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The lost fights seem to bugged you no longer have a sex scene with them it Only shows the getting buff scene from corruption and skips all the sex

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I can do that in the pc version but I have no way to do that on android

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Sadly kaels old sprite is drastically better, so was Wilbert's wish they would change back. He lost that edge to him. He looks soft now, and He looks too happy. Don't know why artist keep changing their art when it was better before they changed it

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All characters look amazing and don't need to be changed, I don't think Kael needs to be changed he looks amazing. Otto on the other hand his face looks off

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Can you make it so you can change the character to a custom one For android?

Where do you find jorm????????

Can you make it so we can see old artwork or a way to download it? And maybe a offline version

most of the non human characters have human faces or human anatomy. Wouldnt really call them non human. I want things that aren't even human like

Can we have less human character updates or human looking character being introduced, not really feeling like a space fantasy with all these human character only getting updates. And new humans characters constantly being added

Are all characters with a picture dateable or no

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Will there ever be a offline version? Also can the bind have a vers route I don't like picking either, doing both is better


Wouldn't a guardian still make sense for a route? There are Plenty of stories where the protector/bodyguard/guardian falls in love with the protagonist. wouldn't the elder still make sense

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Please make the elder a route

also why dont any of the characters have tails? looks wierd without them

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You didn't get permission to do this take it down

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On android version  can you move the "back to menu" button to the top left of right corner or somewhere out of the way cause i always accidentally hit it when going to next image

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Please keep Sullivan the way he is in the demo he's perfect. I don't like the new design

I wish you would keep the old art style i especially like John's sprite i wouldnt want it changed is so perfect the way it is

Man deletes actual criticism

I like old cane sprite more

Did you guys get rid of green goo guy i liked him. Orcs are just boring

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Finally a Vn that isnt cringe, has a amazing story, and the MC is not a whiny idiot who can't take being alone for two seconds and does the literal dumbest things possible. I friggin love it!

Liking it so far, but have a question is this going to have multiple romance routes?

Is there multiple routes or just one route it's kinda hard to tell since your kinda pushed to one at the beginning then it almost seems like later there should be?

Can you add a hide button for the android version can't see anything under the ui

What happened to green and black goo guy

The only thing I would change are the sprites faces snouts are too skinny not matching the head and the eyes are too small

Can merry be a character route he's hot

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I love this VN the only thing that bothers me is the extreme inconsistent art whoever does johns art should be doing the cg and sprites

lol true forgot about the hot villian, though i was talking about the hot badger

Sad you killed off the hottest character

Android build?


Hopefully gets a android release

Obviously you got to ask permission

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Since your changing the cgs to a new style maybe you should make a legacy gallery so we can still see the old ones