?

Hopefully gets a android release

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The wolf sex scene is inconsistent he acts like it's not the first time you had sex with him  like from the old version where you visit him multiple times also on joiplay p doesn't seem to work to bring up phone so I'm essentially soft locked.

Obviously you got to ask permission

Android (APK) ???

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Since your changing the cgs to a new style maybe you should make a legacy gallery so we can still see the old ones